Uses girls almost as much is he drinks

THE DIRTY ARMY: NiK, Let me tell you about this pos Johnny Mack! He goes around taping girls for shoes and f’ing most of them at the same time! He leads them to believe he wants a relationship or something serious and then throws them away and on to the next girl. Most the time after we f’ed he would go out and get drunk with his friends and take home a different girl after he told me he only wanted to be with me. He will pick up on any girl married or not and just use them for sex or to get his art In a show! Johnny Mack is a manwhore and a user! Watch out lady’s!

Uneducated Bowers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Angel Bowers. She recently got caught cheating on her ex boyfriend, Josh Long. After he found out, she followed him to his house and then hit him with her car!! Josh had to go to the hospital. Angel has been cheating for months but Josh has been too dumb to see it. I feel bad because she’s been sleeping with multiple guys and one has the cl**! This girl needs help. Not to mention her family is just as trashy and gross. Send this girl Jesus Nik!

Drug Destroyed Home

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the mother of my children left me and hid from me for three months. She finallly came around for me to help with kids but would never come pick them up on time. Finally her babysitter found me and contacted me to tell me irene is on hard drugs and leaves the kids with her while she sleeps with men for money. If she cant find sitter she f’ks the men while kids sleep in same room. She admitted she secretly was using m*th for two years. She dissappeared with kids and hiding again. She chose m*th and prostitution over her family. She leave kids with no diapers or food with drug dealers and users.

Pocked Mark Faced

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is nicole tiensvold..she is the most disgusting excuse for a human being I’ve ever heard of she abuses her two kids mentally and emotionally she almost hit her own daughter with her car in a drug fueled alcholic rage on x mas.she has had her kids taken away for drugs she is abusive to her elderly father takes his money and has her stepmom watch her kids after telling them she hates them and them takes off to bar’s and cr*ckhouses all night and never calls to check up in her kids for days .she fake threats for attention bounces from bed to bad to bad spreading more than one documented drd after another she smells like rotten grapes. Wears clothes that show of her cellulite ridden body has no clue how to do her makeup and thinks she is gangster …lol…she blames everyone for her problems gambles all her money and drinks it away and can’t even afford to give her kids a x mas tree ..calls her dad who had cancer at midnight drink and tells him it’s his daily she turned out this way she steals from family and friends .lies compulsively picks her face constantly and hates on every beautiful women because shes so ugly in’s time this worthless waste of skin was exposed.look her up on fb .it’s so disgusting.she lives in winnemucca nv .that is all.I pray for her children.

The Truth About TheDirty

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I wanted to get on here and just discuss this site a little bit and to everyone who is on here and reads it. Since Reno is a place that ends up on here often… I am not sure if its the people who live here or what but it is funny to me how many people think it is easy to just contact, and pay for a lawyer when it is nearly impossible to get these things about them taken down. The reality is, people have a right to their opinions and that is protected under the first amendment. Freedom of speech… people also have the right to remain anonymous. I know that things on here can hurt but I am sure that there is always some shred of truth to each and every post, or they wouldn’t be up here. You don’t ever see people with awesome reputations being posted on this site. I wanted to post this because I feel as though people dont read the legal parts of this site. It is nearly impossible to prove defamation of character and cyber bullying….

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Mother Leaves family to be druggie stripper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she’s 21 mother and still married now dating drug dealer will moxley left her family to do drugs strip and party to find herself like your married and a 2 1/2 year old son your husband worked for years while you sat on your ass being a half ass mom, she claimed her husband beat her which never happened seen him come to work with a cut up face multiple times she never had a scratch. She treated to call cops he said go ahead I didn’t touch you she started slamming her head into the wall he left she didn’t let him go back she’s now moving with everthing he owns with her drug dealer bf she also f’ed what he thought was a friend among a bunch of other guys in his bed right away. She’s always at singer social club or working at men’s club or key club offer her drugs or money she will do whatever you want. Luckily the father has the son now and is taking good care of him cause the mother considered herself a babysitter to her own child cause her husband worked 6-7 days a week to provide a great life for his family so she was always watching her kid. Her whole family has disowned her and she’s perfectly fine with it she knows she can’t use them anymore if you let her in she will use you until the next gold mine walks by.

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