Savangelina Lugo & Justin Kollie


This message goes out to EVERYBODY who knw my daughter Savangelina Lugo she goes by Savana let me tell u alil bout her she beautiful~bright~smart~lovin n caring she was enrolled in college at Milian Institute studyin to b a EMT would have graduated in October!! Mind u shes only 17 n ahead of herself she had it going was so proud of her she had dreams n she wzs strong~minded bout everything well all that fell apart when she got with a boy named JUSTIN KOLLIE I cnt call him a man cuz a man wouldnt beat her~give her black eyes leave bruises on her which she denies to protect him! He has done her wrong in so many ways he treats her like a dog calls her names it makes me sick!! Hes got nothing going for himself hes homeless had her sleepin in cars cuz he didnt wanna b alone she dropped out of college for this fool cuz he wanted her to b with him on the streets she dropped out of college to b with him~hes out there messin with other girls~ he has destroyed my daughter life!! She finally which I thought opened her eyes came home left his worthless ass was doing good getting bk on track n out of the blues she dissappeared with him on Sunday nite once again to b with him!! Now this is for my daughter Savana WHY?? Cnt u c hes nothin he sells dope to make his money~he beats on u~treats u like a dog cnt u c hes using u cuz he has NOBODY y r u throwing ur life away for this no good for nothin boy WHY? This is not LOVE!! Open ur eyes bfore its really to late for u!! Ur so much better then this I didnt raise u to take care of a boy how many times did I try n help him get a job couldnt u c then he didnt wanna work but mooch off u n everybody else savana!!! How much more r u gonna let JUSTIN KOLLIE use n abuse u?? How many more black eyes r u gonna let him put on u n b in denial of it?? Plz everybody that knws my daughter if ur a true friend of hers u will tell her to get away from this monster n come homen not let him continue to beat n use my daughter!! Anybody who knws r have seen Savangelina Lugo plz bring her home n anybody who knws JUSTIN KOLLIE I DNT CARE WAT U DO TO HIM knw hes a thief n has stollen so many things even frm ppl that have let him stay at their place b aware hell steal frm YOU!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Co-working Slore


THE DRITY ARMY: Nik, her name is Jessica fredzess or Jess she’s 22years old and don’t know what to do for herself or her child. She is quick to f’ all of co workers and will make sure the girl friends, other coworkers, and family members know too. She brags about it like its a bage of honor to have a loose holw. If you come in counter with her you better run away from this blue waffle drd on a WALKING stick. You will get drds from her and you won’t find out about it til it’s too late. Even her manager banged her and found out about this so you know this b**ch is fired. ALL OF RENO BEWARE SHE WILL STILL UR MAN AND RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!

I can hear MJ playing in the background…- nik

Still Sloring Mom

FullSizeRender (1)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is like no one I’ve ever met before. First off let me tell you what an awful mother she is. She left her 4 year old daughter alone at home to go to a probation meeting. She was on probation for the first time for stealing $700 worth of property. Now she is back on probation again for child neglect and endangerment. Not only does she have a daughter but she was and probably is still addicted to her*** and w**ring out her body again to pay for her drugs. She’s a crazy psycho stalker, who is obsessed with anyone she feels interested in. Automatically she’ll become whatever she thinks the person would like from her. Quite frankly it’s pathetic. People of reno be warned. She’ll stalk you, steal your things, and never leave you alone.

Those aren’t lovely lady lumps.- nik

Peto Theif At His Finest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, theifs and profiles should be exposed, I have known him for a long time and he is just getting worse.. Beware Reno please, he has hurt and stolen from enough of my friends, including myself. From getting underage girls wasted and taking advantage of them, to stealing from his friends. Its sick he thinks he’s a player or baller… He purely is just scum, bottom of the barrel trash, hopefully to soon be cleaned up. Reno, please take out the trash.

Dry your eyes mate.- nik

Stolen Valor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik post this pile of shit so everyone in the world knows who he is. He’s currently in Reno NV and was asking me to marry him and his “wife” for free cause he’s serving our country as we speak…. I told him to f off and called him out on his stolen valor. Make this piece of shit famous in case he decides to travel and ask more people for free shit cause he’s so called “serving” right now. He claims he’s a Marine.

Looks like he spends to much time in the thrift shop.- nik

Whitney Konazeski


THE DIRTY ARMY: DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY I used to work for jewel entertainment a gogo company in Reno Nevada, If you used to or do work for This company ,QUIT. Not only is this company the most unprofessional company I’ve ever worked for the owner Julie renn is a complete bitch. She is a complete alcoholic who gets so drunk at her own venues that she is either sticking her leg above her head or injuring herself falling . It’s embarrassing. She is a complete alcoholic and the laughing stalk of Reno. She and her daughter Whitney talk shit about all of her gogos (as if it doesn’t get back to us) calling us fat, not good dancers, too much acne, calls us sluts (your one to talk Whitney) she is a complete has been now that other gogo companys have moved in and I suggest working for these other company’s instead. Her daughter Whitney is a complete jealous bitch too not only does she talk shit and get plastered wasted and gets kicked out of her own work and or fired by her mother on a weekly basis. she has gotten several people fired because she fcked them. She is not ashamed of how white trash she actually is . For several months all she did was talk shit about her baby’s daddy’s girlfriend including showing us pictures off her instagram and Facebook and making fun of her she is obsessive and we were sick of hearing about it. she is a complete snotty bitch to us unless she needs us simply because her mom owns the company. Seriously don’t work for this woman or her daughter. Her daughter does the conditioning classes we take and her annoying high pitched voice isn’t the worst of it she completely tries to destroy anyone’s confidence because she is so insecure herself. Not to mention a complete whore! Almost everyone talks shit about Whitney and her mom even their own bouncers! I’ve heard from several guys and one girl she’s fucked she has a loose vagina and that she brags on herself constantly.get off your high horse you have nothing to brag about you dropped out of high school in tenth grade had a kid you don’t even take care of (your bouncer let us know you get drunk and pass out and don’t take care of mia) and you have stretch marks! I’ve seen in the dressing room . You’re not sexy youre white trash like your Mom. And an extreme alcoholic (aka the dui picture you can Google it) speaking of don’t try to be anywhere near practice for tassel because I’ve heard these two are at each others throats! The two argue in the most psycho crazy way. Or Whitney is fired almost every week. If you really want to make them happy get them each a bottle of their own. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE WOMEN if you do I suggest leaving but be careful because she’ll try to sue you like she did the rest of us who left.

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