Travis Riley is a Manslore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – please post this. This dude Travis – i met him a while back and we hooked up not too long ago. he told me he would teach me how to play golf and take me to burning man with him, and so much more. He works for farmers insurance too. He told me he has a girl friend who he’s been trying to get rid of. I guess shes addicted to pain pills and pepsi and they don’t even have much of a relationship. Well f”k travis riley, because of him I now have drd!!! F*** YOU! and when i try to talk to him now my calls and texts don’t go through so he probably blocked me. SO THIS IS WHAT YOU GET. go get your druggie girlfriend and yourself tested before you two start giving this sh’t to other people. your a piece of ‘hit

Alisia Almaraz

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – you gotta let the people of Reno/Sparks know about this witch. She is ssssooooo nasty, with her roast beefy lips. She had been hitting up a friend of mine saying shes so horny and she gets hella wet thinking about his cock and shit. He told me that her pussy smelled so bad that he had to hit it hard and quick just so he could get outta there. she may look cute on the outside but under her clothes she got saggy tits and loose skin. we saw her at 1UP straddling some dude on the couch not too long ago. we couldn’t stop laughing cuz were just thinking damn it must STANK over there with her legs wide open and sh’t. She works at Ulta and Buffalo Wild Wings in sparks, shes got two kids and her baby daddy is a jail boy. And her friend Melissa is definitely another hoe to watch out for yo! My friend also told me that after they fucked she was asking him to be a father figure for her boys. HA WTFFF! beware of this coochy mama. she nasty wit a sloppy trap and baby daddy drama..

Pregnant tweaker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little nasty is Emily. She is currently pregnant and engaged to Rick. She met him while he was married to her best friends mom. He was also her ex boyfriends best friend. She is also using drugs and smoking while pregnant. She is gross and she cheats on her finance, not surprising for she was cheating with him before they came out in the open about screwing everyone over. These two are trash. Before she got pregnant she had a big problem with pills, her doctors told her to stop coming in because she went so often and would always be “sick” as if no one knew they were withdrawals. After she couldn’t get her pills fix that’s when she got into me’h. She has made two people god parents to her child but she also slept with one person from that couple. She thinks she has everyone fooled but if you know the truth about her all you can do is laugh. Her life is a joke.

Biggest back stabber

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Girl, A 33 year old mom that gives up one kid, and leaves another to CPS. Best mom ever right?(been on here before) Nope, she a back stabbing, go behind your back and f’ your friend kind of person. Invites you in for a good time but kicks you out a minute latter. IDk whats going on with this “lady” but she isn’t a “gaga”. To anyone that meets her be warned, she want’s money, a baby daddy(but she can’t bare children), and a house that’s not hers to live in. She will twist and contort your mind to her will. IDK how she calls her self a mother. She needs to go back to the third grade and learn people skills. IDK if Trump was in office she would have been thrown of a cliff a long time ago. She might be strong cause she made it this far. Please don’t be fooled. She will fuck you, take your money, and bounce. Need to stay away!!! P.S. Shes on probation, so even more reason.

4th street hoodlums

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you expect when you have a white trailor trash slore of mother to take care of her. This girl is a slut and has ran through most of the guys in reno. While her mother recently overdosed due to her guy trying to leave her, her daughters were left to take care of themselves. While her mom was Ina hospital she would steal her sisters money and buy drugs with it (like mother like daughter) and would be a slore. She needs to get her ass beat she’s a weak bitch who thinks she’s a gangsta and needs to be put in her place!!!

Carsons Swinging Girlfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Carly cazel , most people in Reno and Carson know her as the girl who sleeps with anyone who can get her drugs. She’s currently dating Zachary drake however everyone in Carson but him realizes she has been cheating on him. Hell I would cheat on him to if he went around telling everyone that I attack and sleep around for drugs . This ugly ass chick literally didn’t even go to a real school she went to the school for all the f’ ups not to mention the fact slept with other guys than her boyfriends to get herself drugs and then get them do the drugs with her . She’s just foul and I just wanted everyone to see this ugly man looking witch and have them all know what’s good .

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