Scum of Amazon


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is brian. he walks around work preying on every girl he sees while his poor wife is at home taking care of his kids with baby number 3 on the way. when his wife thinks he is at work or has to work over time he is actually with whatever girl he can find to hook up with his sorry a$$. i almost fell victim to him and his sob story about how his wife left him but guess who was at family day with him??? thats right his wife i really hope that poor woman sees this and leaves his sorry behind and finds someone worth her time

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Liar, liar, life on fire


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch with tertible ink had me fooled with her pity inducing story. She was in need of a place to live and decided to use my kind nature to her advantage. She was playing me and a good friend, had us beefing until the truth came out. Pure Reno trash at it’s finest. Worthless sloot. Her nasty, used up mom body is as ugly as her heart.

Troy Putman


THE DIRTY ARMY: RUN!! Troy Alexander Putman is a CHILD ABUSER, WOMANIZER, LEECH, COMPULSIVE LIAR and CHEAT. This guy is a total creeper. He manipulates women he meets on the internet, and moves in on them finding their weakness. He does not have child custody of his son. He also burned his ex girlfriends daughter. He left her in a tub full of scolding hot water, her skin melted off her feet. He got charged for child abuse, child neglect and child endangerment. He lies about why he went to jail, but look him up in the SACRAMENTO COUNTY system. He denies to anyone because hes scared of what people will think and do to a child abuser. Next, this guy is a womanizer. He LOVES social media. He makes up fake accounts to harass woman, and pretends to be woman by taking pictures off profiles and writing Facebook messages to which ever girl that has walked away from madness. Hes really psycho and totally creepy! who does that!? Next lets talk about him being a total LEECH. He uses men and woman and takes their kindness for granted. This guy used his ex girlfriend (the one he burned her kid) and used her until she had nothing left. She worked extremely hard to put a roof over her head including his and he stole her money. He used her. What kind of MAN uses a WOMAN!? NO MAN AT ALL. This guy is a compulsive liar. He believes his own stories. He thinks his ex girlfriend stole his grandfathers money. WHAT MONEY!? he had no money, and nothing when they met. SHE OWNED IT ALL. Hes completely delusional and stalks her still. The emails he sends this poor girl are horrific and really pathetic and in a sense its completely gross. This guy is a cheater. He cheated on her with her neighbors, he cheated on her with girls while she was working and he kept saying she was the CHEAT!. No she wasn’t… YOU DONT CHEAT ON PEOPLE YOU LOVE. IT was all MANIPULATION. MIND GAMES. This guy doesn’t have friends or family anymore because hes crazy and lies LIES AND LIES. I feel really bad for his supposed FIANCE…lol WONDER IF SHE KNOWS ABOUT his INTERNET FANTASY and OBSESSIVE OF HIS EX GIRLFRIEND. I RECOMMEND who crosses his path… RUN. and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!..and this is the TRUTH.  oh the last message that was sent was from a KRISTA ASHLEY may 16th at 4:15pm : she has children as well. wonder if she is aware that he is a child abuser..and why is she friends with such a bad man. ..or is it a fake profile….lol. we may never know!!! lmao. PSYCHO!!!

Gayle Lynn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is What we can our favorite little Skunt bag Gayle Lynn. #1 Homie hopper in Reno Nevada. She Put that dick before her children. Smoke that meth like she need it. She is the most fattest revolting slob that ever walked the planet. She is a ghetto hood rat that gives her children no supervison. CPS be up in her like like a tweeker lookin for dope. Her child have no clothing, Live in dirty environments & an get picked up by the cops everyother day while this bitch passed out off her come down dope addiction. To be specific her children are under the age of five. She has never proved to be nothing good for her children. Put a stop to dis bitch!

Anthony Daugherty


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this dealer and drug addict. He beats his wife He will rob you blind and he doesn’t give a shit. I watched him try to run over his wife more than once. Ladies, of you ever are unfortunate enough to be close to him he doesn’t bathe just take a wiff. Stay away or you’ll regret ever knowing him. Even his own mother doesn’t want him around her!

Jason Hawkson


THE DIRTY ARMY: If you’re from Sun Valley, Reno Nevada. And you hangout in the specific circles, you may know Jason Hawkson or Jason Ebel or whatever he calls himself. 19 year old wanna be football player, he’s a womanizer, He likes to blackmail girls who want nothing to do with him. He thinks he is all tough because he’s a football player. I’ve seen him play he’s fcking terrible. He currently resides in Sun Valley as the “Friendly” Cashier at Taco Bell. So many of my friends came to me and told me all he does is flirt with them, goes all creeper. Finds them on facebook and harasses them. He tried to mess with my friends girlfriend and pussied out when it came to meeting up for a face to face confrontation and constantly posts shit on his facebook running his mouth about his exes who he cheated on and running his mouth about his bosses at work. He needs to be fired and taught an adult lesson.

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