Sonja Fuller – Stoner Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: For anyone who doesn’t already know this sociopath, meet Sonja Fuller. She thinks she is God’s gift to earth, except there’s plenty of reasons why in fact she is NOT. Such as the nasty case of psoriasis she has and stretch marks all over her body (probably due to an abortion). Her family thinks she is some God fearing church goer, even though she smokes more weed than snoop dogg and will suck any guy off for some coke. Anyways, if you come across her please use protection as she has been known to spread drd’s. Thankfully her last boyfriend dumped her when he realized she was cheating on him constantly. Cheers to Narcissism and Sociopathic whores. #SONJAFULLER

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Sean Sinocruz


THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK This women abuser is Sean Sinocruz. He is a heavy m*th head with a small dick. That can’t fight and talks alot of shit but can’t back it up. He is a full blown tweaker that hangs out in Downtown reno all the time with all the other Downtown loser kids. He uses his ex to fight his other exz and uses new girls or any girl that wants his dick to fight for him. Dumb on there part. He lies to his friends, treats his parents and family like dirt. He thinks he is above it all and is a god but quickly got knocked down to size once ever one saw his true colors. If any women thinks he is attractive. Think again. He a little dick nigga a wanna be fuck boy with a nice face and nothing to look forward to in the pants. This dough bag is a 100 percent low life losser 22 years old and still ain’t got his shit together. What a sorry excuse for a man. He like to beat women emotional and physically tear them down. I don’t know about you but that not a man at all to me. Fck you Sean Fucking Meth Head.

Mariya Marie Mcgovern Is Not A Model

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mariya Mcgovern. Shes one of the “Hatch Models” who pays $50 a month plus the photographer fees. This girl is completely foul and hideous and needs to stop trying to model because she’s going absolutely nowhere with it. She claims everyone’s jealous of her because “they haven’t gotten as far” with modeling as she did. If getting far in modeling means wasting over $1,000 on your career a year and getting NOTHING in return besides mediocre photos you look horrid in, then I sure dont want to be a “model” to begin with. She’s fat, absolutely hideous and likes to act like she’s ghetto just because she dates black guys. She can’t seem to close her mouth in any photos for the life of her, her eyes look hazed over like she just shot up and is about to pass out, her teeth are just plain scary and her body is sloppy. This girl will never get further than having to pay for modeling and I want her to get that through her thick skull, I’m tired of seeing hideous “models” who spend all their money in hopes of getting a real modeling career. You guys are dead wrong about Ashley senn, keep trying to find the culprit!

Taylor McGill & Mariah Olson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Taylor Mcgill walked out on his baby after cheating on his baby mama the whole relationship/pregnancy. He sent pictures and videos of himself jerking off to every girl from here to Reno while living for free off his baby mama. Now he’s stalking, harassing, assaulting baby mama with his new drug addict girlfriend. Never met two people so low. First I thought you couldn’t be a bigger pussy bitch than Taylor but for his new girlfriend to know what’s up and be down? Fcking home wrecking drug addict, alcoholic low life’s. Poor baby girl with out a dad because of these pieces of a shit and a poor mother who busts her ass alone and still has to feel unsafe in her own home because of these white trash peices of shit. Not one picture without solid black pupils bc of the tweak. Sorry for the language but these two deserve the worst in life. I have better blackmail pictures just not sure what’s accepted here.

The Dude behind Reno Stank models


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Jeramie Lu, “voted Reno’s best photographer” but really is the man behind all these disgusting fake “models” in Reno. He owns a photography studio called Hatch and it’s filled with nothing but old creepy photographers who are mediocre and disgusting wannabe models who all have to pay anywhere from $50-$300 monthly to use the studio to create their “art” lol the art that comes from this place is mediocre just like all involved. This dude makes bank off of making “models” out of this areas skankiest and slutty women. Jeramie thinks he is the shit and is stuck up when you actually meet him in person. I think the problem with our area is that all these models swarm to this studio to pay for pictures every month to give them the title of “I’m a model” lol if you don’t believe me please take a look at some of the people that belong to this wannabe modeling agency and photography business. Everyone knows the disgusting miss Briana Maselli, anorexic giant bird looking Kate Olsen, chipped tooth Maria McGovern, the also fat blob Ally Cobb, playboys newest hoe Kendra Thurmen, Natasha Stille the girl with the 4head of jay z, justice meringo who does BDSM shoots for free, and so many more rachet “models” they also have the areas creepiest photographer jay Haden, Reno’s man slut turned photographer Tim Conzachi, the other owner Ron Kots who is also an old creepy dude, 30 year old Colin Nicolia who would fck a 17 year old if he could, the old gun guy who probably jacks off to his photos of girls and his guns Ben Davis, and many many many other dude and girls that are mediocre “photographers” that you’ve never heard about. Everyone there is a serious joke to Reno. You guys aren’t models, and the hatch photographers are mediocre

Briana Maselli Should Stop Photoshopping


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Briana Maselli. This sad little soul sits on facebook photoshopping her pictures to get men to like her. She lives for the facebook attention she gets from 50 year old dudes and horny guys who f*ck anything with a pulse. She has a weird looking horse face and snaggle tooth, fat body she photoshops to death (check out the difference in the photos above!!! holy shit) and just shitty attitude towards any girl she views as competition. She’s a “model” at Hatch and has to pay $50 a month for her membership and pay photographers $300 each session and she supports her “modeling” career with her minimum wage job. Her mom and dad bought her car and pay her rent as well. I used to think this girl was okay and chilled out until she started posting fat pictures and throwing a fit whenever someone said something. This girl is so pathetic. I thought models got paid, they didn’t pay? weird. Briana go workout with your sister, maybe she can give you some tips so you don’t look so fat and disgusting for the next photoshoot you pay for.

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