Aspiring Falk-ers
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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, big warning to the females to stay away from this nasty pig AND his brother Che. Although Joel may appear attractive, he is a total snake. Both the product of a hooker turned pimp, these guys keep multiple gf’s while actively searching for strangers to bang on dating websites. Che is with his baby mama and sleeping with the neighbor. They both have accounts on virtually every hookup website. It’s sick. Joel literally JUST got caught being catfishing by his now ex, on POF. He tried to meet up with the fake profile to f**k only 15min after coming home from spending the night with his gf. Creep is a pathological liar and will bold face lie even with screenshots saying it wasn’t him and his profile was hacked lol. They think they are hard ass gangsters but are really just f’ing thieves who are alcoholic, violent, pepsi heads. Joel currently has Ch***ia and probably more. His ex just tried to warn the old (19yr old!) gf he was dating to have a drd test…only to discover that they never even broke up and he has been raw doggin both girlfriend(s). This guy isn’t even allowed to see his kid because his baby momma knows he is such a goof. The two live in a house with a bunch of gakheads. What’s even worse is the brother Che is a tattoo artist. Who knows how sterile the equipment is!!? STEER CLEAR OF THESE TWO FALK-ERS, they are filthy pigs with dirty ass dicks and no morals.

Kek Caryle Cansas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Caryle Cansas. She goes by many names such as Rhyionne and Kek. Basically her alter ego fuckgirl names. You’ve heard of fuckboys? Well I introduce you to a f’ girl, the “I don’t usually do this” girl. She tells you shes into you and once she gets the D, she moves on to the next dude. She looks like an absolutely horrendous chink without those fake eyelashes and eye make up she puts on. She is one of those “fake entrepreneurs” who thinks shes rich because she wears a suit and poses with other people’s expensive cars. She f’s black dudes in pyramid scheme company in order to get promoted.

Top richmond Skeezer camelot van merlin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we’ve got a world class sloot.. dirty curry from surrey sloot. Trailer trash without the class sloot. Stretch marks zebra drd bumping Double hairy chin sloot .she changed her name to avoid her past but who can forget the PPP pretty party palace other known as undercover escort service her real name is Jamie vanderschmoot but she calls herself camelot van merlin now on top of her escorting past she is a world class home wrecker toppnotch home wrecker I speak from experience she destroyed my friends relationship from west van to abbotsford Personality bypolar manic depressant addictive personality from oxys to her**ne. She’s a whole kind of f’ed up known to do rigs “mainliner” regularly she does her cocaine meth and snorts T3s. Nik she isn’t just vancouvers number 1 pick for this site her ass shoulda bin on here multiple times years ago!

The Classiest Richmond Has To Offer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! this is Daneille Green, this girl is the definition of class! I mean stealing, Selling yourself for narcotics, Hanging out in east Hastings shooting up dope and getting banned from local malls and the list goes on and on. All I can say is keep your valuables close, and never trust this dirty ass girl.

Rabbit Tooth

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jenny Tran… Aka chi… She should’ve been posted long ago. This girl is ruthless and claims to be friends with everyone but really she talks mad sh!t about all of her friends behind their backs. Like the tun twins, those girls always respected her but she would talk sh!t behind their back and make jokes about them.She is hella shady and sneaky, she will lie to your face and try be undercover ho3 but those who know this girl know what she’s all about. She relies on guys to get her things in life. She is fugly with fugly teeth, her body is used n abused. She got all of her tattoos for deals to suck off the owner haha only paying $50… Cheap trick! Many people don’t chill with her anymore cause they know shes a whor3 and not respected. She should go back to school, get a job or do something useful in her life other than livjbg off DDs and her family. She claims to be related to all these men that know her dad.. But really she fuks them for $$ … Haha true definition of dirty right here

Richmond Boys
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THE DIRTY ARMY: Heyyy Nik, I’m a huge fan. First off these three shit disturbers need to be put on BLAST. The little midget on the left with the bottles of liq, Diljot Cheema is a guy who needs some sense knocked into him. He tried hitting on my friend last year and when she denied him, he threatened to jump her. The guy in the middle is Richmonds, Sunny Dhillon, most hated punjab, he goes to kwantlen and tries dealing weed but nobody ever wants to buy from him so he just stalks there asses. He can never get a girl his own age so he has sex with girls in high school, all the way down to grade eights, may I remind you he’s 20 years old. Last but certainly not least Kavin Grewal, he puts on a sweet boy act to wheel in the chicks and once he’s got these girls, he tells them he will be with them forever and once he fcks them he just throws them out on the street. He thinks he’s hot shit walkn around richmond with his boys, blazn it up all the time and actin high. Shit gets you nowhere. So nik, do a favour to everyone in richmond and put these pun jabs on blast

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