White Rock Thieves

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these two Mexican bastards stole money from my place. Could someone give me their full names? I need to report them. Apparently, they work in the legal system.. I met then in white rock in BC, Canada. Thanks.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Kiana Dimascio The girl who Cries wolf

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik…. This is Kiana big nose Dimascio… I don’t have much to say about the girl…. except that shes a total winey SLOOT! Her boyfriend constantly lies and cheats on her, instead of her simply dumping him, she cries and complains about it, they are constantly on and off (cries wolf). she has an eating disorder and cuts herself, Her wrists look like cutting boards. She sucked my dick for A dime bag and a twinkie and threw up right after. Shes a total druggy she snorts coke and shoves Ketamine up her ass, drinks red wine for breakfast and Vodka for dinner, and this girl actually thinks she can become a dentil assistant? LoL not with that grade 2 education. Tell Anthony to punch in the face again, Knock that sense back into you. Girls like this need to be swept off the street.

Anthony Perez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is Anthony Perez, Ive about had it with this kid hurting my best friend, He needs to be stopped now! He was in a relationship with my friend for 4 years, and hes done nothing but cheat hit and lie to her, Did I mention shes wayyy way wayyy out of his lead, he has no idea what he had. Shes the most beautiful amzing young women Ive ever met. He flirts and hits on girls over the internet and trys to pick up randoms using google and facebook! Like hello have u seen your girlfriend!!!hes a fuckin loser, Ive never been so mad and disgusted in my life, Kiana u need to leave this guy and move on! hes gonna do nothing but drag you down and hurt you, and honestly hes nothing special look at him. Watch out ladies stay away from this one. Not like youd hit it anyways hes ugly as fuck.

Richmond Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is a filthy prostitute, goes out to old mens houses and sucking dick for 20$. She has 2 kids by 2 diffrent men neither one of these men she even knows if there the father, she is 33 years old and making a career out of prostitution, but she looks like she is 40! Idk how she will keep it up much longer cause she is aging pretty rapidly! She is the biggest slut in the Richmond area! She thinks she is a model because she pays people to take her picture in only underware! She needs to grow up act her age and quit prostituting, she claims just got married in vegas to the biggest dead beat dad of all time! She has no morals this stupid old hag goes around spreding her legs for a line of pepsi and if your looking for a loose vagina to fuck for a night look up. I have it on good authority that those beef curtians just flap in the wind when this ratchet slut spreads her legs. The cottage cheese on those thunder thighs jiggle like jello too.

Camille Yeltatzie

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Not A Fan Of Camille Yeltatzie. Hey Nik, I would love you to meet Camille Yeltatzie the joke of Richmond. She is the biggest two faced bitch you will ever meet. Camille will be nice to your face and than talk so much shit behind your back, she is so insecure she will put anyone down. Most of her so-called friends” already broke ties with her because they don’t want to be associated with her. Camille loves to post pictures of herself on Facebook and Instagram in order to get attention. Camille takes at least 10 selfies a day and writes comments to her “haters” on Facebook. You do’t have haters people just can’t stand you. Girl sure is annoying not to mention dumb ass fuk.

Marilou Fortin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marilou S Fortin is going around having unprotected sex spreading her drd . Cheating with other peoples boyfriends having sex with multiple guy’s a day, people stay away from her she has drd . She has been infecting men since she was like 15 . Do not date this girl she will cheat on you if you wanna fck her just give her drugs she trades sex for drugs . She is basically a prostitute that get’s paid in drugs. We need to put a stop to her spreading her std\’s so many guys have been affected by her she is a user.

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