Do not trust this guy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is just to protect girls from this guy that really played my best friend. Meet Ben, a 26 year old selfish man child who still lives with his mom, smokes weed everyday and leads girls on saying he cares about them when really he doesn’t. Ben and my friend were dating for a month and a half and it seemed to be going really well. They decided to get each other bday gifts because their bdays were a couple days apart. On his bday my friend went over to his house to drop off his gift and he had the nerve to exclude her from his bday party that night!!! She found out through a friend who was at the party!! The next day he called my friend to apologize saying that he still cared about her and that the party was the last chance he could see his friends before he went to Australia. Then he went to Australia for a month and never talked to her again. Ladies don’t believe anything this guy says to you!!

Kent Clinging Rainwater Whiskey Drummer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have something for you. I have never met a guy that seem so true with himself. He is handsome.. very talented… and also something else in the bedroom. Here is the issue lol a month ago, this guy had 5 chicks on the go. One happen to be dating him and living with him for the past 2 years. The other was a short lived summer fling… and one of the other chicks was his mistress for 7 years. Wow eh, probably wondering how the hell did he managed this. Well, this guy is very intelligent and great with his words. For you ladies, he will melt and mold your heart into giving him everything and anything he wants. What makes him extremely intelligent is the fact that not one of his gfs knew about each other. To highlight it all, one of his flings that devoted her whole time to him and only him contracted an drd. He says he doesnt have it because *his doc prescribed him so many medications that it killed the virus* but fact is.. THIS WAS A LIE. He has lie and will lie about EVERYTHING. He will tell you how sick he is, that hes in the hospital or that he works too much. HAHA! Lies… all lies.  Well if you have, he was dating a chick for almost 6 years and then a few months later he dated his fiance for two. So yes ladies. HE IS ALREADY DATING SOMEONE ELSE. Sorry, to burst your love bubble. Now, hear my warning, if you have slept with this guy in the past few years PLEASE get tested.

Smoking pot around children


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my new neighbor Heather Leaster just moved in, and the first thing I saw her do was roll a joint and start smoking it in front of her friend’s little kid. I mentioned this to a friend, and her response was that marijuana is not associated with violent crimes, I really didn’t know how to respond to that. I know marijuana usage is hotly debated, but I haven’t heard much debate about parents using it around their children. What are your opinions?

Nancy Hinrichsen Abuses Children


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this wicked old lady should not be working with kids. She is a mean, old lazy monster who hates her job at Epiphany Episcopol Preschool. Nancy Hinrichsen tries to get all the energetic kids removed from the school since she hired two old smokers who are her friends to “teach”. She has mental health issues and intimidates parents whose kids are enrolled in the school. We paid good money to send our kid to the school and Nancy should appreciate our children and their rights as students. Nancy hired her two old lady friends to teach in classes when in fact they hate kids even more. My son was abused by Nancy Hinrichsen, and I urge parents to speak up for their children’s sake! Nancy sits her fat ass in the office while parents suffer not knowing the safety and academic wellbeing of their kids. My kid was constantly sent to the office by an abusive teacher who is too old to teach children – pick on someone your own size you evil monsters!

Jumps from guy to guy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tiffany Tolen had her three children taken away by social services, she wants to get pregnant again. After losing her house and her three children, the father of her three children took them in. According to social services, court papers Tiffany like her sister Brandi Tolen was found to be “neglectful” of her children. She was going through a rough time. She stills struggling with Drug addiction. She tried to contact her ex “partner” to see her son but she was being refused access to him. Her father, her ex accused her of being a “terrible mother” because she posted her children yet thought It was acceptable to already be having another child with her “new man” You posted three children why would you have another one? She is also an escort. She is a “waste of space”. This all family is a mess. Her and her sister Brandi Tolen are both like two peas in a pod. Tiffany and Brandi love to spread their legs to any man they meet. They just have kids and give them to someone else to take care of it. Stay away from these whores, both are drug addicts, they love to steal, they have a dirty rap sheet.

Delusional Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman name Brandi Tolen is delusional She has been arrested and convicted three times for Petit Larceny & Possession of drugs in Henrico Virginia. She out of money and am currently jobless, she don’t have a car, nor she has a place to live. She is a 26-year-old who isn’t ashamed of living off her poor family. Her mom is single mother she wants her to leave her home so that she can have a house to herself. Her mother Linda Tolen told me she don’t want her daughter and her son to be living on the streets nor she wants to see them eating dog food, but she finds it difficult to help her when she won’t even help herself or her son. Brandi or her son is not my responsibilities! Linda tolen told me she don’t think her daughter has actually reached a point where she’s ready to make the changes she needs to in order to take control of her finances. She was pregnant and using h*roin, I spot her smoking weed infront of her children. Her baby’s father is a drug dealer, he was arrested multiple times, he have loaded gun in the house. How do you assure her son are safe when having guns in the house? She is a bad influence for her child, her and her baby’s father got arrested at the same time. Her son was taken away following the incident. She won’t regain custody anytime soon, because she is broke, jobless, she cant afford child support to help her son, she can’t drive, nor she has a car. She’s a THIEF, I went to grab the money only to find it had disappeared. She’s a lesbian, she has multiple sex partners, she wants sex, but she says she wants me to not use a condom so I can get the real feeling. I recently tested positive for drd’s. It is time just to warn everybody to keep away from this CHICK!

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