Nicole the Manteca to Folsom sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Nicole Setele.. been up and down the valley, she’s living in Folsom now.. dated my boy for a while and these pics have been floating around everywhere.. She’s a drunk and loose so consider yourself warned on this girl.. You got some saggy 2’s girl!

Oksana Boichenko Is Nothing But A Con Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Oksana Boichenko Is Nothing But A Con Artist PLEASE Shut Down Scam Offering scam dating Website dating Website for the tag “scam”. Oksana Boichenko active advertizing online dating Website , which is Total scam. I want to report this CON artist and SCAM artists. This is Illegal Business, she dont pay taxes, dating Website is not officially registered, she Does “work” from coffee shop, basement and any public place. She make me pay all this money in cash and promise services, then she disappeared . I got nothing in return. Stay far away from this CON artist Oksana Boichenko – scam and fraud and HUGE criminal individual, UGLY C**T and HOE Please expose this individual so people wont loose their hard earned money like I did. Oksana Boichenko Conned ME and stole all my money!!!

Looking for the Next Wang

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is angelique shes a local at the club scene in tahoe. Shes quick to bounce through dude after dude. Ive never seen a women turn them out in such speed well besides a paid hoe. Angelique is the absolute appitemy of a mother and a women she has her son constantly afraid of her and says its called respect. Gtfo… Next ever dude that meets her vagina meets her son as well she lives in a studio and well guess who sleeps in the kitchen area bingo her son so who do you think hears all the sounds and everything from his mom and dude after dude. Its truly a shame and i feel for her. She claims to be a bad ass from oakland and been in the gang but honestly i think she ment gangbang. If you see her steer clear she seems all cute and shit but will f’k you over and use you quicker then you can even realize

Ex Chamber of Commerce

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jim simpson owns AAA window tint business which now he tints out of property he doesn’t own or his garage in antelope at his apartments.he also admitted to helping escort massage business on watt Ave and around sacramento stay in business by hiding g extra beds and items in his garage or storage.he is ex sheriff and ex chamber of commerce who should know about taxes yet he doesn’t pay taxes on most of his window tinting jobs since 2000 to present.he also trade window tinting for blow jobs or sex if the customer will bang him. He’s been paying prostitutes for sex and blow jobs from watt ave even to picking up homeless women.he has had a girlfriend for 10 years who knows nothing about all women he pays for sex and probably gave her a drd.he also hires girls if they are cute or he thinks he can fu’ even if under 18 years old should be a sex offender!!!.he also rents out property he doesn’t own and fails to give rental contract or reciet and request that payments be cash only so he can avoid IRS and taxes.Jim rented out a property then turned around and rented half the property to a couple in a RV lying about he owns property and now says he’s a care giver to the property yet hasn’t fixed anything for a year.he brings prostitutes into the detached garage and has sex.he drinks and drives all throughout North Highlands and Antelope area and if stopped flashes his old badge and gets to drive off he should be in jail .he needs to be exposed before he kills someone driving drunk from vfw bar or picks up a underage girl trying to ‘ck her..

Double Deadbeat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check it, this f’er thinks he is gods gift to women. He has not one BABY MOMMA, but TWO! He disrespects women to hide the simple fact that he’s GAY. Yup, numerous times he has been caught hooking up with MEN & TRANNYS from the “exotic” section off CRAIGSLIST! He doesn’t take care of either of his kids, broke as a joke!!! He steals everything, from everyone!!! Anything he can get his hands on, regardless of who it hurts!! He gave his baby momma a drd when she was pregnant! Let it be known that this guy is the bottom of the barrel nasty!!! He will f”k anything that will let him stick his dick in, but once pregnant! Where is Alex?????? Oh yeah fucking his best friends wife while 10 to 2’ing…. This guy needs a nap, sandwich, beat down & rehab!

Car Michaels Bedfrog

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this female tops them all! She is literally a serial k”er using abortions as birth control with a total of over 10 baby ki”ing operations. She never keeps a job longer than a month. Accused a man of being the father of her child to collect child support from him for years knowing she wasn’t sure. She he smartened up and took a paternity test he stopped the payments. She had to get her money so started her mission of finding the father and after 8 men were tested finally figured out who he was 11 years after she gave birth. She sleeps with older men for small amounts of money/drugs like a cheap whore. She is a pathelogical liar to an extent that makes people wonder if she’s crazy or on some hard core drugs. Beware people!! She will steal, lie, cheat, and cause nothing but pain and chaos in anyones life that is close to her which is irnice because she is nit inegligent in the slightest. Stay away guys and girls!

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