Hangtown Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Krystal Butterworth she is exactly what she looks like. A tweeker that would F”k anyone for a buck. I personally witnessed her calling every guy she could to see if any of them would bang her for money. But not a shocker but there were no takers. She for some reason thinks she is hot. Must have been one to many dick slaps to her face. And just a heads up to any guys that know her and think she’s ur friend. Watch ur back and ur sack cause she will bang u over and take ur shit the moment you look away. Plus she has the drd and likes to F’ guys without telling them so be careful.

Shayan Ali Women Beater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to bring to your attention this fine specimen of douchebag. Feast your eyes on this piece of terd named Shayan (ShyAnne), he also goes by Ali. Shayan here thinks he’s this big bad baller to everyone he knows. He goes way out of his way douchebag style to make people think hes an awesome dude. Little do we know that behind closed doors he’s nothing but a lying, two faced, cheating, woman beater. Shayan here likes to physically assault all his girlfriends. He has warrants out for his arrest in 2 separate states for domestic violence that are known about, in Texas and most recently in California. Shayan has no literally 0 respect for woman and treats them like trash. Most recently he got his now ex-girlfriend pregnant, and less than one month after finding out, he cheated on her and got physical with her several times. Shayan also disrespected her female coworker and got physical with her and isolated his ex from her friends. His ex-girlfriend threw his ass out and now hes trying to sleaze his way into ex-girlfriends lives to leech of them now since he’s beat. Shayan does not work and is quick to move into your apartment and freeload of you while you pay for everything. So here is your PSA, avoid this piece of s’it woman beater .

Spreading in Sac


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl goes by Mayala or Christina depending on what day it is. She makes money for her “daddy” which happens to be her pimp/baby daddy. She has drd and will set you up to get robbed. She claims her head game is tight…too bad her p@$$y isn’t! She bounces between Sac and the Bay spreading her blistery charm and making those racks for her daddy. She had a few profiles on FB…Mayala Gametight…etc. along with ads on CL. Welfare and food stamps…whole 9 yards. She’s also into females, basically anything that will pay her bills

Sean Green is a Monster


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m only doing this because it happened to my son and I don’t want it to happen again.  Its sad to say I actually dated this kid, im disgusted to my stomach.  One day out of the blue while eating breakfast with my son he tells me Sean had his mouth on his privates, out of shock not understanding what I just heard I said what are you talking about? he said he pulled my pants down and kissed my pepe.  I flipped out I don’t know what to do still to this day, I can’t prove he did this but my son is very young and has never said anything remotely close to this so I know my son is telling the truth, I broke up with him right away and he still won’t leave me alone, the f’ing creep I knew he was in prison for a few years but come to find out he was in a (PC) protective custody prison with nothing but child molesters for 5 years at a time more reason to be disgusted he never told me any of this chomo.  Watch your children

Oroville Biggest Dirtleg


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the fat whore’s name is sierra. I think she is trying to hit a world record on the most baby daddy’s in one life time she is on baby daddy #4 she has five kids so far. She is the defation of scum . She is known for sleeping with almost every dirty wet back in orovile and chico. She will sit there and talk so much sh’t about the people she calls her friends she is a two faced lying whore . When her baby daddy #4 was locked up u could find sierra behind the local pub sucken dicks for food stamps.. I don’t know what’s bigger her or an elephant u will smell her before u see her this bitches pussy should come with a warning label the says toxic… she recently had another baby girl and she claims the she is half Mexican but that baby is whiter the clean pair of white socks so who knows she could have 5 baby daddy’s. . Please expose this bitch for the trash she is with her big nose!!!

Steven is a Stalker creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hope this gets the message across to not only Steve but his poor unknowing girlfriend. I met the douchebag on tinder. First off the guy is way older than he claims and he claims to be single but when I arrived at his house in Land Park Sacramento it was obvious by the photos hanging on the walls that the man was not single. I was already there so we went ahead and did it anyways. His phone rang halfway through apparently his dumb ass girlfriend was on her way home. So he booted me out. Too be honest I was so relieved. Now I just deleted the guys number but he won’t stop calling me despite me changing my number twice and he knows where I live and drives by every weekend. Sh’t is getting really creepy. Seriously who does that!? Take the hint Steven get back on tinder, breakup with your girlfriend if she’s not giving you what you need, and find a new girl and leave me the hell alone. You goddamn creeper!

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