Chomo Women Beater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbag’s name is Sean Stevens. That’s Sean Patrick Frank Stevens to be exact.  FIRST OFF I found emails of him messaging some ten year old or something kid or at least someone claiming to be. They were talking about setting something with a five year old. That’s sick. I forwarded it to my email where he found and deleted it so I couldn’t report it. Second OFF this is just your classic internet dude. HE finds and preys on women who are lonely or desperate on meet me, plenty of fish, or Craig’s list (usually women with kids) and gets in serious relationships with them where he cheats on them repeatedly until they finally get sick of getting choked out all the time until they pass out. He’s the type of guy that WILL open his mouth to a guy and gets his ass beat to a pulp but never learns his lesson (I’ve seen it)  TALKS SO MUCH SHIT ABOUT LGBTQ people. So this douchebag is not only a cheater womanbeater and child molester he is a straight up Hypocrite Also he even steals money from his grandmother who takes care of all his child support accounts that he collected over the years. One time he stole prized jewelry from her dead mother for Weed. Who the he’ll steals sh*t like that for weed? Seriously! Be warned ladies. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELVES AWAY FROM THIS GUY. He has a cold case of douche Don’t fall”


NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Horse Faced Snitch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Horse Faced Snitch Nikole loves to portray herself as a socialite who has it all. She says all the guys want her, and all the ladies want to be her. Haha, here’s the truth: this horse faced chick is as FAKE as they come. She will sleep with any guy who has a little bit of weed, xanax, and/or her**n.   Her parents pay for everything, and if they say no, she is known to throw full on temper tantrums until she gets her way. Nikole is an extremely jealous person, to the point of giving names to the police to ensure that not only does she stay out of jail, but she also stays getting her way. If someone pisses her off or gets in her way she makes false allegations to get rid of them. Snitching, spending money, and getting high are her favorite things to do when she isn’t too busy having yet another abortion. She’s been scraped so many times, rumor has it the next one is free. She has a boyfriend, but when his funds are tapped out she is out on the prowl for the next guy who can feed her drug habit and will allow her to max out his credit card. Her boyfriend is so whipped he doesn’t even realize she’s sucking someone else’s crusty balls to get high, and sending out naked pics of her 12-year-old boy body to every guy in the greater Sacramento area. She acts like the reason she has no friend’s is because everyone is jealous of her and her lifestyle, but really nobody wants to hang out with a childish, drugged up, self-centered, shit talking, spoiled snitch who constantly is out to prove she is hot shit. From her inbred barnyard looks to her generic “HBIC” personality, Nikole is someone to avoid entirely unless you want to end up in some unnecessary dramatic situation created to feed her ego.


Jess The Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Jess is dating my brother. I never liked her. She was always bragging about her sexual experiences and how she was bisexual and smoked weed and this and that. She was so full of herself. Well she had the nerve to come in my home and steal my sons medication and trade it for weed. It went missing the same day she was here but she denied it. She told a mutal friend who then told me. I threatened to call the cops and she started crying saying she was broke and all this crap. My brother feeling sorry for her begged me not to get the police involved so I didn’t. I know I should have but I have pitty on her.

What is with the bowling ball dots?- nik

She Pursues your Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. she dated my husband 15 years ago. He broke up with her to re-marry me. When our kids were grown she sent him 15 years of letters she had been saving for him. According to her emails, she had been following us for all those years. We now have restraining orders because of the escalation in threats to MY life for not “giving him back to her”. This is just one of the pics she sent my husband in an attempt to get him to leave me. Every man she has ever dated she assumes their last name almost immediately; she has several alias’s. Beware, she is dangerous! if she decided she is better for a man she will stop at nothing to get rid of the woman he is with….

Rebecca the Biker Chick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick right here is named Rebecca. She is one of the easiest girls in Sac. She hangs around the clubby just waiting to get “free” pepsi and drinks in exchange for a quickie with one of the guys. She loves sending vids and pics of her playing with herself. And trust me we all have watched them. Looks like more then one biker has been there. She is sprung on one of the guys who has been with the same girl for years. The funny thing is he tells us she is just a fun f** and keeps her around for entertainment. Anyways, if you need a good time and have coke. Find her and she will reward you.

Tran-e- Wreck Nicole Langwell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this he/she is the worst, narcissistic, pathetic person ever. She has a 8 year old daughter that she constantly says to other people she never wanted. He /she tried to get his sorry excuse of a mother to abort her, but she didn’t. But anyways this sick piece of trash troll Craigslist for men to come f her, she doesn’t even look like a girl,not even passable, she just got recently caught by her ex girlfriend who he hit sucking off his so called friend “ghost” aka zeb, but that another story. This he she that goes by the name Nicole langwell needs to be put on blast, and all you t- girl lovers stay clear, she is psycho.

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