Unemployed F-boy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not one to put people on blast or to publicly humiliate them but this fool needs a wake up call. Chris McDonald is an unemployed loser, driving a broken down car and has no place of his own. I should mention he’s in his thirties, has no accomplishments and is only focused on partying and get faded. Girls who have their sh’t together don’t want their time to be wasted by pathetic, arrogant dumbasses who represent themselves as something they are not. Watch out ladies of San Diego! This guy is only every app, every website looking for a desperate girl to f’k. I really wish someone had warned me. If you don’t jump his bones in the first five minutes of meeting him, he’s off to the next clueless girl. This guy wouldn’t be such a bottom feeder if he spent as much time looking for a job as he did for girls.

Help From Mitzi Reed

Mitzi Reed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve lived here in San Diego all my life and take good care of myself. I was at the grocery store and ran into this over talkative woman named Mitzi Reed. For some reason she thought I might be interested in her health advice. My first thought was, bi*ch your fat. She then went on about being from Las Vegas which immediately triggered the loser flag. I looked her up and it looks like she went through a nasty lawsuit with someone named Heidi Anderson. Why is it that the people that need the advice are so busy trying to give it to others?

Infectious Encounter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you know that random 35 year old bro with the beer belly who is proud to still be a promoter? Well this is that guy.. He’s fat as, shaves his entire body, tries to r’pe overly intoxicated bar goers in pb, andddd he has drd.. This is the guy who you block because his bar promoter texts and fb msgs are just a bit too much to tolerate. He “works” for Backyard bar n grill in pb, and by that I mean that he has choked on the owners dick enough times to make the payroll and claim a “title” that he deems worthy of complete access to vulnerable 21 year olds who fail to see the trainwreck coming their way. He lives with his mother and licks her p”sy on a daily basis in lieu of rent payments. Watch your pussy girls, this loser has a gift that will last the rest of your life. There’s no cure for drd, so just find a new bar to blackout at.

Take your lights down, tis not the season.- nik

Love or another Pacers Strip Club customer being scammed

Emilie Rose Millard

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Emilie Rose Millard. When she isn’t wasting her life away on getting high, she is stripping at Pacers Strip Club looking for her next victim to scam for his money outside of work. Are strippers closet hookers or are hookers really closet strippers. Also, does this goat herder know what is going on or is he just as dumb as his aspirations to be a Sears catalogue male model. Will we be invited to the wedding and have you ever been to a bachelor party where a goat and the bride were part of the entertainment.

Looking for Next Sucker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he pretends to own a Restraunt and be sober, but in reality he’s a addict junky that looks for woman to take advantage of and live with, have them pay for everything and cheat on them if you stop paying. He has DRD  and always bangs unprotected woman and likes to go to Mexico to sleep with hookers and do drugs. He’ll try to tell you he owns a Restraunt and has all this going on but in reality his parents take care of him and he is on drugs all the time and works for them..he can’t even keep a girlfriend cause of this and his skateboard is his only car and he just recently lost that too. Lol and this is the new poor soul in the pic with him! Goodluck

Low-Life Rapper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, long time fan, first submission. This scum of the earth “5nSlime” aka Brandon Fitz aka drug dealing bottom feeder will try to steal your girl and sell you drugs IE Pepsi. I constantly see this kid surrounded by strippers, hookers and other drug dealers/promoters. I saw on social media the other day that hes is performing at the NYE Infinity event and I wanted to warn all the people out there to beware of his motives and watch your girl. He tried to steal mine last year and when I confronted this punk his lame as friends had to jump in to save him. Put this kid on blast.

I wonder how many bros live in that house.- nik

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