OC Raving Lunatic


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this retarded dbag right here Eain Mincey is a Mexican lunatic raver from the OC now living in San Diego. This dbag went to Tesoro HS and was known there for being the biggest creeper and loser in the whole school. This qu**r dresses up in the dumbest outfits to go to rave and electronic music festivals to try and get girls cause he doesn’t get any so he signed up for a Pornhub premium account. He will talk s*it on everyone behind their backs and act cool to your face to pretend it never happened. Give this loser a taste of your wisdom Nik.

Is Lomeli Wassmer Going To Steal Sabrina Nellie’s Ex


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out fellow Cammer bedroom pornstar Lomeli Wassmer coming onto Sabrina Nellie’s ex-boyfriend Rhett Kemp through his company Sayten clothing. It’s well known to Sabrina and Lomeli fans that they love/hate each other. They had sex on cam together, made a sh*t ton of money, but things went bad between them and they openly bashed each other in their cam rooms. Sabrina tried kissing Lomeli’s ass on Twitter a couple of weeks ago to no reply from Lom…and now Lomeli does this. It has to be the jealously of looking exactly the same and both having terrible mental health that keeps them stalking and subtly attacking each other. Do you think Lomeli will stab Sabrina in the back and “model” for Sayten clothing?

What is with the bowling ball nostrils?- nik

Ladies Beware Of Anthony Capunay


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m surprised he hasn’t been posted on here already so I felt like I should give everyone a warning about this lowlife piece of scum Anthony Capunay or “DJ” as he likes to be called. He’s in the Sigma Chi fraternity at Cal State San Marcos and can’t be trusted. This fake wannabe DJ has a history of drugging girls then getting really aggressive and attacking them when they turn down his advances to take advantage of them. Poor guy is so desperate to get laid that he has to knock girls unconscious just to get it in. Even his own fraternity brothers don’t trust him. Ladies, if you ever find yourself near this guy, be careful and definitely don’t let him handle your drink or get you alone.

This is not good for FORD motorcars (made in Mexico now).- nik

Jennifer Carpio Gave Her Virginity To My Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this whore came out of nowhere 7 years into my marriage not caring he was married with a child. Jennifer Carpio gave her virginity to my husband and ruined my marriage and life! Any sense of self worth is gone! Freaking teenage nightmare and didn’t even care! Yes, I know the fault is his, but what happened to self rules?! I can only hope she falls in love as hard and true as I did and he does the same thing to her.

Sounds like your husband calculates mileage on vehicles.- nik

Ricardo Silva Filho will steal your husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ricardo Silva Filho who works for HP (Hewlett Packard) in San Diego is your classic textbook case of a shameless homewrecker. But Ricardo Silva Filho is not after a married man’s wife; this horn-dog freak Ricardo Silva Filho is after a woman’s hubby!!! That’s exactly what happened to me which saw the demise of my 6 year marriage. What I initially thought was a blissful marriage with my ex-hubby, turned out to be a nightmare when Ricardo Silva Filho entered the picture befriending my ex-hubby. Next thing you know, Ricardo Silva Filho is enticing my hubby gifts which later escalated to intimacy, when my hubby left me for Ricardo Silva Filho. Through a private investigator, I found out that Ricardo Silva Filho did this to other married before essentially ruining many good relationships. Nik, married women out there need to be fully aware and vigilant of this predator Ricardo Silva Filho!!!

Basically Rachet


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ratchet is an escort or in basic terms a prostitute. She believes herself to be a classy prostitute that caters to gentleman however I do not know many gentleman that receive blow jobs in port-o-Johns for a minimal fee. She markets herself as a beautiful woman however the reality and photoshop will reveal two very different woman. Makeup sure does wonders especially for this butter face. She can be found all over backpage peddling that beat vagina for 150$ a pop with the option to CIM for an additional 35$. You go girl!!!! Get that money for your “time” because men just want to relish their time with you! No they just pay for sex knowing you will perform like the dog you are!

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