Melissa Foxworthy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this hoe on blast. First of all, do you think she’s cute? SHE THINKS she’s the hottest thing in walnut creek. With her gross +2s, her disgusting crater face, her scowl lines on her cheeks. Her kankles. Beware, she will take a man for EVERYTHING he’s got. She has a five year old daughter from an affair from her previous marriage. She’s currently sucking her ex husband dry and it’s not even his kid! She is the master of manipulating. A total narcissist. I hope the guy she’s with now sees this and runs as fast as he possibly can. Hey Mel, how’s the ingrown hair on your kitty cat? Her adultery ways need to be exposed once and for all!!!! Stay away from Melissa Foxworthy!!!

Melissa Foxworthy is a Gold Digger

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, What kind of mother is Melissa Foxworthy? Guys be careful, she’s a complete gold digging slut. This “chivette” was married to a man for 8 years, had an affair, got pregnant and pinned the child on her poor husband who isn’t even the biological daddy. She takes 1600 dollars a month from this poor dude, and doesn’t even fix her face! Instead of +2s she needs a total face reconstruction! I heard she’s got some pretty bad bumps down below from waxing. Yikes! Wouldn’t you think she would get some surgery to fix that too? No one likes a bumpy kitty cat! She’s out on Twitter, Instagram, and the chive thirsty for attention when she should be focused on finding her really baby’s dad! Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks so. Gawd, you’re not cute Melissa, you’re so ratchet.

Andrew Johnson Uses GF For Money

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a gorgeous friend of mine dated this asshole for 3 years. Throughout the whole relationship she supported his broke ass. All the while, he was cheating on her with a whore named Krystal Deporto. This girl basically is an insure motherfucker but kudos to her for losing 130lbs aka another human being. This bi**h was stupid enough to confess that she had slept with my friends BF for the last year. When my friend confronted both Krystal and Andrew they both completely denied everything. They are both so delusional and pathological liars both on the brink of being psycho paths. He will come off as your best friend and will pretend to make you his world BUT steer clear from this broke ass as he bank account is wayyy less than zero. He is a horrible friend and BF. Good luck to the next girl that dates him. You’ll end up being his mom and taking care of him.

John Azzam is your typical voyeuristic perv

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, John Azzam who still lives with his parents and works a crappy job at Nokia is your typical garden variety pervert. John Azzam rents out several units that his parents own but what he doesn’t tell his mostly female tenants that the units are bugged with hidden cams. My girlfriend once rented a place from this creep John Azzam when she found a small cam in the shower. When confronted about this, John Azzam claimed that the miniature cameras were left there by the previous occupants because they wanted to keep an eye on their young infant children. Yeah, okay!!! Whatevs! Nik, this perv John Azzam needs to be blasted so that others don’t fall prey to his sicko ways!!!

Svetlana Shapoval Crazy Criminal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, english lessons for the “scam”. Svetlana Shapoval active advertizing online to teach English lessons, which is Total scam and phone, she dont know how to speak english HERSELF!!!! , Svetlana Shapoval Lana Shap, Svetlana Shap, USA inverstor, Lana Investor Ripoff, SCAM, FAUD Los Angeles Internet scam!!! I want to report this CON artist and SCAM artists, She has 0 education in ENGLISH. This is Illigal Business, she dont pay taxes, this school is not officially regestered, she Does “work” from coffee shop, basment and any public place with internet access…. She make me pay all this money and promise services and lessons thru skype, then she dissupier and change her Skype username. I got nothing in return. Stay far away from this CON artist Svetlana Shapoval- scam and fraud and HUGE criminal individual. Please expose this individual so people wont loose their hard earned money like i did. She goes By lots of different names, Svetlana Shapova, lana shap, lana snapov, Svetlana Investor aka Lana Shapoval aka Svetlana Shap aka Lana LA aka aka Lana Shapoval and many many others crazy fake names. She is Single and looking WARNING!!!! WARNING.

Don’t Trust Him

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been wanting to post about this “man-slore” for a long time. He is the most pathological liar you will ever meet Beware girls. He will try to seduce you with his “charm” and his stupid New Zealand Accent. He is very good at covering his tracks. You can find him on plenty of dating websites. I’ve had the horrible pleasure of knowing him and having his baby. Shame on me, I know. Can not be undone. Last i heard he was dating a young girl 3x his age he could be her dad her name is angelina and i feel sorry for the girl. He lived in Seattle than moved back to the bay area in Fremont and use to reside in Yuba City. This man is nothing but a sad old man trying to be young again and is having a midlife crisis. I hope the girl he is with realizes he is full of lies before its too late. I have gross Rated X pictures if you want to see them 30 hearts cant cover the disgustingNESS of it

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