Two Faced Noodles

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i was talking to the girl on the left, Amy N****n for a litte bit and come to find out she put up a front like she was such good girl that wasn’t some kind of ho, but i later learned that these two girls are some of the biggest sluts in Santa Barbra, Amy was never a party girl until she got to Cali now she is a pepsi slore that also does e every chance she gets. and hooks up with any guy who has c**e. but the year before she was a “good girl” that never partied or did anything! these hoes will play any dude out because they both daddie issues, all they want to do is drugs they get for free and will f’ who ever has any, damn shame bella is the worse and Amy is a side kick to her, Bella on the right with the worst damn personality i have ever seen a girl to have, its funny you will see these girls out every where like they attend college in town but they dont do a damn thing but try and find the next party, straight up skanks.

No camera’s take pictures that blurry anymore.  Photoshop fail.- nik

Ingvild Riiser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Ingvild Riiser I think she deserves to be put on blast she’s having sex with everyone’s husband here in Santa Barbara and causing a lot of divorces she acts like a prostitute and is super easy. She constantly is showing her fake tits to everyone and has her crotch showing at the club she’s like barely legal with a fake id. She’s seen on Haley street literally asking for sex

Brett Harman is a Sex Addict

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brett is a psychopath and while that might sound funny, or like a ex-scorned, it’s sadly true. Brett cheated on his 1st wife while pregnant with twins, with a Playboy model. While his wife was in the hospital after delivery, he was sleeping with a Playmate in their marital bed. He married the model and she left him FOR A 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN 4 years later. Karma! Brett lies and cheats on every woman he has been with, and there are A LOT!!!! Brett tries to play off his infidelities, lies, and cheating by playing dumb. He makes his new GF of the moment believe his exes are crazy. When in honesty, they are trying to warn you. He looks for women with money, or who will cater to his every whim. His last ex, who moved from TX to be with him, ended up living in her car and threatening suicide. This to a woman he proposed to after 2 months, without a ring. He conned her to write him into her will. He owes countless people money, and lies about his finances. Anything you tell him not only can but WILL be used against you. Brett Harman is a liar, a con man, and very abusive. Plus, his ass is flatter than Miley Cyrus, wtf!!!! time for some squats, old man!

Kayla Jelly

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kayla kelly. She gots the clap. She slept around with other people’s men. She’s married what a slut. Hoe fo show. Too bad she’s got a nice body. What a waste.

Deana Michelle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lady claims to be 40, has two teenagers and a daughter in her 20’s that won’t speak to her. She moves around a lot, renting lavish homes with her ex millionaire husbands money. She recently moved from Santa Barbara to Marin because she burned so many bridges. She goes by Deana Michelle, but who knows her real name. She does whatever it takes to continue to live her lifestyle at her age. She is delusional and believes she is a catch, and markets herself to young weak men that will feed her ego. On her facebook she photos herself acting like a child and puts millions of quotes and thinks she is internet famous. She is definetly dirty celeb material.

Sugar Baby IV Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl will hook up with older guys for $100 dollars. She is so trashy she walks around with her mouth open sucking dick for free. She is so loose from fucking so many 50+ guys at age 20. She has practically hooked up with the whole town and their dad’s! I’m surprised she isn’t already on here. Here’s a pic of the last sugar daddy she was with.

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