The Hispanic’s Don’t Want Her Anymore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this broad reeks of grape soda and BBQ ribs. She loves the purple Gregs and goes around town sucking off every snicker that fit into her pudgy *ss mouth. She claims to be a “dental assistant” but she’s dropping the panties at strips clubs and always searching for new purple Greg’s to add to her DRDs. She give hispanic women a bad name but with all the black that’s been in here, she might as well have sickle cell, diabetes and considered black herself.

It’s called Purple Crayon not Purple Gregs… don’t get it twisted.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Black Barbie Shim Is Trying Really Hard To Be White

The Barbie Shim... at Adultcon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I work at a fine dining restaurant downtown right across the street from the Staples Center… recently an event was hosted at the LA convention center called adultcon. Even with my frequent porn viewing I am not really sure what happens there… my roommate (employee of convention center) told me that it was VERY private and some filming was being done.  Coincidentally that same day Black Barbie Shim (or Kendall Lake) walks into where I work in a bra… and some shorts. Is she doing porn now? Or should I say Has she been? She was with some white dude… and Nik what the f*ck is going on with her wannabe whiteness and nose job? She wasn’t gorgeous before but the nose job is bad!

Yeah the nose job was not a smart move. She is trying to be the Michael Jackson of the Stripper world.- nik

He Got 99 Problems

He got 99 problems......

He got 99 problems......

He got 99 problems......

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I know you’re the master at pin pointing real or fake, but I was wondering if you / the D.A knew who the hell this guy is. He goes by the name of “Ryan Read”, claiming to be from Cali going to UCLA. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this guy on MTV Cribs, and he’s some pro skater… He friend requested me a while ago, but I figure his profile looks too bait to be legitimate… He updates his status like every 10 minutes with crazy sh*t that seems too unreal to be true and has like ridiculous mobile uploads of weird/border line gay sh*t 24/7…total forgy.. Anyhow, he’s okay looking…. so why does he only have 99 friends with no wall posts? This seems like a total A.R. Mystery situation… since I think the same person behind the account fakes multiple people to make this seem real..Pro extortionist or Pro loser? YOU be the judge.

No shot this kid goes to UCLA.- nik

Is She Nanny Material

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I think I’ve finally found your Nanny. This blonde beauty is from Southern California, LA area. She went to an all girls high school and is now on a volleyball scholarship to some Cal State school. I think she is as close to flawless as a person can be, so I have to know–is she nanny material?

I would prefer a Nanny that doesn’t speak english very well (work Visa material), but she does look like a very smart girl. Maybe she can be my wife’s assistant. Does she know how to check email?- nik

2 For 1 Deal

2 for one deal, slut& liar

2 for one deal, slut& liar

2 for one deal, slut& liar

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Gina. Not only if she the biggest slut you’ll ever meet, she’s also a huge liar. Girls, if your friends with Gina, make sure you don’t tell her who your interested in. She’s automatically interested, adding them on Facebook, getting their number, and sending them nudes. Think thats bad? She’s lied about having cancer and having access to a “special” type of chemo that keeps her hair from falling out, she speaks Italian, has a twin, is a pro surfer, and has plates in her head. The list of lies would be longer than the content of any novel. So Nik, put this lying slut on blast. Its time people know the truth about her.

You’d think that being covered in mud would help, but it doesn’t.- nik

The Skeletor Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So this fugly chick is named Anita Acs. She is very well known in Simi Valley for the wrooonnggg reasons. This gnarly looking sl*t used to be married and has a child, but even when she was married she was out drinking and doing pills and even posting pictures bragging about it…what an amazing mother! Not to mention that she sends out so many naked pictures to guys phones it’s ridiculous, I’ve seen 7 guys with her naked picture in their phone, it’s sad. You can see in the last picture she has her wedding ring on and she is just letting that guy look down her shirt! She can’t keep a friend for the life of her, she always has drama and she especially likes to hit on guys with girlfriends, PATHETIC. Now that she doesn’t have a husband anymore she is seriously on a new guy every week, and she posts pictures of all of them to. I’m afraid of what’s growing down there. You NEED a reality check Anita. Grow some morals girl, for you daughter’s sake. And remember, tattoos don’t fix ugly.

Can we post these naked texts on please… someone make it happen. Such a weird face/head?- nik

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