Catfished Manti Te’o

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here it is Nik! Mr. mike snee. He met my friend a while back and once he started texting her he wouldn’t let up! He’s not just a guy who can’t take a hint, hes a total creep. So I started to take a stab at it playing a hot girl from Florida named meg. I gathered a set of pics from a girl and started with a simple selfie saying hey how are you in essence. Well that turned into “hey sexy where did I meet you babe” and as I explained I mistakenly sent that to the wrong guy he played dumb. Asking multiple times for nudes. He sent a shirtless ab pic the same he had sent to My friend. Asked my age I said 18 he claimed to be 23. Sent a di** pick with no responses or suggestive texting. Continued to call and text even with no response. And would ask where I was. What I was doing. To send nude pics then corrected and said not nude pics, just sexy pics. Well I also told him I might not be 18 and he continued to play along. He’s a true idiot. I told him he had been catfished and that I was really a guy and he didn’t understand. This guy used the same Lines, same Photos, and texts uncontrollably and needs to be stopped. He was willing to ask for pics from someone potentially under 18 and honestly I pin him at over 23. More around 27 or 28. He’s from New York and lives in LAz

That’s just how far he’s willing to travel.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Becky Is USC’s Hottest “Friendly” Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Becky Moine. She is known to be a huge dirty sl*t on the row. Lots of info of her spread around in our frat house. She is known to be crazy kinky. Some guys who have been with her knows she likes to get her starfish licked and rimmed. Probably why she has it bleached. She is fake bake tanned from head to toe.

She looks like Orange Chicken to me. We should name her Panda Express.- nik

Fitness Creeper of Oxnard

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Martial Arts Master Henry Garcia. He is the most dangerous of all creepers and that is the helpful creeper. He puts on workout classes where he promises results in your health and lifestyle. Once he sets his eyes on a target he hones in and offers free training or that he noticed she had such a natural talent he would like to pay her to train his students. Of course either of those options would excite most women to get something for free or to be paid to workout. This is the moment when either their free sessions are one on one trainings where Little Henry here takes photos and places his hands all over you while you train. If you choose to be one of his instructors he insists that you come in to learn everything where its his opportunity to get his eyes and hands all over you in a private setting. He offers Saturday Morning run training where he constantly photographs young women and teen girls from behind and requires them to wear tight clothing… Just a little to creepy for me. I have heard from my friend who has no training experience prior his class that he thinks she is the next best instructor. Just to either get in her pants or put his little pervy hands all over them, she denied his advances simply because she came there to work and not fuck for a paycheck. Also she said that he’s so short that she would be embarrassed standing next to him. He has made numerous inappropriate comments about clients and adolescent clients in terms of “I can help her tighten that ass” in referring to a 16 year old girl. The worst part is that he’s around children so much that no one truly knows what he’s capable of. On a closing he has added a traditional shoulder tribal tattoo… Congratulations on ruining other peoples culture with this failure. He tries to be this Island Guy when all anyone sees is a washed up Chubby Balding Filipino. Nik I need you to tear this guy a new one so the World can know that weve got Kung Fu Creepers around town…

Masta G, how could you!- nik

What Is Devin Brugman’s Deal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I must know.  You had a post about this girl yesterday. Real or not her boobs are more than worth following. Anyway between all of the instagrams, tweets, tumbr for her personal and “bikini business” there is lots to see. Some of it is pretty casual and I don’t see pictures focused on red bottoms or 2K bags. On the other hand she is always jetting off to Miami, Mexico, Hawaii (shes from Hawaii so I guess this is ok). Last night she posted a pic getting on a PJ. It’s 3 girls. How does a self proclaimed full time college student do this much traveling?  Don’t tell me that “a bikini a day” is making her PJ level money. Is she dating a trout? Is she dating some young LA royalty? Is she just another escort/porta potty? While I’m at it is there a difference between an escort and a porta potty or is it simply one giant category? I feel like a regular escort who isn’t getting pooped on might deserve a little more respect.

Can someone tell me the cost in fuel to fly private from Hawaii to Miami? Because Target sells better swimsuits than the ones she is wearing.- nik


Devin Brugman Has A Body Of A Goddess

Be Glad your Marriage isn’t This Bad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Have you heard of Temper Tantrum Wife? Apparently this husband was so fed up with his wife’s childish ways that he decided to film her throwing one of her crazy tantrums and let me just say, THAT POOR MAN. Also, The news and gossip sites have photos of her and this one in particular I thought was pretty funny since she photoshopped the hell out of it, and did a shitty job too lol She just filed for divorce claiming he is a bull and to be honest he is kind of a smug bastard but she should know better than to act like a psycho 3 yr old. Heres the link. [click here]

Sounds like someone forgot their medication…- nik

The Not So Innocent Alabama Boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so a couple weeks ago we went to this party and a whole shit fest went down. We met Alexander outside on the balcony and he seemed so innocent and sweet! He moved here from Alabama I think 2 years ago and had the cute accent that made us want to give him a hug. We were so wrong. Behind those innocent eyes and accent was a cruel intentions bitch. Ok so my friend who shall remain nameless might have made out with Alexander’s really good friends boyfriend a few weeks ago at EDC. Alexander’s friend Amanda apparently enlisted Alexander’s help to bring chaos to my friends life. Everyone already had the idea that my friends boyfriend might have experimented with guys in the past but no one had any proof. I thought he was just metro and sensitive. I was so wrong. As the night went on we all got pretty drunk. Alexander kept talking to my friends boyfriend but she told me they were bonding over scuba diving stories. next thing i know I am watching my friends boyfriend sticking his tongue down Alexander’s throat!! A full on make out session in the bathroom!!! My friend starts freaking out and screaming at her boyfriend and Alexander (I can’t repeat what she said). Thats when we all got the biggest shock! Alexander the gay slut smiles and looks at my friend and said ” Doesn’t feel good when your boyfriend makes out with someone else, does it? Best regards from Amanda.” He then calmly walks out and leaves with a friend laughing and screaming “Mission accomplished.” Karma is a bitch. I guess evil really does come in all forms.

I’m confused.- nik

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