Full of Himself


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Russell has been posted here before. This guy is one of the worst douchebags I’ve met in LA. I met him online, his game was suave until he finally got in my pants. He completely changed from cool, attractive dude to typical LA asshole. He is all about flaunting his stuff, bragging about girls and name dropping. I wish women would quit feeding this troll. He’s ridiculously full of himself. He’s on every dating site desperately looking for more and more girls. He has a problem.

Looks like he’s been touched by the gays.- nik

Jessica Will Use You


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Jessica lives in Culver City. She was on Seeking Arrangements looking for a sugar daddy because she has no job or values. She lies about having cancer to get help from people. My best friend became friends with her she used my friend for connections and anything else she could get. Men in LA, Vegas, and Florida beware she needs money and will lie and use anyone who she can. She has bad personality and lies beyond belief.

Stick to face shots Jess.- nik

Cali girl Liliana needs a wake up call


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It’s time to put a TROLL Liliana Jimenez/ Campos/ Hairston on blast, I know this dumb see you next Tuesday personally. We use to hangout and talk all the time that was up until she started harassing people in Canada and here in California, she thought it would be sooooo funny to make fake accounts and harass people who are over higher intelligence than herself personally it is the reason her ex and baby daddy left her. She is a m3th junky a dope fiend and a pot head but still manages to have custody of her crazy ass kid. for the last 4 years she’s done gone around telling everyone and their uncle that she’s knocked up yet never produces a child because she know that she gonna get her ass kicked which is why she lies about pregnancies. She hops from dude to dude but now has “met the love of her life” who is a junky just like that last imbecile she got pregnant by. She thinks extremely highly of herself yet she cannot hold a job, never went to college *claims she has* and will literally stalk a girl in California she will find her at stores, out to eat, creep by her house, or even work to see what she is up to.  I have added the entire list of fake names she goes by on Social Media to harass these unknowing people to hope that she actually gets her sh’t together acquires a normal functioning brain and stops being a fucking idiot. You should’ve learned not to play with fire Liliana cause one day you’ll get burned Dominique Leone Tiesha Kravs Mellisa Lang Eva Velazquez Rosa Liliana Jimenez Nikki Lynn Liliana Jay Olivia Jaskula Nancy Martinez Adriana Jimenez Torrie Dawn Cianna Abbott Tnisha Smith Eva E. Velazquez Liliana P Jimenez Diana Molina Maria Serrano Karis Garcia Bianca Schnitzler Chantel Nicolee Maricela Jimenez Winston Cash Monic Sujey Kaki Corell Jean Freitas Gysell Jerez Torres Mikaila Mercier Laura Juriliana Cuenca Anisa Laurel Pooler Kary Kary Bkh Gysell Torres X2 Hayley Desantiango Angela Torres Oldfield Reta Nocek Nilla Bean Harrison Beneth Cassidy Ann Smith Marilyn Rose Dan Davis Ella Williams Alix Susan Melanie Palacios Rita Lucas Benji Lucas

India Needs to be Exposed


THE DIRTY ARMY: his girl texts my bf pics of her improved body. Doesn’t she have a lesbian gf to send pics to? Here are the pictures India warren has sent to my bf/her other exes apparently. No matter how much weight she loses, she still has ugly large features like her nose and big loose cave vagina. Her efforts in attempt to make it in Hollywood has been a pleasure to witness. The only time she has likes is when her boobs are out or she has trashy clothes on. Maybe her exes wouldn’t be her exes if she wasn’t slutty, cheating, aborting 4 month fetuses and being anorexic. I see you India! The new ano lifestyle is working out for you. The new wrinkle between your eyes looks fab with your nose that is now clearly visible without such a fat face. Why do you pose one way? Looks like someone hit you in the face! A wrinkle, the long saggy cleavage, split ends surely compliment what you are inside = disgusting.

Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin Is An Asshole


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was at Bungalow in Santa Monica around 5pm during the All Star game yesterday and I was shocked to see Blake Griffin sitting there by himself drinking vodka like it was water. Shouldn’t this kid be rehabbing his shoulder to come back for the playoffs? Blake literally sat there drowning his misery in alcohol. Besides that the guy was an asshole. One of my friends asked him for a picture and he yelled at her “I don’t want to be bothered today”. Bro you are at Bungalow. If you don’t want to be bothered stay home in your mansion. Such a dick to his fans.

I refuse to support KIA motorcars after reading this.- nik




THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this asshole is constantly harrassing women and ripping people off big time! He works in real estate but then tries to get into the Entertainment Business game. His partner in crime Tom Gabriel always warns people about him and tells them not to do a deal with him, he\’s shady, but then introduces people to him anyway after undercutting him. I still worked with him anyway (stupid me) and all he\’s about is trying to get laid. He has the worst breath and teeth ever, he is a very sad man, lives in a shitty place. Total hack job. Women especially run from him and his criminal partner!!!! These men are always at fake red carpet events and bullshit scam charity events. ALWAYS! Photo of the clown on the right.

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