Old Cheating Rank


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here is one for you. My body is drinking with me and tells me about this girlfriend of his. He tells me she was cheating on him and f’ed her ex bf the very day they put their relationship on fb. I cannot stand this piece of work! I guess I told him to believe what her told him. She conned h on a house deal. Her ex was banging her for the first month off and on in their relationship. Then he says this guy told him she called him on aug telling him she wished their break up wouldn’t have happened! I cannot stand her and she seems skanky to begin with. Al I told him was if she was cheating on you the day you guys should have been celebrating a new relationship well does anything she say matters anymore?? God she is so dirty. Her name is Nicole West. She will def f’ my buddy over!! Maybe a bit of public opinion will smarten him up!!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Kendra Ahenakew Southside Thot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this stink fishy young lady by the name of Kennzie Shannez on facebook is Saskatoon’s TOP QUEEN for selling her infested trap to old men and little boys. I pity her new found love Dalton A.K.A Max Gotti because he has to deal with humiliating Bad Odour, buck teeth and fishy smell. Meanwhile she was f’ing Tom,Dick and Harry and now is known as Saskatoon’s easiest mattress, and awe that handsome young fella has to starve while shes cooking him potatos in a box, shake and bake drum sticks and canned corn left overs that were probably from a week ago hahaha I feel so sorry for you Dalton that you have such a loser of a girlfriend who is just making you look bad because she was sucking dick the day before you got out WORD!!! Dalton you can have any clean pussy you want but you chose to be with a real life walking FISH!!!! Bro is still stinking of her stinky fishy pussy. She aint no Gang leader shes a FOOL running a crew of whores who pass around diseases to innocent men and women. At the end of the day Kendra your the sluttyest queen of them all and I HATE you for giving my bro that filthy sickness you have. Cant turn a HOE into a house wife WORD!!!!!! P.S Kendra, Im your number one FAN, & I cant wait to bang your MAN. BOSS LADY .

Looks like she forgot to fold the bed.- nik

West-side Sniff


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one’s a real sniff she has no problem using guys for a good sniff any way her name is Tammy and you can find this drd infested alcoholic _sniff hanging out on pof looking for her next victim. I once met here at a bar with one of her friends that plain out told us that she had a drinking problem and would be an easy lay if we bought some pepsi she’d fuk all night lol… but the problem is she supposedly runs her own company lol .. anyway watch out for this coke sniffing duff..

Handsy Jason Tschetter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, time that people hear about the truth in this guy. No one will believe my daughter what happened and she now has to live with the fact that when she was 15 last summer this guy at a house party got her a little too drunk and forced himself on her. It’s sickening to see what he’s done to her and my family yet he will always walk free and no one here will do anything. I hope that no one else has been effected this way by his actions. No means no and when your intoxicated, legally you cannot give consent. Even to your spouse. But if any woman or girl here has fallen victim to his predatory ways and still needs help. Please don’t let him walk away. Call the sexual assault crisis line and get help. It’s tough and I know because she’s been suicidal since the incident came out. He believes that he’s his own God and invincible. Let’s stop him together and prove everyone what a low life he actually is.

Cheats on his Significant Others

Dallas James Beaulieu

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Where to do begin with this guy named Dallas Beaulieu who f’ed over his ex of almost 3 years. She is my best friend and people need to be warned about this filthy guy. She does not know I posted this, but however told me a lot about him. Would cry to me every time something between them would happen. K where should I begin. So yes his ex Denise cheated on him before they even met. Yes Denise lied about it at first then however came clean about it. Dallas sought out revenge and cheated on her back with a previous ex from the past named Meghan. Hung out with her a few times, banged and what not, and then decides to tell Denise after 3 days of hanging with her. Oh and that she is pregnant LOL. She forgave him as he forgave her, blah, blah blah. She ends up taking a job down there babysitting his siblings and to be closer to him etc. This is where the sh’t begins. The lying, cheating and flirting. Denise admitted her sh’t. She’s flirted with her friend Ethan, cheated on Dallas with her friend Mike one time during a whip cream. Dallas however counts the times being broken up as cheating. He’s cheated on her more times then I can count on my fingers. She’s abused him, punched him in the face in front of a cop, I would of to. Yes she swerved them into oncoming traffic, so on and so forth. Anyways lets talk about the times Dallas abused her, like slamming her head into a nail or fracturing 2 of her ribs and bruising her face. Guy is a woman beater in my eyes. I can’t count how many times Denise has told me that Dallas cheated on her. Just this past year 9 times with escorts, or the times he cheated on his formers exes like Chey, Aleesha and Becky, oh all girls he cheated on with escorts and Denise. Yes he cheated on those 3 girls with Denise. Then ended up going back to her. Guy talks about how it only takes him unzipping his pants for Denise to be all over his cock yet she told me this previous she took him back when he cheated on Becky with her he went to her house at 4 AM crying, begging her for another chance. YES you heard me right, he went there crying LOL.  Oh should I mention that he also f’ed his step kids is babysitter who is 16. Like how disgusting and low are you man. That’s considered a felony. Dallas Beaulieu is one dirty f-boy

Erika The Doll Besplug


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Erika Doll, or Erika Besplug… depending on what personality this bi-polar, 8th grade educated, twat waffle feels like going by. Her hobbies including banging British dick (Canadian men have higher standards), flopping her saggy boobs out, raving, and “eating the f out of KFC”. Her meth head mommy is also on The Dirty, and her and her fat posse, incuding Barbe Tarling, will soon flood this post with keyboard warrior threats. Erika is as dumb as the ugly stick she was beat with, and has such a beat face… how Jake the Brit bangs her without a paper bag on her face is beyond all of us. Erika is one of those people who claims to hate drama, but her facebook is filled with it. She is also responsible for putting Kayla up…. some friend you are Erika. Well Erika, enjoy your turn… and when your British boy leaves you behind because you were nothing but a fuck toy for him… dont eat KFC… try a salad. Oh Erika… raves aren’t the bakery… put those rolls away.

What would you call that, a ‘Titasaurus’.- nik

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