What Boyfriend


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little slut spent the night serving me drinks at her work, told me had a boyfriend and basically said no chance. Few hours later I’m banging her out in my truck and then back in my bed. She blows my phone up daily wanting more and laughing about how even after she moved out her man still paying her bills and how she has him wrapped around her finger. She was a good piece of ass but is crazy as sh’t. Concerned with where I work how much I make etc etc. She still has not even asked my last name. Stay far far away from crazy town.

POF liar and cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies on POF, watch out for this liar on POF! He says that he is single but he is apparently dating this idiot! He has his POF account hidden now so that his idiot gf doesn’t see it!! If you get a message from him, ignore and block him! He’s a liar! His name is Brad Schindel and he is a lying asshole and a total douche bag! When I found out he was not single, I gave his idiot girlfriend a heads up that her BF was cheating and she believes his stupid story that his account was hacked!!! Lmao!!! As if!! Must be sad to be so desperate for a guy to want to screw you that you believe that bull! To bad he is screwing other chicks too!!! Lol The best part was that it was a friend of his from his hometown that ratted him out to me and told me he really wasn’t single! And… He apparently doesn’t even live in Saskatoon, lives in Hudson Bay! Guess you thought no one would recognize you on a Saskatoon site! Tara Fehr, you are a idiot to believe his lies! Brad Schindel, you are a cheating liar a-hole who messes with girls that are on dating sites for the right reasons! You idiots deserve each other!!

Sharing Sherri aka pink bunny


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gal has got to be the most sex craze gal around, she sleeps with other men while pregnant and stays with whoever will fill that exploded beaver she calls a vag. She was with her baby daddy and sends an email to my husbands phone wanting sex. She hates natives, but has kids from native men who are first cousins. All her kids are from different men, no two kids have same dad. She loves to stalk all her baby daddies new girlfriends. So heads up to all she goes back and forth to all her exes. Can you imagine her working at social services and she stalking all on government files/documents on families. She claims she moves on, but uses so many different profiles to make everyone miserable, but clearly she is the one miserable. One word Sherri “kegels”. Makes life great!

Baby Pinner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all as u can see by her pic shes grosse af!! Shes dirty, and sells her flabby trap to anyone that will feed her fat ass a meal or get her high and drunk.like seriously she didnt even stop drinkin with her third child that got taken away as soon as it was out her flabby lips. Girls watch your men this girl is all over social media always lookin for her next meal like the dog she is.she slept with my bro and tried to pin her baby on him. Shes so f’kin dirty she’d sleep with anyones man. So watch out for this leeh, just like the rest of her family, bunch of junkies and alcoholics.

How are those jeans so skinny?- nbik

Goofball Player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shawn diederichs back on the dirty again this guy has been messaging my girlfriend who is 18 turning 19 nude shots of himself and messaging her nasty comments I read all the comments and was rather choked he states he’s my bro and is tryin to get with my girlfriend who’s way younger then him he also calls himself bobo this guy needs fucking help and I think it’s time I catch him on his bluffs because I know this white dumpster driving b;tch made f”k is infested with drds wit all the bullshit stories he tells people about being around the block a million times and with all he f’ks and chucks when the only thing that he can get laid from is his own hand depending if he can still get it up lol I knew this guy when he was 27 or so sh’t and he’s now gotta be in his 40s you may have stole my homies but you aren’t stealing my chick leave my girlfriend the f”k alone another question is why do you keep bashing ur ex isn’t it over now has been for 15 years or so. Stop toying with married women you goof.

Nosey Fun


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch is named Carla, she’s the type to get nice and friendly at first & gets terribly jealous of your ex’s. She makes ur life hell by snooping by everything you have to old 2008 emails to this date, she tries to hack in to your emails and steal your money. She’ll stalk their houses and try and act buddy buddy, & then u confront her about she’s just trying to look for a house and it so happens to be your house. She’ll throw old news and bash it in the relationship contantly & cries about how past relationships aren’t how they are &  gets down right In Your business. & she f’king sucks. Dirty nosey Incoherent c”t gave me drd. I thought about leaving her but, she’d go crazy if I left her and she tried to pull I’d k”l myself & I had so many reasons to leave & they were valid. She doesn’t know when to quit or to give it up. She has to go on about you were better then and then now. I didn’t leave her because I thought I was doing a nice thing & she was going to change but no, she fucking stalks me everywhere & it’s just a “coincidence”. I’m a pretty reasonable person but this girl won’t quit. She’ll ruin feature relationships and make up lies about you saying how I gave her these personal problems (sti’s/std’s) basically a little f’ing child in a grown women’s body. I feel so f’king bad for her, but idk what else todo besides warn future people. Sorry but this biotch needed to be put on blast. Sorry not sorry

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