Lying Arina Naismith

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this gross bi**h on blast: let the truth be known. Disgusting drd infested racist lying slore. I used to be friends with this low life when she lived in Moose Jaw, she recently moved to Saskatoon. This sick motherf’ker tries to bang her ‘friends’ boyfriend’s, or any guy for that matter; even when she’s dating someone. Most sneaky chick I’ve ever met, and she’s really good at lying. If you want to f’ck her, just Facebook message her at Arina Dawn Naismith, and call her cute and mention you have a good job of money and she’ll be bouncing on your dick, no time flat. Also no money required. She’s sneaky, she can keep it from her man so no worries, I’ve seen her do it before. She does blow and use to do needles. She also use to steal money from her baby daddy, spend it on drugs and alcohol and other guys. Sick son of a b’ch, how about try acting like a mother and not a cheap prostitute, . Such a disrespectful easy hoe bag, try being a mom, feel bad for your kid with how much men come in and out of his life and how you don’t look after him. Gross.

Super Proud Side Piece

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sarah Pinacie she is Saskatoons easiest. She do anything for a line or a few bucks. Recently went around trying to pin her baby on anyone with money so she could support her pathetic self. I feel bad for that baby, shes out drinking and her baby is just suffering. It doesnt get any lower than her. Shes scum and nothing but a two faced whore. She will act like your bestie then turn around and f’ck your man. Be sure to get checked after a night with her fishy snatch, chick is a walking drd.

LG Obsession

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rob Hawkins was charged with luring a child under 16 for sexual pleasure, he was caught by police posing underage and was arrested, google it, under Saskatoon. This is also Jamie Lelianne or Jamie lee Bell she has a child with Rob and two other kids who she has visitation with, this guy is out of jail be aware and please watch over your children. Jamie has been caught adding children herself to several social media accounts and doing god knows what. Either feeding Robs sick obsession or her own. Both these two are a threat to society and the saftey of our children. The justice system as we all know is wack so we must protect our kids from people like this ourselfs. Rob is not allowed internet or to be around children. Though Jamie is allowing him around her kids, tells you what a sick individual this woman is. She is also trying to justify what he did saying it was a mistake, but how do u mistakingly look up a underage girl and ask her to meet for sex? They make every excuse for their behaviour trying to make others look bad. But we all know those who hide things do that. She can also be found on Saskatoon Selfies 18+ on facebook as well as other sites. PLEASE KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE

Horny Wife of Meadow Lake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, shes been with her current husband for 8 + years, been cheating on him for 2, sleeps around with her “friends” husband Greg, bangs 2 others on the side. She is one of the phoniest chicks i know, bangs these guys and then hangs out with their wives/gf. She trys to live a lavish lifestyle, spends all her money on clothes, hair, nails ect while her poor husband takes care of everything else. She cant be trusted. Acts like shes all sweet and innocent yet she will stab you in the back once its turned, this girl needs to close her sloppy vag, worry more about her marraige then whose gonna f*ck her next.

Crusty Christina

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl a disgusting. She won’t shower for days, lives in a rodent infested apartment and thinks she is all that. Well let me tell you something. She hails from bum f’ no where, Biggar Saskatchewan. She has diapers thrown all over her apartment that sit there for days. She is a dirty human being. Also she will stick her nose in to your business and think she is in the right. She likes to play God. But she is a low life greg sucker. She puts children in danger. She used to work as a Program Leader for The Boys and Girls Club but got fired because she got bad reviews from parents. She hurt a couple of the children and didn’t have a good excuse. Her excuse was that the kids did it to themselves but when you grab a child and leave finger marks on their arms and leave welts then something is wrong. Christina you need help, serious help!!

Terrible HB

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, farthest thing from loyal. quite the charmer. if you’re female that’s all he needs . He we has cheated and lied in every relationship . in the same hour he told his girlfriend how much he loves her yet replied to a casual encounters ad on Craigslist. The list goes on but I’ll stop here. simply put an ad of tits or ass not even a face and he will be all over your add in a heartbeat. desperate degrading and no standards .

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