NaKita Tattoos Tootoosis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I cant stand this stank mutt & I bet many others can agree.  her ears are probably just as stretched as her a-hole by how sleazy she is, The funnier part is that she likes to call out other girls for being hoes for something as little as the clothing they wear when the skinny twig hypocrite can show her skin on her Facebook but can’t even show her teeth LMFAO she’s an easy put out, she claims to be such a good person but is the biggest hypocrite ever with a face on her like a slapped arse & is plain f’en stupid in general.. Can someone plz get a hold of a dentist, a real tattoo artist to cover up the satanic voodoo sh’t she has on her skin and maybe a hair and makeup tutorial wouldnt hurt. Check yoself before you wreck yooooself!!

Man Trap

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is dannie wagar. she will private message your boyfriend and pay him money for him to sleep with her then she will claim she is pregnant by him when she really isnt. she will also claim your boyfriend raped her when he wont answer her. she is currently pregnant with my boyfriends child and she has told us we are not allowed near the baby. this is her 3rd pregnancy. her first pregnancy she claimed she was raped when she willingly slept nelson. she doesnt let the fathers near the kids but she will let her abusive dad watch the kids so she can go get her drug fix. she will also leave her kid with whoever she wants for days at a time. she has even left her kid for almost 6 months without checking on her kid once. so if u want an std then dannie wagar is the girl for you. also if you let her into your house watch your stuff very closely as she will steal your things. just a warning saskatoon

Crystal Neitchi Swain

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gross hooker is addicted to drugs an she can’t take care of her poor son. He begs not to go home cause all she does is feed him candy an makes him watch TV while she sits in the room an smokes c*ack. Not to mention she has five ppl couch surfing at all times. An claims to be a lesbian but begs her ex all day an night to bang her lol an bring her rock of coarse… She’s a useless waste of skin always has people robbing her house an breaking in with guns and knives. Pathetic excuse of a human being…. She will bang anyone or anything for a hoot lol

POF Sleep Around

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly slob is Brittany, she’s been my so called friend for years and years. Took me this long to finally see that she’s a stupid ass b”. Constantly on POF looking for her next lay, and when she finds one it’s a quick lay without even knowing the guys name, and with her daughter in the same room. This blabber mouth doesn’t even have the respect to go to the guys house and brings them back here so I can hear him bi**h about not being able to find her hole or that she’s to big. Just the other day her and I got into a argument cause of her non respect and bringing men home and she flips my words around and blames me for saying her kid was to noisy, which was not the case it was between her an me about the guy being to loud complaining that her hole was to big and that her fat was overlapping his c’ck so he couldn’t see which hole he was in. Which my guess was one of her craters on one of her fat rolls since she has many. I’m tired of sticking up for this chick and being the mother to her child since her kid doesn’t have a mother really at all.

Pamela Walby Work Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly whore likes to screw married men she works with. And she is married. She likes to go into the bathroom at work and take naked pictures of herself and send them to guys she works with. She is disgusting looking and looks like a dude! Blah!!! I guess she does that to try make herself feel good since she is so fricking ugly!

Thief around the Reserve

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he cant work cause hes always high on whatever drug he gets from the sh’t he steals from peoples houses THE LATEST was from my uncle Rocky. I don’t know how he knows when to break in cause this isn’t the first time hes done this he f’s over everyone he meets knows and will meet. he is only out to case your place so don’t let him anywhere near ur yard. he rats out others to keep himself out of that p.c unit he always is placed in while in jail because hes such a goof when he isn’t in jail that in jail hes such a hurten p”’y rat snitch. I have a license and he doesn’t. I drove drunk lost my ride and my license and got a huge fine he gets nothing while being a drunk driver with no license. his only friends are at elk point detachment. he beats his drugs out wife. steals neighbours baby supplies for his kids. hes turned his little white gf into a minime of phil. hahaha dummy gets caught wearing the stolen rings. cant even buy her a jacket has to steal it for her. the lipstick ring she leaves around isn’t even paid for.

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