Crusty Christina

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl a disgusting. She won’t shower for days, lives in a rodent infested apartment and thinks she is all that. Well let me tell you something. She hails from bum f’ no where, Biggar Saskatchewan. She has diapers thrown all over her apartment that sit there for days. She is a dirty human being. Also she will stick her nose in to your business and think she is in the right. She likes to play God. But she is a low life greg sucker. She puts children in danger. She used to work as a Program Leader for The Boys and Girls Club but got fired because she got bad reviews from parents. She hurt a couple of the children and didn’t have a good excuse. Her excuse was that the kids did it to themselves but when you grab a child and leave finger marks on their arms and leave welts then something is wrong. Christina you need help, serious help!!

Terrible HB

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, farthest thing from loyal. quite the charmer. if you’re female that’s all he needs . He we has cheated and lied in every relationship . in the same hour he told his girlfriend how much he loves her yet replied to a casual encounters ad on Craigslist. The list goes on but I’ll stop here. simply put an ad of tits or ass not even a face and he will be all over your add in a heartbeat. desperate degrading and no standards .

No One More Deserving

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she’s the biggest slut out there, for real. i met her on pof and first time we hung out i banged her, it was so easy. I banged her a few times before i found out she was married the whole time, and she has kids. But she kept wanting to come out and drink and bang and she was always wanting to get snow too. i actually thought maybe me and her had something together, even tho she was married, would talk s’it about her husband and then go back to him, but then i found out about how slutty she really is. she was sleeping with a bunch of guys the whole time, from old creepy old dudes to teenagers. I saw a bunch of her messages on fb and pof and she was talking to over a dozen guys, sending them pictures of her tits and her p**sy and begging them all to pick her up, even when she’d be at home with her man or with me. and her loser husband just keeps taking her back. apparently even after she’s given him drd’s a bunch of times, it’s pathetic lol. This chick is desperate for attention. so good news for all you guys out there, she’s the easiest lay out there, just tell her she looks pretty and buy her a mickey and you’ll be in her pants in no time, even though she’s petty terrible in bed lol. but be careful because the last time i slept with her she gave me the clap, so i was out. she needs to stop being such a disease spreading attention slore and go be a mom like she’s supposed to.

What Boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little slut spent the night serving me drinks at her work, told me had a boyfriend and basically said no chance. Few hours later I’m banging her out in my truck and then back in my bed. She blows my phone up daily wanting more and laughing about how even after she moved out her man still paying her bills and how she has him wrapped around her finger. She was a good piece of ass but is crazy as sh’t. Concerned with where I work how much I make etc etc. She still has not even asked my last name. Stay far far away from crazy town.

POF liar and cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies on POF, watch out for this liar on POF! He says that he is single but he is apparently dating this idiot! He has his POF account hidden now so that his idiot gf doesn’t see it!! If you get a message from him, ignore and block him! He’s a liar! His name is Brad Schindel and he is a lying asshole and a total douche bag! When I found out he was not single, I gave his idiot girlfriend a heads up that her BF was cheating and she believes his stupid story that his account was hacked!!! Lmao!!! As if!! Must be sad to be so desperate for a guy to want to screw you that you believe that bull! To bad he is screwing other chicks too!!! Lol The best part was that it was a friend of his from his hometown that ratted him out to me and told me he really wasn’t single! And… He apparently doesn’t even live in Saskatoon, lives in Hudson Bay! Guess you thought no one would recognize you on a Saskatoon site! Tara Fehr, you are a idiot to believe his lies! Brad Schindel, you are a cheating liar a-hole who messes with girls that are on dating sites for the right reasons! You idiots deserve each other!!

Sharing Sherri aka pink bunny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gal has got to be the most sex craze gal around, she sleeps with other men while pregnant and stays with whoever will fill that exploded beaver she calls a vag. She was with her baby daddy and sends an email to my husbands phone wanting sex. She hates natives, but has kids from native men who are first cousins. All her kids are from different men, no two kids have same dad. She loves to stalk all her baby daddies new girlfriends. So heads up to all she goes back and forth to all her exes. Can you imagine her working at social services and she stalking all on government files/documents on families. She claims she moves on, but uses so many different profiles to make everyone miserable, but clearly she is the one miserable. One word Sherri “kegels”. Makes life great!

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