Joanne Roulette Sandy Bay Health Centre


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Joanne Roulette she runs the Sandy Bay Health centre here in Sandy Bay. I work here but I cant say nuttin cuz her fam will get mad nd fire me.  sick of telling everyone the rec centre never works cuz her son Ivan Roulette is too lazy to fix it. all he does is call in sick or sit on the comp yet he gets paid 70 grand tax free. The guy isnt even properly educated. Mike Beaulieu said none of her sons have grade 12 and making 70 grand?? Chief says she makes 140 grand and she set that salary herself. Well why not no one is stopping her? Most of her family nd friends work here. She lets them skip work for anything even just for hockey tournaments! Then she tells everybody is no ones business and to keep everything secret. Once she made my auntie sign a letter she made not to talk about anything that happens at the hc. Her and her family once took a trip and they all gt spending money, They were going on a trip for a “health conference” and came bck and nvr shared any info with the rest of the hc. Joanne your lies are getting worse and worse just to keep your salary because all your kids depend on you. Without you none of them would have a job. Some Health director you are , you cant even promote a healthy living with your own sons and daughters, they all do coke and drink all lost their licences for drinking and drivng! Tony even told us your son kick his daughter Clarissa repeatedly in the stomach and once Sheila and Rebecca had to chase him. LOL even Toni Martin said u cant run things right in that centre. Abusers pepsiheads are your kids. Healthy director ahkitten? Joanne Roulette you have to buy your friends!!! Melva once said you gave 9000 grand for the hockey tournament for portage so that ur kids get it. Other ppl wrote letters asking for help you just dismiss them! but if its hockey equipment and golf equipment for ur kids , ur paying for it. We all heard Ivan beats up his woman , Kyla Daniels told us she wrote a letter to the band saying Ivan stole all the rec centre equipment and sold it for coke. Another woman even wrote a letter complaining about Ivan that he was sexually harrassing her on the job and had to quit. ur a b’tch for ignoring this sh’t. Karma. This is the cold heart truth. of course youll get upset when you read it, but this is the truth. Who else has heard some truth about this dive centre Joannne roulette runs just to feed her lazy kids?

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Leanne Corleen Bleeds the system


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Here we have Fat assed , cellulited ugly gross pig Leanne CORLEEN lester (. This excuse for a living abortion, lies to the government sand every other single needy person support group, for indigent circumstances making her feel like she is above the law, when in fact this pig excuse of bowel movements, waste of toilet space, is really just a cum dump with obviously no respevt for her two poor kids, who HAVE to sit idly by whille her mother makes a whore of herself, having trix (oh wait trix would imply she gets paid ,, where in fact she doesnt) stop by all hours , while her young boys are present. On top of all that , her mom and dad support her behaviour , and her whole financial situation , looking for the next big funding program they can enlist her in and cash in with also, she uses the fact she is a clear cr’ck baby, and suffers sever impairment due fetal alcohol syndrome, to ride th3e system, lying with parents baqcking about her whole life circumstances, so she and her goof satnoc parents cash in of govt funds, that are in fact, falsely appropriatedm forged and bullshit, they bought her a house and just recently a new suv. yet the profeesional victim, suffers indifent circumstances granting access to bullshit that is really none her business.  This btch has a Permanent contr,act with child protective services, stating that Leanne is ” A DANGER TO HER CHILDREN, IF UNSUPERVISED” while they are in her care , which is always now due to her mom sucking the dick of someone with the power to grant such requests. and can only gewt such access granted thanks to mummy dearest AGAIN lying for her , saying sshe is there with leanne and lives there 98 % of the time, Even knowing her grandkids are in great danger as documented by c.p.s. this bitch cant have a bus run her ugly fat ass over fast enough

Crotch Lice


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty mutt randomly msged me and obviously got me confused with some dirty slut who gave him cr*bs, next time if ur going to accuse someone of giving u an drd at least make sure it’s the right girl or u get posted here. Bye bye.

Climbing the Ladder


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is saskatoons Bigges home wrecking slut Marisa culbert.. She is currently dating her supervisor who is 20 ye Are older then her who had kids and who’s marriage she destroyed. This isn’t the first marriage she has destroyed either wen she doesn’t get enough attention from her man she sends nudes of her self to the wife. I got a Drd from this slut a couple months ago as she was sleeping with every guy on the mine site yes she’s a hot piece of ass but she’s got the smelliest and stretched out to sh’t !!!!

Pledges to Screw As Many Guys Girls He Can


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Chad Lechman has been braggin and sending pictures of these girls he sleeps with and finds off of dating sites and chat rooms. this pig looks for girls that are young and not too pretty so he can have them fall for him. trust me, these chicks are nasty. no girl with half a brain or was a 5 or more would touch this chach. listen to tis guys…he pledges hes gonna f’ as many girls in stoon he can. and he dont’ care if the bi’ch is taken or not. STOONS BIGGEST SLORE is definintely Chad Lechman. he sends pics to girls of his small dick and looks like such a douche.

Laird Lard


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty sad excuse of a woman is finally getting what she deserves homewrecking slut. She has a man they bought a house together bad boy was that the stupidest thing he could have done! She has kids but she rather jump on any greg that comes her way while her man takes care of HER kids only one is his. I caught this sad excuse sending nudes to my man , your pretty f’ing lucky I never posted them on here you fat whore! Goes to show she might look “hot” in her photos till you see this thing in person. Can’t even count how many men she tries to get with over the Internet! Meanwhile she goes and trashes her exes shit because he moved on, she chases my friends men,NGOs on pof under fake names and Facebook, she stalks tinder, she’s tried on Craigslist this b**ch is as dirty as she can get! and doesn’t learn what no means. Sends pictures of her stretched marked p”sy and saggy tits to whoever will look at them meanwhile her poor man has no idea she likes to f’ whoever and whenever. Finally got what you deserved! Try it again and I’ll post pictures of your ugly ass tits and gross stretched hairy trap!

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