University of Southern California

USC has a racist professor

USC has a racist professor

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Professor Charles H. F. Davis. This is an African-American professor at USC’s Rossier School of Education. This man has an extreme hatred of white people as shown by his posts on social media calling for the “death of whiteness.” He also calls himself a “black liberation extremist” and bashes white people at every opportunity. Anyone who disagrees with his politics he labels a “white supremacist.” This guy is part of why colleges fail to produce success outside of STEM. He teaches divisive courses on race instead of useful skills. He indoctrinates young people of color with his extremist views.

USC has not only hired this racist and hateful man as an assistant professor but as a “chief strategy officer” and “director of research” at USC’s race and equity center. Now how can this university take itself seriously if its hires an open racist to head a department on race and equity? Charles Davis is part of the problem. Instead of focusing on police brutality as a whole, he seems to only care about it when it happens to African Americans.

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