EXCLUSIVE: David Miscavige’s Father Ron- I Know Where Shelly Is

EXCLUSIVE: David Miscavige’s Father Ron- I Know Where Shelly Is

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology has always been where Michele Miscavige (known as Shelly), the wife of Church leader David Miscavige has been. We recently talked extensively with Ron Miscavige, the father of David, who is no longer affiliated with the church and has been disconnected by his family members in the church. Ron’s book, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, was just released in paperback yesterday, and he had an answer for us on where he believes Shelly is.

“Her birthday is January 18th,” Ron began with explaining. “My birthday is January 19th. I would always send her a gift on her birthday, because most of the time I wouldn’t have face to face contact with them. Usually on the 19th I would get an acknowledgement- (something like) ‘thanks for the nice gift Ron’- and then I’d get a gift.”

Ron then detailed when something started to change, telling us that, “In about 2005, I remember sending her a gift- and I hadn’t seen her around the base, which wasn’t that unusual because there are times when you don’t see a Sea Org member because they may be on mission someplace- so now I get an answer from her about three days later and it’s a little bit different than the normal answers I would get. It’s almost like somebody wrote it and had her sign it saying I really do appreciate what you sent me. In other words, not something that would come out of her mouth.”

“Now this went on the following year,” he continued. “When I got out, there was a guy who worked in the RTC- the Religious Technology Center- and he worked in the Communications division, which is the area that any incoming mail would go (and) any outgoing mail would go out of. And in that office, if I were to send something to Shelly or David, it would go in like a pigeon hole.”

“Now, I spoke to Noriykaku Matsumaru– who also left (he left the Church before I did)- and I said, ‘Where do you think Shelly is?’ He said, ‘Ronnie, I know where she is. She’s in the facility in Big Bear.’ This is up by Lake Arrowhead. I said, ‘How do you know that?’ He said, ‘Listen, when you would send her a gift, I would put it in that pigeon hole that would say to take it to that Sea Organization installation in Big Bear.’ And that’s how I know that’s where she is.”

So is Shelly in the infamous “hole,” a Scientology punishment center of sorts?

“It’s not a punishment center (where she is),” Ron confirmed. “What it is is this- and it’s believed by the people who follow L. Ron Hubbard- that every word he said or recorded or wrote is all put on these vanadium or stainless steel CD’s. And it’s stored… and put in an underground vault. This is one of the places they store all of his words so that no matter what were to happen on planet earth, they would be good for thousands of years. So if somebody were to come along, they could dig this up and hear what he had to say and his discoveries of life. That’s the type of installation it is. It’s a repository of everything he said or wrote and it’s stored in these underground vaults.”

So why has she not been seen in years, then?

Ron wrapped on talking about Shelly, stating that, “It’s the way the church operates. It’s why… all of the executives… how come they went to the hole? It’s just nuts. It’s crazy. You get these people and they spend all day supposedly telling the other inhabitants of their crimes and of their misdeeds. It’s beyond trying to figure out analytically because there’s no analytical reason for it. It’s nuts. I’m telling you. That’s all you have to know. If you’re going to try to analyze why a person who’s nuts is acting in a certain way, you’re a little off the beam yourself. Just realize the guy is nuts, they’ll do anything. There’s not going to be a rational explanation for a lot of it.”

Note that Ron’s version of where he believes Shelly is confirms previous reports that have appeared on famous Scientology writer Tony Ortega’s blog and elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive conversation with Ron and make sure to pick up his book today.


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