EXCLUSIVE: Shayne Lamas- I Was Lured Into Scientology

EXCLUSIVE: Shayne Lamas- I Was Lured Into Scientology

Scientology stories are truly the gift that keep on giving, as each one is crazier than the next. Recently, we spoke with former Bachelor star Shayne Lamas, who exclusively opened up to us about how she was lured into Scientology.

“Everybody’s experience that has been a member of Scientology is different,” Lamas began with sharing. “It’s different in a way that everybody’s treatment plan and everybody’s auditing and certain classes you have to take- it’s all different, because it’s all based on what they find out is wrong with you and your mind and your head.”

So how did Lamas get into Scientology?

She told us that, “Basically, how I even found out about Scientology… I was like 18 or 19 and fads were crazy- yoga was starting. I just researched a detox program- something that would be a treatment center that would detox me and (help me) lose weight (for me and my girlfriends). It popped up this ad while I was Googling. I signed up and it didn’t say it was Scientology. It said (something like) come meet with our facility and see if it works for you and you’ll lose pounds. I was like this sounds great. They made it sound so great.”

“So my friends actually couldn’t afford it because it was very expensive… like $3000,” she continued. “I pull up and I didn’t realize as I was pulling up, I was pulling into the Scientology building. I’d always driven by and everybody would always talk about it- it was like this secret thing. I didn’t even know where it was in Hollywood. But I pulled up and I’m like, ‘Oh my Gosh. Am I going to Scientology right now?’”

“They lured me in,” Lamas added. “I already paid, so I was like I’ve got to go and see what this is all about. I’m not going to join Scientology. All I want is that detoxing.”

So what happened next?

Lamas explained that, “I got lured, lured, lured, lured- I walked in and it was like I can’t even describe to you the vibe. It’s like a whole other world. Men and women who work for Scientology are all dressed in dark navy suits- it’s almost like they’re robots. They’re just walking around very slowly, looking at everybody.”

“I went into this huge…office,” Lamas continued. “These desks were incredible. It was so stunning. They invite you in and they pamper you and they tell you all about this purif program. It’s known for the purification program. L. Ron Hubbard created this program for new church goers to- before they join the church, they have to go through a purification rundown program. That is basically where for five weeks straight you sit in a sauna for five hours. They claim it’s a detox.”

“So here I am- this is what I’m signing up for,” Lamas added. “It’s almost like you don’t have an option. It’s like once you’re in the doors close behind you and you’re just going. They literally lock you in…They take you- the purif is deep down underground under the scientology center. So it’s like away from the church and all the churchgoers and here are all these people…”

“I am in the sauna with crazies basically,” Lamas recounted. “After five hours of sweating it out for five days, you start to lose your mind. All you’re allowed to have are vitamins and niacin and you’re not allowed to eat anything. They give you liquids.”

Lamas also had a weird experience during the purification process, noting that, “The crazy thing that happened to me was that I remember as a child I got a really, really bad sunburn- I think I was like four or five. At the end of the five days, my sunburn that I had when I was four or five, you could see it coming out of my skin. It was gnarly. I don’t know how to explain it… “

“Your mind goes crazy and it’s a perfect time for them to then sign you up for the auditing, sign you up for this… link your checking account… oh look at this, you have done a week, you are now an exclusive member and give you this whole joining thing,” she added. “So you leave feeling like I have a huge family… They’re all gonna help me be this wonderful me. And this is amazing. So I would tell my friends because they’d be like where are you. Literally I had to stop talking to them. And they didn’t understand. But they had brainwashed me so much that I didn’t mind telling them that you’re not a part of the church, I can’t really discuss my personal life with you.”

“The purifi thing I did for a week,” Lamas then dished. “That’s when they lured me into all the auditing. You just go down the hole after that.”

What happened next? Stay tuned for more of our conversation with Lamas.


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