EXCLUSIVE: Shayne Lamas On Escaping Scientology- “I Literally, Physically Ran”

EXCLUSIVE: Shayne Lamas On Escaping Scientology- “I Literally, Physically Ran”

Yesterday, we exclusively talked with Shayne Lamas about how the Church of Scientology tried to lure her in. As our conversation continued, Lamas detailed what her tipping point was that made her decided to literally run from the church after only three weeks in it.

“At this point I’m like two and a half weeks in and everybody’s calling me (asking) what’s going on,” Lamas said. “I think I feel the best I’ve ever felt, but I look sick. I obviously haven’t eaten. I’m (suffering from) malnutrition. My mind is crazy. I probably haven’t slept. I’ve been spending hours at (the Church of) Scientology. It just became my life. And then after the third week, they assign you a- they called it a (some type of) buddy. This person literally makes sure you show up for church that day if you’re a new member.”

After suffering from malnutrition and not having eaten much, it’s no surprise Lamas ended up not feeling well and had to go out and get medicine.

She started with telling us that, “One time I was at a CVS- and I turn around- this was towards the end…They make sure that around this three week period after you’ve been there a month, they know people around you will start getting concerned if this was the right decision so they assign a person to follow you around almost (to make sure) you’re not talking to other people. They follow you to make sure you are who you say you are.”

“(So) when I turn around after being at CVS, I don’t know what I needed- there was a Scientology member there,” Lamas then shockingly said. “I think I had been really sick. After that three week (period), I was dying. I think I went to CVS to get Theraflu or something. When I turn around the Scientology member was there and marked down what I had in my hand…I was like, ‘Excuse me, are you here for me? What is your name?’ They just wrote down stuff and walked away.”

“It was so freaky,” Lamas continued. “It was like a movie. I was so freaked out (thinking) was that person just here behind me, taking notes, didn’t say anything is a Scientology member and then just walked away?”

Then what happened?

Lamas detailed that, “The next day I got summoned to the big office and they fined me for being out getting some sort of medication and I’m like whoa- so you follow me, you have somebody follow me, I was like I’m done.”

“I felt like my freedom was being taken away and as soon as I felt that, I ran,” she detailed. “I mean, I literally ran when I was summoned… and I was realizing what I had gotten myself into. They said they wanted to put me into a 24 hour locked hold and I was thinking in my head that they’re about to like come with like two guys and carry me into some back room… I ran. I literally, physically ran.”

“I ran so fast to my car,” Lamas added. “I drove straight over to my Mom’s house in the valley. The whole time I was watching behind and I swear there was a car following me. But this could’ve all been in my head because it was so crazy but I was trying to swerve and get rid of this car I thought was tailing me.”

“I couldn’t believe what I had done,” Lamas wrapped with saying of the ordeal, “and I couldn’t believe how many people weren’t strong enough to- at a point where they did realize that this is all a little much- it takes a strong person to be like this is not okay for me. The really weak could just easily submit to it and it’s such a darn shame.”

Curious what Lamas’s thoughts are about Scientology after her brief, alarming experience with it? Stay tuned for our final part of our discussion with her.


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    Omg this is crazy I’ve been wondering about this for several years now

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