EXCLUSIVE: Shayne Lamas- The Church of Scientology Needs To Be Shut Down

EXCLUSIVE: Shayne Lamas- The Church of Scientology Needs To Be Shut Down

We exclusively spoke with Shayne Lamas recently about how the Church of Scientology lured her in and how she escaped by literally running. In the last part of our conversation, Lamas detailed how she believes the Church of Scientology needs to be shut down.

Lamas said that, “When all was said and done they had taken like $30,000. It was just crazy. You know when something really scary or bad happens like a bad decision you like- you don’t want to think about it. I was almost so embarrassed that I was so scared of my mind to even speak their name anywhere. I just didn’t want anything to do with them.”

“As I got older,” she continued, “I started to realize how f**ked up that church is. So after the fact when I started opening up to friends, I’d hear stories from people… They scare you. They literally say like… if you say anything that goes down here, you will never see your family again. Literally. You’re just scared out of your mind and you’ve signed your life away on every single piece of paper. I didn’t even know what my rights were even if I could go to the police.”

So what does Lamas think needs to happen?

“The thing that needs to happen is the church needs to be shut down,” Lamas explained. “They have so much money that- their hands are tied with it. The only thing that I could probably do is share awareness so that hopefully this doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Lamas added that, “At the end of the day, it is just the money and it’s the scare tactics and screwing with your heads so you keep quiet. The auditing and all that stuff- it’s all bulls**t. It’s all bulls**t. It’s like such a joke. It’s like the biggest con I feel like that has ever- I mean the fact that it’s still (around) that just shows you how good they have been at creating this enormous cult.”

Lamas wrapped with saying that, “When my daughter is able to comprehend religions and groups and how they work- when she’s gonna come to me and ask me about certain things about God and what I believe in- the first religion I am going to talk to her about is Scientology because she will know- her and my son… my family stays far, far, far away from it. It only took one of us to join and come out running for your life…”

Lamas’s experience with Scientology was definitely an interesting and captivating one to read. Like others who have escaped, it’s clear she considers herself fortunate to have done so.


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