Nikki Bays

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Nikki Bays she’s 28 and acts like she is still a teenager. She’s sad and pathetic. She’s a tweaker who thinks she’s the sh%t but clearly you can see she looks like a 12 year old. All those who know her know that she is homeless and has no goals she’s always in and out of jail and used guys for hotel rooms or a place to sleep. She has sex with any guy willing single married in a relationship she doesn’t care. She’s well k own around simi valley moorpark and Oxnard as a hoe.

Spreading Like Wildfire

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Tim goes on the internet all day and posts to his 130k followers on Instagram saying how much he loves her but he’s really going around having sex with random girls from events and promo girls. Sometimes they even have threesomes but little does his girlfriend know he’s going around spreading DRD and not telling anyone. He’s a dirty bastard and he’s full of lies he’ll saying anything to get his nasty infected Greg in your pants!

Nikki Bays

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK This chick is Nikki Bays she’s 28 years old in and out of jail she has a warrant for her arrest right now. She’s homeless sleeps wherever she can. She’s a how she meets guys and sleeps with them the first time they make a move on her. She’s a homewrecker she tried to get with a married man telling him to leave his wife and two kids for her. I was a good friend of hers but after that I couldn’t associate with her anymore to me that was going too far. She has also sent multiple messages over Facebook talking Shit to females she’s threatened by. She has low self esteem and is sad and desperate. She’s a true 805 how.

Jekyll and Hyde Dave

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dave is a scam artist and complete asshole! He is a married man who has a profile of a dating website. Ladies stay far far away from him. He will sweet talk you and say things like, “good morning sunshine, you’re beautiful, meow, etc” he uses women to his advantage (sleeping with them, usising them for their money, etc). He will make you think you are the most important beautiful woman in the world for awhile. It is quit nice and makes you feel wonderful until he cuts you off. He will literally say he is done with you and drop you like dead weight. He will not answer your calls, texts, or communicate with you at all. You are left hanging and with nothing. He will them move on to his next victim. He talks about how much money he makes since he works for the studios but in reality is up to his ears in debt. He loves going after single mothers and tries to get on your good side by being extra sweet and attentive to your child. Your child is just another pawn in his game. The child means nothing to him and neither do you. He is a miserable person who wishes to make others miserable as well. Don\’t fall for his smooth talking ways and overly affectionate attention. He is the devil in disguise.

Gold Digging

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whats up Nik, So I mostly wanna put Bianca on blast this girl is one of the biggest dirtiest girls in Simi Valley CA. I had the chance to explore all 3 holes of hers, she tries to have it her way all the time she thinks she all that, she is a big gold digger she would always ask me for money, coca cola to buy her something and like a dumb ass I would but I had my way with her too like I said she let me explore all 3 holes of hers. She has a kid from some druggie dad that always used to beat her shes never with him because shes always looking for some greg to suck on she leaves it with her mom all the time or sneaks out when he falls asleep. she claims she bought herself some +2 but im sure she had some other guy buy them for her. Now the guy in the pic is her main sugar daddy/boyfriend this guy is such an idiot idk why he is still with her shes not hot at all naked (i would turn off the lights) she lies to him all the time and runs off with other guys to suck on the gregs for some money/heels/name brand stuff/cocacola. He is supposedly some big time stoner rapper/weed dealer called young trapping mexican and he works at a bank in Simi Valley. How are you going to let some gangster wannabe stoner raper/weed dealer be a banker Nik please tell me.

They must share clothes…- nik

Hot But Super Crazy Kaela Chipres

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Kaela Chipres, she is bat sh*t crazy… but super hot.  Nothing is wrong with her and she is nearly flawless, a crazy hot girl, I have no problem with.  I have to ask you what you think about her, I know you are married so not asking if you would, but just wanted to get your opinion on her.

My gut feeling is that she is a Lesbian, but that is based on her nose and butchy hairline.- nik

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