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Tom Bergeron Talks Parallel Universe Between YouTube and America’s Funniest Home Videos

Recently, the paparazzi caught Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron out and about in Los Angeles, and he had a very interesting perspective to share regarding how he thinks YouTube came about.

When asked if he thinks America’s Funniest Home Videos helped put YouTube on the map, Bergeron claimed that, “I don’t know if we put them on the map, but… there’s certainly a parallel universe, isn’t there?”

It’s definitely an interesting comparison we never thought of, but it really makes sense. Videos that go viral sometimes tend to just be ridiculous clips that absolutely would have made great fodder for America’s Funniest Home Videos years ago.

While Bergeron notes that the show is continuing to do well “in the face of YouTube.” 

The world is clearly big enough for both.

EXCLUSIVE: Internet Star Jeffree Star – Accused of Illegally Ripping off Beauty Company, Slapped with Federal Lawsuit

EXCLUSIVE: Internet Star Jeffree Star – Accused of Illegally Ripping off Beauty Company, Slapped with Federal Lawsuit

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Jeffree Star is accused of ripping off a popular cosmetic company by hawking products with their copyrighted designs and now they have slapped him with a lawsuit demanding a permanent injunction and damages for him illegally profiting off their hard work.

Black Moon Cosmetics filed suit against Jeffree Star and his Jeffree Star Cosmetics accusing the internet star of copyright infringement.

The company explained they launched in 2015 and sell high quality cosmetic products via social media. They are known for their use of bold and eye-catching packaging for their products and their customer base has grown substantially in only a couple years.

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Andrew Bachelor Directing Show With Kevin Hart

We love when celebrities spill news items to the paparazzi and, recently, social media superstar Andrew Bachelor aka King Bach dished that he is directing a show with Kevin Hart.

When asked about what new projects he has, Bachelor dished that, “I’m directing a show with Kevin Hart.”

“It’s a zombie show,” he detailed of what people can expect from it.

Bachelor went on to talk more about his new show, revealing that, “It’s like… The Real World meets Zombie Apocalypse. It’s on Kevin Hart’s new network.” 

A reality-esque show with a zombie theme? We can dig it.

Juan Pablo Zurita – The Hispanic Influencer Outside Bootsy Bellows Nightclub in West Hollywood

Does Juan Pablo Zurita really talk like this?

I can’t tell if he’s drunk or high … or maybe he’s translating the English in his head which is causing a slight delay. Maybe it’s all a scam. These influencers are all trying to be unique for likes.

And don’t say he’s a surfer – not all surfer’s are slow. Shame on you for thinking that.

Rudy Mancuso – Wasn’t Trying To Attack President Donald Trump

Please ignore the heavy set stalkers and let’s get to the good stuff.

Rudy Mancuso talks about his Trump glasses video outside Katsuya in Hollywood. He explains that the video was not intended to be an attack on Trump. Some other creep added the Trump tag line to the video and it went viral.

He also explains the level of risk he takes in every video. It defines him. Deep Rudy, very deep.