Hilary Wright Spokane Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce you to Hilary Wright. She’s 28 years old, mother of 2 kids, a divorcee, Pitney Bowes account manager, and formerly used to slut it up for tips at the Marquee Lounge. That’s right guys, her only requirement? You’re attached. She will lie and manipulate while claiming innocence with the wives of the men she’s banging (or trying to). My friend’s husband left her at 9pm claiming Hilary’s “father was ill in the hosptal” and her stepmother didn’t want her driving- she needed a ride. We all know what type of ride this slut was looking for. So this husband left his wife (my friend) 2 hours before the anniversary of her mother’s death to give this slut some attention.  Clearly this “damsel in distress” has no respect for herself as the “side bitch” and no respect for others. She puts up her best picture on Facebook to lure men in so she can suck them dry.  But wives beware, she will just try to say what “good friends” they are. I didn’t buy it, and neither should you. Spread the word everyone and save a marriage today!! The biggest joke is that she claims to be a church-going woman. A pathetic excuse for a mother and embarrassing example for her children. Adultery is also a commandment. Hilary- you can hide behind your bleached blonde hair, your fake bake fan and your tacky white trash approach to dating but you will never find quality in such a manner. If he will do it to her, he will do it to you. Have fun getting dragged into their divorce battle because I know she’s had a private investigator on his ass since he was formerly caught getting at girls on the Internet and lying about it.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Double Life Exposed


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Julie Krauss chances are if you’ve met this woman then you have fell victim to one of her MANY SCAMS!! She is extremely good at what she does and has a list of people that she’s stole from and lied to. She went as far as to basically steal this one couples home (I’m including the court papers for verification) Julie has a nasty habit of writing hot checks on top of pretending to befriend 1 lady and talked the lady into selling her some rings on credit then turned around and took them directly to the jewelry store and sold them and then blocked the lady the rings belonged to via fb, and phone and never paid the lady a dime!! She has a nasty gambling habit and spends her husbands payday at Oaklawn attempting to double or triple what she takes home so she can pay there rent, car payment or $50 warrant fees for that weeks hot check warrants. If she smell’s any hint of money on you she will become new bff constantly calling/messaging you whining about her money problems and how she’s so sick (another one of her lies she’s been milking for the past few yrs) and how she just needs a couple thousand dollars to catch up yet when you see her in town she’s sporting nothing more than designer clothes and coach purse and bling on every finger. A few months ago she was called out via facebook for writing hot checks to a couple of different people and the reports begin to poor in but I have to say her latest dirty deed is low even for her!! Purchasing a large amount of furniture from a terminally ill woman whom was selling her belongings to have the money to fund her bucket list only to discover upon depositing the check Julie wrote her was on a closed account!! After mos of attempting to collect the money via calls, messages, letters and house calls (which she had moved and we haven’t been able to locate her) sadly time is just about up for the lady whom feel victim to Julies lies I hope that you sleep real good at night knowing the trail of destruction you have and continue to leave behind you. There is a special place in hell for ppl like you!!

What’s The Difference Between Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I recently read a great post on your page calling out Caitlyn Jenner for misrepresenting the trans community.  As a woman, I take great offense to her saying things like “now I know the pressure of being a woman”, when she grew up a privledged white male her whole life. Trans friends of mine are greatly offended by her lack of interest in supporting the community and her unrelenting support of herself and her show. Now, I’m sure you have heard of Rachel Dolezal, a racially ambiguous looking women who has been passing herself off as African American. Rachel is a big civil rights activist, adopted African American children in need, president of her local NAACP chapter; she is also an academic expert on African-American culture and teaches many related classes at Eastern Washington University. It has come to light (from her parents that she claims were abusive to her and her siblings) that she is not African American and the backlash is palpable. People are up in arms about this educated activist not being “born” of black decent. But she has done so much good for their community, the NAACP is standing behind Rachel regardless of her true race. My question is, WHY are we celebrating “attention whore” Caitlyn who is not only an insult to the trans community and also has offered ZERO help and condemning Rachel who quietly has helped African Americans and has the support of her community in spite of her ethnicity. If Bruce was a woman inside his whole life then why can’t Rachel be black inside? Why is one transformation and the other appropriation?

Listen… when I was a kid I thought I was Michael Jordan. I bought his shoes and stuck out my tongue on layups. That was my black PHASE. To me Rachel has mental problems… profiting on delusions. I can see how CJ is somewhat doing the same, but race and gender are two different issues.- nik

Wife Beater and Roid Shooter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this POS is a real piece of work. His name is Jason Longvenis. He beat his wife senseless over a period of many years, choking her until she passed out, all while telling her he was going to kill her. She was so terrified he would kill their children if she left, she just accepted her fate. Her family, nor her friends did anything to help stop this. The asshole is nothing but a scared loser, who pumps roids so he can bang the local fat trash at the corner dive bar. This douchebag needs a good blast.. Abusers like this don’t deserve the piss from a dead horse if they were on fire.

WSU Teacher Trolling for Underage girls and Students

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brian who is teaching Biology 106 at Washington State University in Pullman. When he isn’t teaching, he is trolling for young girls on Instagram and trying to get you to message him on Kik for sexual chat. Of course, his live-in girlfriend has no idea when he is in his office he will send any girl a picture of his leaking dick and will send you aggressive messages wanting to meet up for sex. He also doesn’t care how old you are as long as you send him sexy pictures. This loser should not be teaching a freshman class, and who knows how many of his students he has sexually harassed. He will also openly admit to previously being a drug dealer. Ladies, don’t go see this loser during his office hours.

Obsessed with the Past


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this Miss Piggy look alike Jennifer Esposito soon to be Beernink (her second marriage) contaced me online trying to inquire if I was married to a person she knew. I had no clue who she was but I was married to said person. She then ranted on about how she dated him in highschool for a short time and hung out with him after her first divorce all prior to me meeting my SO. I could care less. But she couldn’t let it go…( maybe because I was thinner, younger, prettier who knows) She decided to write me again and I said straight up : “hey Fifty Shades of Grey was released , and lonely bored women like her might like it and forget about something that happened fifteen years ago. I let it go, blocked her and went on my merry way. But this woman is OBSESSED. Like SWF obsessed. I was told by a mutual friend that she cyberstalked me before I deleting all my accounts. She would dissect my photos and read every status update. She then contacted another one of my husbands exes by phone to gossip about me. She tried getting information from other people, even people that are friends of family to ask all about me. Again, I have no clue who she is, yet she recognizes me from my husbands old myspace page we havent been on since 2007 several years after they broke up in High school, What a creepster. She even told my husbands ex that she is purchasing an online detective search engine for a few dollars to look me up, find our address and private information. I have a psycho ex on my hands. Thank God we live in California and her fat ass is in Spokane Washington. I feel bad , not really haha, because she is also posts online that she is depressed, suicidal and bipplar and has an everlasting love for Jesus Christ. Looney toones I tell you. Nik , please post this broad so any of her future exes can change their locks now and block her online before she becomes obsessed with you!! ( I heard she is very angry I took all my accounts down). She is a scorned divorcee obsessed with high school and her exs new loves and cannot control her own weight or emotions. Nik, maybe you can forward her a suicide hotline number or something. I included a picture of her new fiance, maybe his exes will stear clear of her. My husband said she was just an easy piece of pssy, maybe she can be easy on her exes future partners and leave us the hell alone and invest in a treadmill .

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