Kris Humphries Spotted Out and About

It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard the name Kris Humphries. Aside from recent chatter from Kim Kardashian about how she knew their marriage would fail on their honeymoon and reports about him selling a home, things have been mostly quiet on his front.

When he was spotted out recently in Beverly Hills by the paparazzi, we noticed he looks calm, happy, and chill. Getting away from the Kardashian media circus seems to be a good look on Kris. We approve.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Fight Is On

While there’s been lots of discussion surrounding a Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight, TMZ has confirmed this afternoon that it’s DEFINITELY ON.

TMZ spoke with Dana White who detailed the match between the duo will be a 12-round match.

Their match will take place on August 26th and is sure to be a HUGE draw viewer-wise. We look forward to watching.

Dennis Rodman Is The New Carrier Pigeon

UPDATE: One American hostage, Otto Warmbier, has been released.

Don’t kid yourself- if you don’t think Dennis Rodman isn’t going to FaceTime President Donald Trump, then you are an idiot my friend.

One of the reasons I voted for Trump was because of his relationship with Dennis Rodman. As crazy as that sounds, think about it. For California residents and fans/residents of Hawaii, we need to fear the North K. There’s no reason why Dana Point, CA should be the new Pearl Harbor — no tourists, please.

And the only person in the world that can save us is Dennis Rodman, much like Will Smith in Independence Day (sequel doesn’t count, that was not a real movie).

So four Americans held hostage and 16 missiles later… D-Rod is our only hope. We don’t want to die because we didn’t act. Open the door ,Dennis, and let Donald close the deal.

Kevin Durant Took The Easy Way Out

Will we ever look at Kevin Durant as a legitimate MVP? The answer is NO.

Last night proved why Michael Jordan was the best player to ever live. It didn’t matter what pieces were around him, his heart beat to a different drum, and his passion and determination made him unstoppable. Durant on the other hand made the NBA look like a joke- always open because of his All Star teammates, and no double or triple teams like the days of Jordan and Kobe Bryant,

The Golden State Warriors took advantage of the system to ensure a championship this season. End of story. In my eyes, Durant is no different than Barry Bonds. In America, we love the underdog, but athletes have changed. This is a money game and to get the max, you need to cheat.

And LeBron James can’t b*tch because he did the same exact thing when he went to Miami. He has to wear it.

This entire NBA season- and I’m guessing the next four seasons to come- will be a joke. So before you go and start blaming Khloe Kardashian for the Kardashian Kurse, understand this is not her fault. GS legally cheated to ensure LeBron James would look like a LOSER.

Roy Jones Jr. Is Hard To Understand

The paparazzi caught up with boxer Roy Jones Jr. and asked him about a bunch of sports topics, including LeBron James… but he’s really hard to understand.

We were really curious to know his answers to the questions- especially regarding his thoughts on if James could make a comeback this year- but he was speaking so fast it was almost inaudible.

Roy, try slowing down a little bit when you speak. We want to hear what you have to say… but at the rate you’re talking, we can’t.