EXCLUSIVE: Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez – Gunshot Victim Accuses Police of Taking Unauthorized Photos while Unconscious

The former friend ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez shot in the face is suing police and the hospital who treated him … accusing them of taking unauthorized photos while he was unconscious … and then releasing the images to CNN.

Back in 2013, Hernandez was sued by his former friend, Alexander Bradley, who accused him of shooting him in the face following a dispute at a Miami strip club. He claimed Hernandez put a gun to his face and it went off … causing major injuries and loss of sight in one eye.

The ex-NFL star settled the legal battle with Bradley months later. Hernandez is currently dealing with a 2nd murder trial over a 2012 shooting that killed 2 men.

Earlier this week, Bradley filed suit against Tenet-St. Mary’s Hospital, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and multiple officers.

He explains following being shot by Hernandez back in 2013, he was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital in Miami.

Back in 2015, he says CNN broadcast a documentary on Aaron Hernandez and his downward spiral … and it featured a photo of him lying in his hospital bed unconscious and bloodied.

Bradley says he never authorized anyone including the hospital staff or law enforcement to photograph him in the bed. He believes the hospital allowed the police into his private room without his consent to take photos.

He’s furious for the invasion of privacy, trespassing into his hospital room and taking/releasing the injury photos without his consent.