EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh – Settles $2 Mill Legal Battle with Interior Design Co. Over Miami Mansion Remodel

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh – Settles $2 Mill Legal Battle with Interior Design Co. Over Miami Mansion Remodel

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Chris Bosh has reached a settlement with the interior design company who accused the NBA star of screwing them out of a $1 million+ in commission — on a deal to remodel his Miami mansion — with a confidential deal being signed to dismiss the legal battle once and for all.

Interior design firm, MJB Design Group, sued NBA star and his wife Adrienne Bosh in Florida Court. The NBA star hired MJB to provide interior design services and related goods for his Miami mansion.

Per the deal, the couple were to pay a total of $310,560 for the work and it would be paid in 3 installments with $155,280 due upon execution of the agreement, $77,640 due 90 days later and $77,640 due 180 days after the execution of the deal.

The company worked from January 2015 to August 2016 on the interior design for the home. They told the Boshes they expected to sell a total of $4,248,249 worth of furnishings for the project … which they would also receive a commission on all items the Boshes purchased.

MJB said as a result of problems it has cost them a substantial amount of time and resources…. and it caused the Boshes to cease paying MJB the money owed for their work. According to the docs, they told the interior design company the project was no longer a priority and was draining their money along with causing constant stress and problems including negatively affecting Chris’s overall health.

They sued the NBA star for breach of contract and are seeking unspecified damages but are seeking to get paid the $2 million dollars they would have made off the project.

Bosh fired back at the lawsuit demanding it be thrown out immediately … saying he performed all terms of their deal and even paid the company $332,721.14 for design fees and other expenses.

Then on February 9th, Bosh and the interior design company filed a joint stipulation for dismissal stating they have reached a settlement in the case. The terms of the deal will remain confidential and as a result all claims against the other will be dismissed and the case closed.


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