EXCLUSIVE: Vegas Dave – Loses Super Bowl Bet To Win 5 Million Dollars, But Still Very Happy

EXCLUSIVE: Vegas Dave – Loses Super Bowl Bet To Win 5 Million Dollars, But Still Very Happy

If you know about the sports gambling world or are a fan of The Dirty, you know Vegas Dave.

He’s famous for betting ridiculous amounts of money and winning (most of the time) … But he lost a wager that would have paid him 5 million dollars. He took the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl and of course Tom Brady ruined his payday.

Since the game ended everyone has called out VD, the trolls went full attack mode (like liberals who didn’t vote). The Dirty reached out to Dave Oancea to see how he was feeling today … if he’s depressed?

“Depressed? No. why. I made money. I won the first half and and game for $200k. Only lost $45k on the future and won $2 million the week before. I’m fine.” Vegas Dave continued, “I made a little over $2 million with the first quarter and first half bets on the Super Bowl. I should of won the extra $3 million. But in this industry you win by luck and sometimes you lose by luck. Just part of the game. At the end of the day it all balances out.”

When asked about the visible one dollar bill in his racks on racks, VD stated,

“I have a dozen shots from the photo shoot. There are some sticks with 5’s, 10’s, 1’s and 20’s. The payout was $2,224,386. So there are some stacks that have smaller bills. But one of my main haters that I have a restraining order on is re-doing all my photos and re-editing them to make me look bad.” Vegas Dave continues, “It’s the truth. That’s all I can say. I could care less. I have 10 more photos with 10’s and 1’s showing too. I just put the whole payout on table.”

Vegas Dave concluded, “I’m still went home with a fat pay check [on Super Bowl Sunday]. I’m still very happy!”


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