Kenny Smith – Charles Barkley Has Artificial Hips

Kenny Smith – Charles Barkley Has Artificial Hips

Before I tell you about Kenny Smith and how he said that Shaq would beat up Chuck in a Kimbo Slice street fight … Can I just say how I won the Super Bowl. Yeah Tom Brady helped a little, but I never gave up. I was so mentally checked in for the Patriots.

It was the beginning of the second half and something in my heart said, “Nik you are a champion”. All I kept thinking was if Lady Gaga can fly, so can I. So I finished my sixth chicken tender from the Surrender (at Encore in Las Vegas) buffet, went to the bathroom and did some adjustments in my bowels. As I walked back to my table there was an Atlanta Falcons fan celebrating with his lame ‘rise up’ shirt. It was then I saw the Matrix and realized all these Falcon fans are liberals.

I closed my eyes and visualized the attack. I channeled my guts to Tom Brady’s guts. You just don’t get it … I’m a higher power sometimes. Oh and Kenny nobody cares about LeBron James or basketball for that matter. You show me a team in the NBA who can win championships passing to three small white guys … it will NEVER happen. Confirming Tom Brady as the greatest athlete of all time. I decided.

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