EXCLUSIVE: Magic Johnson – Give Me Back My $250k Deposit Or I’m Coming After Your Bank Accounts

EXCLUSIVE: Magic Johnson – Give Me Back My $250k Deposit Or I’m Coming After Your Bank Accounts

The Dirty can exclusively reveal that Magic Johnson is not playing around with a Beverly Hills jeweler when it comes to the $250,000 deposit they are refusing to return … and now the NBA legend is demanding the court allow him to go after the bank account where he believes his money is located.

Earlier this month TMZ reported, the NBA legend sued Beverly Hills jeweler Gina Amir Atelier accusing her of screwing him out of $250k. Magic accused the jeweler of conspiring to defraud him and said Atelier used him as a personal ATM … and he sued demanding $250k in damages.

Then recently, Magic headed back to court in the jeweler legal battle and describes the alleged $250k scam in detail. He explains his good friend Tamika Mosley introduced him to the Atelier … who he claims was trying to sell his the pieces despite him being very clear he only wanted to borrow the jewels for the anniversary.

The jeweler demanded a $500k deposit originally but Magic refused saying it was way too high. They eventually agreed on the $250k deposit but then the jeweler and her associates tried to put a provision in the deal stating if any photos of Cookie wearing the pieces were published then the items would have to be purchased … something the NBA star says neither him or his wife agreed to or signed.

He handed over his American Express information and the $250k deposit was charged to his account. The agreement stated he would return the pieces by September 30th, which he did. Magic believes his $250k is being held in a bank account at Wells Fargo owned by Atelier. Based on the information he has received he believes the money was put into that account.

He argues he has suffered $250,000 in damages resulting from the jeweler refusing to hand over his money. As a result, he is seeking to attach a writ or attachment against her bank account at Chase … which essentially works like a levy against the account until the legal battle is resolved.


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