Royce Reed Slams Dwight Howard – He Only Calls His Son On His Birthday

Royce Reed Slams Dwight Howard – He Only Calls His Son On His Birthday

Recently, Basketball Wives star Royce Reed appeared on The Domenick Nati Show and discussed many topics, including how often her ex, basketball player Dwight Howard, speaks to their son, Braylon.

“We haven’t been in the news lately unless it was people thinking we’re getting back together because of a picture he’s posted or a video,” Reed explained. “Apparently that means that we’re back in the bed screwing or something when it does not. That’s not gonna happen.”

“(We’re) working on him trying to set his priorities in the right order,” she said of her ex. “I think if anything that’s what we argue about the most right now… Braylon isn’t getting any younger.. He’s 9 now. He definitely has his emotions at times because he doesn’t talk to him a whole lot or he doesn’t see him a whole lot. With any kid when you’re calling someone a lot and they don’t answer, it can be a little heartbreaking, but that’s where I step in and I have to be a little pit bull or the spitfire like people like to call me and it seems like when I become that little beast, then he responds. So we’re trying to work on him responding before I get to that level.”

“His focus right now is basketball,” she also stated of her ex. “Kind of out of sight, out of mind… You can’t have a nanny or an assistant doing all your work, especially when it comes to family.”

In addition, Reed revealed Howard doesn’t call Braylon much, stating, “Pretty much (I have to keep calling him) unless it’s like a birthday. It’s just about trying to schedule in what matters most… He might text him every blue moon… I can’t say he’ll pick up the phone a whole lot.”

While we’re not taking sides, if what Reed is saying is accurate, it’s definitely time for Howard to step it up as much as he would in a basketball game. You only get one chance to be a good Dad to a child, so he should do the right thing.

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