Bottle Girl Valerie Urso is the Vegas Dave Victim on Domestic Violence Case

Bottle Girl Valerie Urso is the Vegas Dave Victim on Domestic Violence Case

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, On August 15th this year, Vegas Dave aka David Oancea was boasting on social media that he had a tremendous court victory as it related to his criminal domestic violence charge from year earlier in August of 2016. He flaunted how his lawyers are the best, and he basically spoke to his audience claiming victory in the case. In my opinion, he did not win the case, and his lawyers don’t appear to be that spectacular! Welcome to the classic Vegas Dave scam.

He’s a tremendous liar up and down. He ended up pleading to the following conditions:

– No contact with Valerie Urso
– Suspended jail sentence of 90 days
– Stay Out of Trouble
– 6 months of domestic violence counseling
– 100 hours of community service or pay a $1,000 fine

And if he completes all of these conditions he will earn a reduction to a disorderly conduct charge, which is STILL a misdemeanor! Hardly a win I must say! A true win is a complete 100% dismissal or a NOT GUILTY at trial. Vegas Dave came nowhere close to a win in court, but he’s tricking people once again.

Now for the interesting part… I pieced together the timeline for Vegas Dave and Valerie Urso on social media and I found something interesting. The alleged incident happened either the night Vegas Dave lost $1 million dollars on his beautiful UFC 200 Miesha Tate pick, or the next day after the he lost! Wow! Could you imagine losing one million dollars and then having a domestic violence incident with your girlfriend all within 24 hours? Sure enough 1-2 days later on July 12th Vegas Dave is in Texas at the MLB baseball All Star game without any worries in the world! Welcome to Vegas, Nik!

I will reach out to VD for a statement… this hurts my heart.- nik

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