Mammas a Smooth Criminal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Alysia Wyatt, she pawns her children off on babysitters posting on sites like craigslist and with the intention of getting out of payment. She first contacted me wanting me to watch her two children the very next morning without even meeting me. Then each time I watched her kids she wanted to bring payment the next day. Then she signed the older one up for preschool and told me he would be there until noon from now on so I adjusted what I was charging her…less than $2 an hour per child. When they showed up Tuesday, 30 minutes late her older son threw open the door and she blew off in a hurry, no payment, this time without even leaving food for her kids after the 11 month old had been out of forrmula the first two days I watched him. I called the school and they told me they dont start for two more weeks. She also told me he is potty trained, and he IS NOT. All that day the older son kept talking about his grandma watching him the next day. I called child services about the school incident and other concerns and then I got the text, “can I pay you tomorrow? Ill bring it first thing in the morning”. Now at this pointi had already decided that I couldn’t have the older son in my home for safety of other children and himself…on top of it he was tearing my home apart. I told her I could still watch her younger son the rest of the week an she stormed over to my home while I had company over and demanded her money back which was non refundable but in a once person, we could work something out, many of the hours her son would have been with me the rest of the week were unpaid anyway sin e she told me he had school instead of working it out at an appropriate time she got extra aggressive and demanding. I had to call the cops so they would get her to leave and then she slammed me on craigslist as if I we’re the one that was conniving. Funny thing is, she left her kids with me for three days and never even got my last name.

Unfit Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is cassie everly she has two kids she never takes care of she makes the grandmother take care of them all the time just so she can sit home and watch tv now shes knocked up again dont have nothing never pays bills. she leaches off the grandmother cause she cant say no to anyone she drives the grandmothers car with her boyfriend and they dont have lisences. theu both have felonies. they are theifs i heard she stole dirty underwares out of a hamper. they steal dirtbikes and quads out of peoples yard. they got caught by the cops doing it before but they dont care.

Brandon Salvo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandon salvo is the biggest cheating and lying scumbag. He will use you and live off of you. I dated him for 10 months and all he did was play games. He lied through our whole relationship. He made an account on meetme (dating site) though the our whole relationship talking to other girls. I made him delete the account many times and he always made a new one behind my back. I had his Facebook password and we got in a fight . He then changed his password and his stupidity he added a number to it. I got on his Facebook and he was talking to seven different girls trading nudes with them. Everytime he caused the fight he some how made it my fault. He made sure to make me cry everynight for months and everytime I tried to leave him he would blackmail me. I also ended up finding out that he cheated on me with his best friend. He doesn’t deserve a loyal girl. He’s very immature. So beware of him!

Tanna Parrat

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING!!!! WARNING!!!! This nasty dirty whore is barely legal 18 year old nasty drd infested skank TANNA PARRAT she Will fck anybody that has a sack of dope and she fck u for nothing , she will act like she’s your friend to your face and stab you in the back when your not she she well fuking your man she’s all about the dope and will suck and fuck for anything and send your man home with the unforgettable drd. If you are smart you will not let your man or her get even close to this drd infested dope whore… And not to mention she is one home reckon whore.. Ha I warned you all good luck Clinton…

Redneck Returns

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you are in the mood for loving in the Branson Springfield area of southern Mizzou play it safe and watch out for Marlie! Martha Edwards is her government name, she was at Webco but now she’s in the automotive department of Ozark College. She has the gift that keeps on giving and it can be yours to for 16oz beer.drd in the country, who would have known. She’s a total bitch, a whale with stretch marks and a racist to boot. You can’t ever have a conversation with this hillbilly scum, because she always turns it into something about her. You suck Marlie!

Springfield Nasties

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this whore right here’s name is Heather Berger and that nasty bastardy name is Mickey Chaney. She use to be with Mickey then when him and his baby mom got together her and his brother Donald got together and would fuck do it all. Now that Mickey and his baby mom are no longer together she is going after him again and the nasty bastard is gonna go for it. It’s truly disgusting Nik. I guess they just like keeping in the family.

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