Watch Out a Trick

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Destini Macreno everybody, she’s a drd spreading, back stabbing, boyfriend stealing (from her best friend of 7 years) ratchet who thinks selling weed in Saint Charles is a good lifestyle choice. She’s desperate and will do anything for some attention. She’s a midget and a pale one at that, roasting ya bi’ch make sure your next drdD victim isn’t your best friends ex, hope you regret it now bi’ch

The JeffCo 411 Mastermind
Joe Richter

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is about the most post-worthy thing you’ll find for the St. Louis area, here’s my proof…The dumbasses Joe Richter, Jacob Smith, David Skirball, and Britt Miller started this idiotic page called JeffCo 411 that’s sorta like a REALLY bad knockoff of your site, like a poor man’s The Dirty! The first major difference is that they are all too big of vaginas to release their names, the only reason I know who they are is one of them spilled the beans for $20 LOL. Sh’t tons of people absolutely hate these admins but they just keep on posting the most asinine stuff that’s always talking shit on people who don’t deserve it, releasing graphic pictures of people’s loved ones who have been in wrecks, accusing people of stuff and when other people come to defend them, they block them from commenting! Literally all they do is treat everybody like s’it and then hide behind their page because they’re too pussified to let anyone know who they are. There are even businesses trying to find out who they are because they slandered their names and they want legal action brought against them lol. This has been going on forever! So many people hate them and have been shit on because of their page, it’s horrible Nik. One time they even made fun of a lady who lost her husband in Iraq! Come on you have to draw the line somewhere. Every single one of these asshole admins cower behind their computers and phones and posts nonstop bullshit to hurt everybody, about 99% of which isnt true, and then laugh in their faces and block anybody who tries to defend them, they are all just shit disturbing pricks. Every last one. I’ve never in all the years of using the internet seen such a group of truly despised individuals, them and their page are hated by all, and for good reason. PLEASE NIK, put these mother-truckers on blast, you won’t find people more deserving of some treatment of the DIRTY! Bout time the tables are turned on these fockers and they get some payback for all the people they have wronged. There’s even a petition getting sent around with over 4,200 signatures to send in to get their page shut down. FOCK these rumor-spreading, family-destroying, reputation-flushing, relationship-ending bastards. I ain’t too proud to beg, I’m beggin you to put these people on blast and see how many people come outta the woodwork to give their own stories of JeffCo 411 !! And finally on a medium where they can’t delete or block the good stuff! Your site gets hella traffic, it’d be fn poetic to finally give them a dose of their own medicine. I beseech thee, noble sir…puteth these assfaces on thy blasteth. LOL. I wanna watch them FINALLY get their shitstorm they’ve brought on themselves, muahahahahaha!!!! Love ya Nik, and love The Dirty!!

Sticky-Fingers Stephanie Settlemoir

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik we have a modern day Bonnie & Clyde here, gettin’ all blitzed on any drug they can find and one of their favorite things to do (to support the habit) is steal from everybody! My neighbor’s grandma had some stuff stolen from her, and they took my radio, and I’ve heard they’ve stolen from at least 2 other people. These f*cksticks are so intelligent they leave their facebooks open with all kind of incriminating evidence in their pics, that way the cops will find them more easily I guess?! Make no mistake, this isn’t just to slam them for the sake of revenge or what have ya…people need to know they’ll rob you blind and not think twice about it! If you see these two half-wits please don’t go anywhere near them because they’ll take anything of value that isn’t bolted into a cement floor! Steph is kinda the leader and her taint in shining armor is Mike Giffin. Mike ain’t “Giffin” two sh*ts if his girl’s eyebrows look like dresser handles…I like to call Mike “Rumple-foreskin”. Because well he looks like him. Lmao. It was love at first theft when A** taxi & Roast beef curtains met, they felt their lust for narcotics fueled their unbridled passion for each other and the way they adore taking other people’s things was just the icing on the cake for these two dildos. I guess I see what penis-holster sees in Steph, she IS kind of a spark plug…er…I mean butt-plug. Not that twatwaffle and douche-canoe are totally bad, I mean, if I just consumed 5-10 gallons of whiskey I might enjoy Steph’s manly good looks for a minute, but I digress. Anybody can see from their facebooks that they are nothing but trouble. Captain Sphincter & Shart Blossom are still “at large” and are innocent until proven guilty, but my advice to the STL is don’t take any chances with them. Who knows what else they’re capable of?!

Roaming Stephanie Liebach

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, simply put this girl is a ho. She goes to bars all over St.Louis and goes home with men who have girlfriend’s. She doesn’t even know these guys but she goes to their house and has sex with them. That is really disgusting. Ladies this girl is going to give your man something. She is disgusting and a ratchet ho.

John Wisinski Does Steroids
John Wisinski St Louis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, John Wisinski in St. Louis, MO has drd and does Steroids. This  infested kid got skinny quick after he did a cycle of Clenbuterol after steroids. John Wisinski of St. Louis, MO might be the biggest douche bag you’ve ever met but he’s hard to track down. The only way to find John Wisinski in St. Louis, MO is by looking for him on Twitter under the handle @WicFlair. Cool hair dork. Your biceps have more acne on them than a 14 year olds chin.

Is Riley Alessandra A Model Or Instagram Sham

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what’s the definition of a model? According to Riley, it’s quitting your job at Plato’s Closet, begging for money from your followers, then doing free photoshoots with anyone who owns a camera, and then adding ” model” to your Instagram bio. This girl is all talk. Everyday, it’s a new problem she’s posting about, (i.e. I got robbed, my bank got hacked, my car was destroyed, ect), wow a lot of bad stuff happens to you, huh? Might as well ask your followers to bail you out with gofundme donations! You are struggling with money, yet, surely have enough to buy makeup for the YouTube videos you are always “filming” and “editing,” yet rarely post online. The few videos that are up, are bad quality everything, and that voice over with the lisp is like nails on a chalkboard. On a positive note, she has sick tattoos and she does an excellent job covering up her face full of acne in pictures – I would love to see a YouTube video on that!

That’s a pretty good conversion rate with only 319 friends.- nik

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