Tyler Armstrong is a Manslore


TH DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tyler Arsmtrong. Loves his abs, loves putting his dick in everything, and takes selfies all day until he finds the perfect one. Oh yeah, he gave me a sexually transmitted infection too! I kid you not, I was so naive and got trapped in his little player game. Oh, and I personally know three other girls who got the same thing you dont even want to know what it is…ugh. This “kid”…yes, by kid I mean he’s a low life personal trainer at a small town YMCA who still wears chucks and gets paid shit. He flocks to Columbia to find Missouri college girls on the weekends. Please watch out. Ok, you get the point. Sure he can grow a beard, which he thinks is so cool that he took pictures of himself sticking random shit in it, but theres nothing manly about him. Rolling eyes

Cannot Trust Almina


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Almina is the biggest liar I have ever met. She lies about every-thing 2 everyone. She will tell you 1 thing and do another. She’s a young single mother who smokes weed and goes out and parties almost every weekend. She goes to clubs and concerts while her baby is at home alone. I mean yeah moms need a break sometimes but not every damn weekend. She needs to stop living at home with mommy and find her a good job and a place to live. She lives off her parents. She talks sh*t on every-one she meets or looks at. She talks about all her so called friends and even family. She’s is miss perfect like she acts she is. She also could loose a ton of weight! If you could see her in person you would think so too. She was hanging around a bunch of guys flirting & stuff so yeah she can’t keep a man long enough to have a kid so yeah be care-ful around her Nik what do you think ???

Missouri Flooding Death Toll At 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the death toll from flooding in Missouri is at 14 so far and I feel like no one in this country even cares. If something like this happened in some other country, Obama would already be sending a bunch of help to them… but as for the people of Missouri, they can figure it out themselves right?

Welcome to 2016.- nik

Don’t Trust Gregory Stroud


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Gregory Stroud. This ‘man’ spends his time on Craigslist, searching for women to try and pay to come over to his nasty smelly loft downtown. He’s so desperate , he will even pay just to watch you clean his loft ‘naked’. He has gotten with a minor, and after discovering the fact, CONTINUED sleeping with her! He is the owner of ‘Bimmers-R-Us’, a car dealership downtown. He thinks he’s hot stuff, but let’s not forget the fact this man just did 6 years in prison and is still out on very restrictive probation, for getting caught trying to smuggle a kilo or more of COCAINE into town. He even used one of his poor employees to do the dirty work. Honestly this manipulative nasty abuser is such a hypocrite. He specifically chooses girls and women who are vulnerable, going through things, poor or need financial help, etc, to get in their heads and get them drunk and use them. Finally when the current woman wakes up and realizes how messed up the situation is and leaves him, he turns into a total stalker. He tells anyone who will listen lies and character defamation about the women. He even puts them all on the dirty, (haha!) Always claiming they have some sort of drug problem or that they are on Craigslist offering sex…funny, because Gregory Stroud , YOU seem to be talking about yourself. You got busted for drugs and you can only get laid through CL. Unlike the bullsh*t he says after being scorn, all of this information is true. Look up his criminal records! He even has Adult Abuse and Stalking/harassment charges and multiple protection orders have been filed against him. Ladies, don’t fall for his tricks and scams and sob stories. Between his Cailou lookin head and 4 inch wang, I guess it’s self explanatory why he has to drug or get his victims drunk first.

Sounds like OP has been touched stalked by the Greg.- nik

Carlie Rubach Facebook Famous


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, If you never fu’d her your homeboys have. If you’ve never met her more than likely have her as a friend on face book. She portrays to be some hard ass ghetto b”ch (which her pops is whiteee!), on face book but in real life she’s a soft ass no body. She jut seek attention from people that don’t know her personally and can call her out on being a disgusting hoe. Being a former friend I can set it out) Brags about having a house and money when she’s on section 8 paying 25$ a month and was selling p”sy. Worked as a stripper basically, walking round serving in panties. She as two babies with two different baby daddies. She had more then 3 different families thinking the first one was going to be part of there family . She sleeps around so much she doesn’t know who the sperm came from. The second one same thing didn’t know who the father was until a DNA test AGAIN.. She drank smoked and popped pills the whole time she was pregnant & continues to be a pill popping dope fiend. She has different men in and out of her life and house what an example to set for young girls..smh. Not to mention her and all her friends would f”k the same dudes and pass around ch***a… still till this day. Then some days they diking some days they straight just depends who gives them attention. Its all just a cluster f”k. YUCK. If you want to find her for a quick fu” an suck go to the OZ, her favorite thot spot!

Jess the Homewrecking Pillow


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this whore Jessica McAtee Edwards is MARRIED with children but seemed to want to give my husband head on several occasions and hundreds of SEXT messages over the past 3 years. My husband and I had a baby a year ago with medical issues and been in and out of the hospital since. You’d think she would back off after seeing everything on Facebook and how ‘in love’ my husband and I were and what we were battling. But, as you see, she’s just a flat out homewrecking slut!

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