I Thought Bridget Boatman Was Above The Party Life


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Bridget Boatman is seriously the dumbest person I have ever met! She is ditzy and slutty! She thinks she’s some model because she is always naked! She now works at social house. She thinks by getting naked and doing drugs is going to make her a star! Honey put some clothes on stop selling your body. Also you said it yourself, why are you posting videos of you turnt up trying to look cool!! You look stupid and your just craving attention!

I think the principal at Affton is more ashamed.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Ashlee Drennen is back as Nikki Cole


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashlee Drennen is back at it, our favorite Jeffco cyber bully. Harassing anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with her online seems to be her main source of entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or underage, she will spend her day making comments and posts about you. If this weren’t enough she drags her trashy family into it as well. So not only do you have one uneducated girl bashing you, you end up with an entire army of them. Trying to defend yourself is pointless, they are so oblivious to what the words they are saying actually mean, that everything that is said is hypocritical. The only come back to any form of defense is, “shut up you ugly stupid b’tch” This couldn’t be more white trash. On top of that she is now claiming that her oldest daughter was kidnapped an this is why she doesn’t have custody… you’d think after two years she would have tried to do something about this haha when in all reality the father has her and she is just fine. She has two different facebooks one under Nikki Cole which has almost 5,000 friends and the other under Ashlee Drennen which has a mere 500, the reason for this fake name is unknown. It is being assumed it is to protect her true identity so she can’t get in trouble for the constant flow of harassment from her page. Anyone looking for a good laugh should look her up. Welcome to Jeffco.

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John Krick millstadt, JBK Photos


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, John Krick says he works for a bike magazine in Saint Louis, if you ask the owners of the magazine that John Krick has had numerous complaints from the females he shoots with and that he only does freelance photography for Full Throttle during big events. He is not a Licensed photographer nor in Illinois or Missouri or licensed at all for that matter anywhere. John Krick will tell you he wants to “promote you” ALOT. Says things like “you need to up your prices because you look so good” to make you feel comfortable working with him, John is cheap and will run you dry. John Krick also wears a cross on his neck, but DO NOT be deceived by this man. John Krick will be all nice and will hug you ALOT and flirt with you ALOT, but he will upload all yours photos on social media and the internet WITHOUT your consent, exploit you all over social media and disrespects you as a woman when he posts the photos. John Krick has poor quality cameras that breaks during shoots . John Krick does not have any good editing programs neither. John Krick will try and make you sign a release form but DO NOT I repeat DO NOT sign it. John Krick lies and says he will pay You for any sold photos but there is no form in black or white to prove that he will. John Krick will try and get you in the least amount of clothes possible, and he will not pay you for any shoots, John Krick will try and say he will, but its all talk for example: fifty a month for three shoots or $100 for five shoots on a monthly pay that will last for four hours. If you were a true model you charge fifty an hour or more and have him sign a contract that you dictate all photos and that you will be paid.. PLEASE I AM TRYING TO MAKE IT AWARE FOR ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS THAT WANT TO GET OUT THERE IN A SUCH WAY OF SHOWING THE GOODS IS TO NOT DO ANY TYPE OF ONE ON ONE SESSIONS WITH JOHN KRICK OR EVEN TALK TO HIM.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCT BECAUSE THATS WHAT HES TRYING TO DO IS GET YOU ALONE for the reasons I stated above.

Hot mess junkie Jess of lemay


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica nelson a lemay hoodrat who sells sex to get her**n and will do anything for her next high, she’s even given b-js to nasty old men for used needles, she goes to the mall pretending to be poor and pan handles until she gets 20 dollars to buy her’*n. She steals her friends clothing and shoes and sells them on Facebook and other sites she also sets up fake meet me profiles to meet up with people to plot on robbing them. She has stolen food out of peoples houses and she has had scabies for over a year and spread them to little kids because she doesn’t care about anything but her next hit of he”in she shoots and throws up once puked in a bag and left the puke in her friends closet.she’s so nasty she leaves used needles in places where young kids play in the open without a care. She has he***s c and probably ”’. she brags about having unprotected sex and giving guys drd. Please beware of this nasty girl she has serious problems and has been arrested numerous times for destroying peoples property. She stays places and wears out her welcome then when asked to leave steals anything she possibly can and damages their property without a care. She has no regard for young children putting them in harms way with dirty needles, scabies and hepatitis c among other diseases. Please watch out for the hot mess junkie jess of lemay. Definetly don’t believe her conniving lies. She’s a manipulating little sneaky thief!

Firehouse Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, folks have nicole miller, the nastiest slot you could imagine. She cheated on her husband on many different occasions with guys from troy and decatur illinois. She meet these men while in school or through her dad. She goes to extreme to meet up with them while husband was at work or making up stories she had to go see someone in the decatur hospital. She is very nasty and when I f’ed her felt like hotdogs going down the hallway that’s how many guys she’s been with. Take your chances don’t be surprised if get a disease..

Gold Digger Looks For a Powerhouse


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gold digger named Kahla is in the Waynesville, MO area. She looks for hunky Military guys to support her and her kids because she knows that’s where the money’s at. That’s why she’s with my friend; he’s in the Army. She’s too lazy to get a job to support her and her kids. This is pathetic and she’s a waste of space!

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