Sammy the Rave Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sammy. her pictures say it all but i just really feel bad for her daughter because all she does is party and run around town trying to prove to her baby daddy how much of a sloot she is. Sammy is the true definition of a “thot”. her personality is even uglier she keeps her kids dad away from the kid for no good reason and he is actually a really good guy. shout out to zack! that baby girl is going to grow up and be a thot like her mom if sam dont change her ways though cause kids live by example and she dont let zack have her enough or always threatens to take the kid away for ever so that sloot is going to be her main influence and one day she wont no any better cause thats all shes ever known.. watching her mom in tutus with no undies and snorting /smoking everything in site. like if you told her that your dried up spunk gets you high, she would smoke it. girls like that shouldnt be allowed to raise kids. she is what is wrong with this world. grow up sammy or else youll always be another worthless sloot on the dirty!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Maggi Magpie Bullock


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Maggi Bullock. Girl has been ran through so many times it’s unreal. She has 3 kids, 3 different dad’s and doesn’t have custody of 2 of them. She sucked a guy off for a phone while her baby was in the room. Got money? She has her rates, hit her line. But my question is, Nik, would you?

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The Cheaters of Ameren UE


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, these two pieces of poop are Laura Porter Whelan and Scott Schneider. Laura was secretary to the Vice President of Ameren UE and Scott is a Supervisor who was promoted due to banging this old whore. Scott got caught cheating on his wife after she found a video of Laura on Scott’s computer of Laura masturbating. Scott told his wife she deserved it and posted horrible things about her on this website. Scott only knows one way to get ahead at Ameren. With his Greg.

White people problems.- nik

Cheating Drug Fein


THE DIRTY ARMY: There this girl Emilee Essan who is the biggest slut. Started when she was 12 years old, by blowing 5 dudes on the back of the bus. Then she got older had few boyfriends who she cheated on. Used sex for drugs and money. She had blame people for her mistacks. Wants judge people family members. She go total her mom car, as well cheat on boyfriend for 3 years. They were together for 5 years. When she drinking she has smoke crack to feel a better high. She back stabs all her friends. She does nothing but talks crap about them. Its about time that someone bring this known.

Angie Bear drama is her business


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Angie bear this girl takes on your drama and makes it at her own business. Let me tell you that lately this girl has subjected herself to getting in the life of innocent people making sure that their life and their drama has everything to do with what it is not. Angie bear has recently just stuck her nose into a situation where the person husband soon to be wife, is now feeling unwelcome at her own husbands funeral. The close friend of the man and his wife to be is apparently unwelcome at the funeral as well she’s making it to where all the people that were actually his friend actually true truly there in his life unlike her she abandoned him when he truly needed his friend and his wife she disappeared and now making it to where the people that were in his life look like the bad party.for him while he was living but now after death she is making it to where the people that were true are unwelcome and feel completely uncomfortable around the family because she has made it to where she has stuck her big fat ugly nose in the situation and saying that she’s going to make sure that people are leaving in ambulances and going to beat peoples asses and let me remind you this girl is almost what mid thirties, 30 and she is making it to where she sounds like a 19 year old 15 year old girl saying I’m going to fight you I’m going to whoop your ass this girl needs to grow up and quit no one is afraid of ur frumpy ugly syco ass. you’re a person who doesn’t take consideration of anybody else but make sure that she’s content with her devious and f***** up actions I hope she gets what she deserves I hope that her childish ways…karma kick her in the ass I hope this girl realizes that she’s completely in the wrong and by the way she’s ugly as sin and thinks he’s hot s*** and I hope that you comment on this picture and let it be known how retarded this girl is …..sillygirl

Leah Hagan – Jeffco Tramp


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This piece of trailer trash was once my friend. After cheating on her boyfriend of 7years with a m*th head. After only 3 months of the secret affair, she got knocked up and left her long time boyfriend for the new guy. During her 9 months of child bearing, she played both men as the baby daddy sneaking back and fourth with her ex. Once the baby arrived it looked as though she did meth and booze the whole pregnancy. Now just after 6 months, her and her meth head boyfriend came over and suddenly I’m missing $600 of my paycheck I just cashed. So the world needs to know what a tramp she is and potential thief. By the way, she’s now rumored to be pregnate by a new man she’s cheating with. Good luck guys.

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