Renee Lata Sharma


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I dated this flasher for a bit and she was wierd. Over weight and just all around nasty. Broke up and she went crazy. Keyed my car stole my bumper. Lol yes my bumper. This chic is a all around loser. 34 yrs old working for $10 for her parents. Lol she used to ask my friends to save their empty cans for her like wtf . put this dirty Fijian on blast. Renee ur crazy fat dark and ugly.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Brandy Hake is a Great Mom

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel horrible for This broads Child .. She Is always hanging at central without her Child. I have Never not once seen her daughter with her… Brandy hasnt changer her life atall thinks shes tough s’it hanging around drinking all during the week with Jennifer Lynn Stephens… Brandys daughter split her forehead open and needed several stitches before 2 yrs Old. Discrace of a parent. I am a parent myself accidents do happan but when You are drunk and leaving your Child or supervising the Child drunk Bad things happan. Shendeserves Surrey mom of the year award. !! Brandy hake Is a dumb bitch running around all done up. Really ? You take care of yourself and tour booze before your baby and leave your baby in the dust. Hanging out with loosers like Isabella franco aswell who got her Child taken. You should have yours taken to brandy. You want to live This ‘glam’ life and party u coke Head u shouldnt have popped a kid out ! And no as a poster not jealous i actually have a body brandy ! Lol go drink some more and let your kid split her Head open maybe second time mcfd Will see u r a danger to your daughter

Lauralee Marie Westwood


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who ever is friends with this trash Surrey slut bag whore then be careful, she will backstab you like she does to all her other friends from what i heard. This ugly tramp needs to have a little taste of her own medicine, you’re nothing but a cheating, whore who can’t even take care of the kids you have let alone the one that’s on the way. Maybe you should stop making fake accounts on Facebook and leave my awesome sister alone you stupid little dike jealous whore you are. You’re nothing but a dumb cow who needs to go back to her home on whore island lmao. She’s also cheating on the guy she’s supposedly married to but they are just engaged and have been for awhile now lol. Don’t get mad when the baby comes out Black hahaha… You need to get your shit together and get a job instead of mooching off other people and getting pregnant every year just to get money from the Government you jobless whore

Just a bird.- nik

Don’t Fall for his Hook-ups


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is nery monzon aka mr vip nerio. I had the pleasure of meeting this piece of sh’t scumbag when he lived in Chilliwack where he was working as a club promoter at the echo room and kuro sushi place in Chilliwack. He also works out of his home as a photographer at new image Where he did his most heinous acts with young boys. I know of 5, 13 year old boys that he lured with drugs alcohol and girls. He talks to these boys like he’s their friends tells them he can hook them up with girls that want to have sex with them tells them to send a dick pic to him so he can forward it to his friends and post it on rate my then he convinces the boys to come to his studio for a photoshoot where he drugs them and take pornographic photos of the boys and performs sexual acts with the boys and says its for the pics for the girls. Then he tells the boys they can make money by letting other men give them blowjobs telling them it’s not gay just for pay. He’s currently been charged with child pornography production distribution underage protitution interference of a minor and sexual assault. He goes to trial in February. He’s currently working in Surrey at the barrel public house as a manager. He still works close with his clients for modelling hair n makeup that do not know the monster this puke is. Unfortunately our justice system works in the favor of these sex offenders protecting them and not the victims. Help out this monster and warn society to keep their children safe! We know there’s more victims of this waste of skin hopefully they come forward and this goof rots in jail!

No Money Means Problems


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is sandra smith aka sandra danielle, truly one of the sneakiest b*t’ches I’ve ever met… compulsive liar and harsh gold digger, she’ll suck your dick for rides or food and if you got tattoos and think your a gangster she’ll become obsessed and tell you she’ll k’l her self if you try too leave her, she’ll ask you too pay her student loans or get her a boob job because shes totally insecure about her nasty misshaped tits, and when you run out of money she’ll can you and send you pictures with a new guy telling you how hes so much better… major head problems I just want to expose this hoe before she fools anyone else and ruins their lives… this girl is nothing but problems from day one, I hope this saves someone else before they become a victim, don’t be fooled by her she’s not as innocent or as hot as she makes herself appear on social media… p*ssy has by far one of the worst smells I’ve ever smelt in my life, this is from real life experiences with her… she has horrible hygiene and her ass is nasty an scarred up she’s really not what she appears on the outside… ill let you all figure out for yourselves if you haven’t already … sandra smith is a straight up slurrey mut and she deserves to be exposed!

Do I wanna know what that is? or why it requires so much TP?- nik

Dan Mellish is back


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dan Mellish is back spreading his disease’s around Surrey!  This guy thinks he’s a god, a gift too women! In honesty he is a pathological liar with severe mental health issues! Added me up on fb, I thought hey why not! Talked a good game, messaging what he was going to do to me! Lmao it was the most boring 7 minutes of my life! Most pathetic saddest sexual experience of my life! He doesn’t know how to kiss, no four play, just bad real bad! Tried moving in with me, gave me a sad story about losing his daughter and needed a safe place so he could get her back! Cutting his EX down, cutting his friends down! I knew from that that this sad excuse of a man was mentally slow! Said he was a biker but was changing his ways! Dan is nothing but a wannabe biker and a wannabe man! I want to warn any woman with half a brain to stay away from this fool! When he takes his teeth out he looks like a Whaley Blvd crack head! I’m traumatized and having nightmares of him naked, all skin, bone and the tattoo’s on his chest, stomach ,back and legs are hideous! Seriously looks like an alien naked, god what was I thinking! He can’t even take care of his kid! She has had about 100 step moms, been too 10 different schools and he said she’s only 7 years old! Facebook’s me a picture of him and her ,saying she can’t wait too meet me, seriously buddy don’t be pushing your kid on me or anyone else! All of a sudden Dirty Dan deletes and blocks me on Facebook and starts telling people I’m a head case, lazy and dirty lmao! He thinks he has friends, hmm they all cut h down and talk about him! He has already moved onto his next step mommy for his kid! Dirty Dan get a life, some counseling, some medication and an drd test !

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