Jyoti Sandhu is looking for a daddy

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jyoti Sandhu, I always thought you were a good girl. You were so lowkey and ‘innocent’ in highschool and this is where you end up? Banging old men for some cash $$$ didn’t Mcdonalds pay enough? I get it, sh’t’s tough out here but no one would have thought you would sink this low especially with the fake ass good girl act you had going even though you slept with multiple men… wonder how your indian family feels knowing youre a basically a prostitute. Now if you see this lil girl walking around with a little extra cash, we know where it came from ) Also, jyoti don’t even try denying this or more will be revealed . and guys, note how she has a premium account meaning she PAID this website for membership lolll girl put that money towards school instead of sucking d*ck for it.

Tia the Dumpster


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tiara Spence. This drugged out mom needs to be taught a lesson. She is ugly both inside and out, watch out guys she is a pyyscho loose bitch with herpes. Her body is stretched out fat and disgusting but she wears tights and crop tops thinking she’s hot s’it. B”ch put your rolls and your camel toe away ain’t nobody wanna see that. She uses men for money can’t even take care of her child cause she’s too busy being an alcoholic and a drug addict. She even brought ecstasy to a kids party how ratchet is that?! The other one is August both these hoes are to needle marks away from working at the Byrd. nik put these nasty dirty skanks on blast.

Morphine Queen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick need to be blasted. Shes always in and out of the hospital. Make excuses or hurting herself so she can get a hit of morphine. She doesnt realize she shouldnt tell people secrets. Now the big story….shes been having an affair with a guy name Gordie. He is in his 50s. She would borrow money from him and she would sleep with him. He owns a insurance company. Few years ago gordie who im also close with got drunk and told me and few others about it. He buys her stuff and gives her money so he can have sex with her. They usually do it in his car or at one of his rental properties. Matter of time before Gordies wife finds out….shes already getting suspicious. So you sneeky bitch should check herself before she ruins my friends life and breaks his family. Also heard she f’ed her tenant or tenants friend. Name was either james or jamie.

Amber Bryant is a Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this skank f’ed my boyfriend while I was 4 months pregnant and away in another province at my grandmas memorial. She knew he had a girlfriend and baby on the way but her drunk skank ass sought him out and f’ed him because she likes to break up family’s. Thanks to her my baby boy will have to see his Daddy only on the weekends! Ladies watch out for this one! Do not leave your man in the same room with this hoe if you want your family intact. She wears about 10 pounds of makeup and has about 3 pounds too much filler in her fake ass lips. She’s got fake titties fake eyelashes fake hair fake lips and the bitch herself is fake. Watch out girls cause this whore is all around Surrey tryna fu’ whoever she can. Nobody would bring the slut home to Mama so she tries to f’k her drunk ass to the top. U can catch her on snapchat twerking in lingerie, f’ you ! Thanks for ruining my family!

Dennis Watson gangsters out


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dennis Watson who runs a blog called gangsters out. This loser is so busy telling everyone what needs to be done but forgets to look in the mirror and see the loser that he is. He writes bullshit conspiracies as well as posts his own personal hatred. This guy loves to argue his points so much it’s cost him every Job he as ever had because he gets fired because he’s such a baby and can’t get along with others. This lunatic has also been kicked out of every church he’s gone to as well. This guy can just not keep his mouth shut and has to argue with everyone all the time. This guy works a job that high school kids should be working at yet he talks about politics and all this non sense like he knows what he’s talking about. “We need to do this, blah blah blah” like how about YOU GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS and do something clown if you’re so concerned. He’s a joke and everyone knows it and nobody likes him. So Dennis keep your mouth shut and quit being so negative, quit arguing, and quit with the conspiracies. He is just a head case he has a mental health problems obviously. He’s in a fantasy thinking he’s changing the world from his petty blog everyone clowns LOL. Like wtf is the point of your blog besides letting off your own hatred. You don’t know jack shit about any gangs or that life. So get a life and worry about yourself you miserable lonely piece of shit. And believe me when I say this ITS NOT EVERYONE ELSE ITS YOU….fucking lunatic go do something productive instead of writing non sense of what you think because quite frankly you’re very delusional

Sara the Addict

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, heres a story for all you who dont know Little Sara who’s an alcoholic, xannax addict, wanna be tough b**ch, f-boy lover. Sara, who works at McDonald would go to work while f’ed up on xannax, she takes at least 5-6 pills every day and Sells drugs on the side while acting hard like no one can f’k her up. Oh she loves only those nammer f’boys who fu’ then chucks her cries about it then go back them, she’s also a homie hopper. * you got a druggie ass bitch just bouncing on your dick*. If you want little Sara to hang out with you don’t forget your drugs and cheap alcohol. Oh yeah that would get her going, she would do anything with you. How would I know ? That’s how my buddie got with her. She only hangs out with me if he had blow or booze. She also gave him the cla’ which is why he doesnt talk to her anymore but til thi day she still messages him like its all good. Now lets talk about alcohok Sara When sara’s drunk ohhh watch out hahaha ladies hold on to your man cause sara and her none existing booty is going to be coming for your man’s croth. Another thing about sara she herself is a f’ girl, bang multiple guys . she have been in a couple fights but gets fucjed up every time .. She acts tough but cant walk the walk. So ladies and gents I present to you Sara Marie the xanned out McDonald worker .

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