Dan Mellish dirt bag


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,he has 2 facebooks, Dan Mellish and Allen Mellish, he used me, 13 stepped me gave me drd and never spoke too me again because he moved onto a butch looking thing named Eva Smellwind lol . I am so sick of this stupid moron using and abusing women, I take full responsibility for my part in this but after giving me drd’s he went around all the meetings called me a stalker and telling people I’m crazy! Little man you stalked me, harassed me, begged me too let you come over. You stalk meetings looking for your next lay, your not an addict your a goof! He stinks so bad he wears 3 outfits at once doesn’t clean his false teeth and has the biggest unibrow. He is without doubt the most sexually inexperienced person I know, 7 minutes of nothing good lol and you think your good Dan. Someone should pay for some hygiene and sexy education classes for this loser . I hope he never gets his kid back, she deserves better than him!

Beware of this Sociopath


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he.is 100% the definition of a PREDATOR and there should be a DATELINE /48 HOURS SPECIAL EDITION DEDICATED TO HIM. He is an Alberta boy 28 years old who has been in jail the most part.of his poor excuse of a life. He firstly is a bad criminal next offence his lawyer told him and myself he would ne labelled a D.O (Dangerous Offender ) amd then finally all the ladies and men he has traumatized can all celebrate because he won’t be able to bully anyone, lie to anyone, steal from anyome, beat anyone (his speciality is women ).  Morgan is very good looking his looks get him those first dates n 2nd ones occasionally but after that, either he will kill it with his retarded, uneducated, attempt to have s conversation where most sane individuals would exit gracefully, unfortunately quite a few.of us, although very well educated, well travelled.and not attending their first rodeo, actually fall for what he does. He leaves your world destroyed literally. For 4 years he was in amd out of jail and is on his way back but he has done to my life and I know for a fact i am just one of many as at this moment i am actually sittint with a lady that was also promised the same things i was, marriage, kids, “normal life “. Over the last few years he has received from me alone close to 150,000 ( yep it all adds.up) for his Canteen, his phone calls, and his sick practice of buying from inside his way into getting other inmates to send flowers and teddy bears to his prey waiting to sart their life with him, unknowingly with in average 4 other ladies, while the whole time inside jaik he had someone running usually 3 FACEBOOK pages preying and plotting on more unfortunate females. He will make sure the first things his shady facebook assistant will be told to do is BLOCK A LIST OF THE FEMALES HE PRESENTLY HAS ON HIs TEAM because he cant even afford to lose one of them because then how would he feed all his BROS in jaik and look like PLAYA OF THE YEAR if ine if them drops off the 100/week Canteen Program cuz this piece of shit takes from females that cant afford it. It has been recently proven that he Morgan was averaging $500 /week for Canteen …[removed, couple pages too long]… I have so much more i could tell you but you u will have to read my book i hope to complete by next year all about his f’ery as i never ever saw it coming. He left me devastated when not onky two years ago i was on top of the world successful etc. Please note he is dangerous and doesmt give one shit about harming a female as he has threatened to k’ll me and my entire family amd do life for.me lol. All i want. To do. Is save. Othrr . females from this predator.

Babylon Escort

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik tara dee is one of the direst escorts around town never showers gives phony info shes always high on the job what a spaz shes a trany eww nasty she clams to be a beautiful Spanish itilan when shes a native girl like really what a lying whore shes fat not tiny look her up an escort Babylon 3ddd dream amber what a fake whore she also on leo list wet dreams ers list and craigslist and back page two the girl got her kid token away for neglect and drug in child abuse this girl needs to be stopped I’m posting this cause I f’ed the chick and she gave me drd don’t ever trust this needle pushing skank I’m hoping you stay away from her so your safe you were warned nasty eww enclosing a pic of her

Surrey System


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she has 6 kids and collects welfare . The kids are starving because she eats all the food . I used to be best friends with her until she scammed and ripped me off . Her ex and her scam welfare . It’s disgusting how she looks after herself . She thinks she is Gods gift to men . She calls herself sexy but I know how she is . She rarely showers as she can’t get in the shower because she is 600 lbs . The kids take turns washing her by the garden hose in the back yard . I have never smelled anything as bad as this Large Marge . She says she can have any guy but it more likely she can have any guys fridge . This plumper is one off Surrey’s finest . Arrogant, ugly fat plumper is what she is



TH DIRTY ARMY: Nik, though I normally take the high road and leave the gossipy bullshit to the young’ins. This ho deserves an award. I will start from the beginning. Apparently my boyfriend of 3 years got tired of the level of commitment it took to be deeply involved with someone. Now before you all start ragging on me about he is just as guilty….understand….i know this. There is no situation in which I would condone cheating but there is a certain level of hell designed for b”ches who know that a man is tied up and still puts the moves on him. The funny part is after she f’ed the guy, she thought she could establish some kind of friendship. Her name is Lorraine Allan and she lives in Surrey, BC. With that address I guess its understandable that she would be a homewrecking ho! The worst part is, she has a son that she is preaching all these values onto!? As if we really need more fuck tards in the world. Nik, put this skank on blast for all the woman looking to make a good name for themselves but can’t with sewage like this creeping around.

Surrey South


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This scum bag needs to be put on blast. His name is Justin Eagland and hes the dirtiest of the south. Not only does he rob the handicap, he also has sex with Whalley hookers. Watch out for that scaley rotton Penis of his, it’s very infected but he refuses to see a doc. In his words, ” I rather not know I have any drd’s, that would just be stressful.” Justin not only has poor morals but he also had a rotton looking face that needs some TLC. You cant see in the picture but he has the most rotton jib teeth from smoking too much meth. He is a liar a manipulator and a heartless scum bag. I think that women should be warned about him ASAP. This will teach him to mess with my girls.

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