Simone Walker ‘Round Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, im surprised this twerking hooker isn’t on here yet this hoes name is SImone Walker and she is straight dirt. Shes the biggest phoney in surrey she thinks shes a bad b**ch with a bad b**ch crew when really they arent nothing but a buncha poor druggies hanging around central who live in the poor part of langley. Simone has so many dirty ways of making money it sickens me how she can jump people, steal from people, use people and sell herself for her reckless lifestyle and her drug addictions.She is a twofaced motherf**ker who has no respect for herself or others. She will one day be your friend and the next day become your worse enemy. She thinks shes the baddest b((ch yet she cant even do sh(( but talk, she has the biggest mouth yet she doesnt end up doing sh*t,stop thinking you’re from the hood because you’re no where near gangster you make me laugh ,grow up and do something with your life before you spend the rest of your life in jail for your prostitution, and find guys who are actually single. This twerking video is straight evidence she is a slut i mean what kind of girl who respects herself will post a twerking video like gross.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

NaFISHa Patel Stank


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what can I say about this tramp. She acts all innocent but she’s a straight up kunt. She controls her man, like he’s a dog. He can’t say sh*t, even when it comes to his kids. She controls his kids and brainwashes them, I’ve been there when she’s done it. Nafisha those kids are white, so stop trying to make them Fijian. It’s pathetic how you control Kerry in front of us at gatherings. And the fact I know your secret, sleeping around….I can’t be there to help you hide it anymore. You treat your man like a dog, is that why most of your pics are you kissing your dog??? You’re nasty and need to Get a clue, and stop doing your hair like Rick James. Your pussy stinks like fish, maybe that’s why you have fish in your name.

Disturbingly close with her dog.- nik

Chris the player king


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is the the number one surrey jack of them all. He has dated many girls, calling them their number ones, but still flirting and cheating on the side. This kid needs to be on blast. He gets everything he wants on a hand out from his parents. He’s nice and sweet with his words to swoop you in. Once your in he will do the best to sleep with you or try to get you to send nudes so he can send to his friend. Chris King you don’t deserve a relationship. Stop using us.

Fun fact: he didn’t ride a bike to that Starbucks.- nik

Slime ball sandhu

victim 2.0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Arman Sandhu. This monster needs to be exposed to all the girls of surrey. He popped a molly in my best friends champagne last weekend. He took her to the washroom pretending to help her but i walked in on him trying to bust a nut in her face while she was was unconscious. This scum has no standard whatsoever.He asked me if i wanted a drink last night at 560 and I saw him mix some type of powder into my drink, i tried calling him out on it but he tried putting on an innocent face claiming he had no clue what i was talking about.This drunk idiot blows all his money yet he tries making fun of people who don’t go out and buy drinks. I’ve seen him at the gym occasionally and all he does is just stare down guys or watch girls work out.

Only Bro’s skip leg days.- nik


Simran Sekhon Steroid and LG Abuser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Simran Sekhon, your typical blow head. He’s a wannabe Surrey Jack that thinks he runs shit. He loves to flash his parents money and cars claiming they’re his. He also likes to hit up under age girls like his current bitch alisha who’s 14 years old and 5 years younger than him. This kids a real piss off, he thinks he’s huge cause he took steroids but in reality he’s still a scrawny little b**ch as you can see from his pics.

Take your hand out of your pants..- nik

Cyril Gunn on the Run


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a filth bag here I used to roll with that people needs to know named Cyril Gunn he’s an alcoholic drug addicted thief. I can say Cyril Gunn is easily one of the biggest pieces of shit I’ve met. This buck toothed fuck is a bastard and f’ed my girl behind my back. Then ran scared like a little bitch and hid when I tried to confront him. I never saw him again. His own parents didn’t even want him so he had to live with Grandma growing up. He was just a mistake and shouldn’t have even been born. No one wanted him and with good reason. He and his friends would outnumber then beat up innocent defenseless people who couldn’t fight back. When he goes one on one or when the odds are even he backs down. A lot of the time he uses weapons like bottles n shit on people. He went to school for FREE because he’s native. To be an AUTOMOTIVE DETAILER…… yeah you heard right. Then doesn’t even use the education and works at the Guildford Mall picking up boxes in the back warehouse. He had a girlfriend who he thought he got pregnant. He told people he was going to jump her at night and punch her in the gut so the baby would die. REAL CLASS ACT. I wish someone had done that to his Mom before he was born. Years ago he robbed a convenience store then flashed the cash while driving at a bunch of young girls walking down the street hoping he could fuck them. But instead they rejected him and ratted him out to the Cops.  He attempted to break into a 70 something year old woman’s house in Surrey but failed. Who knows what would have happened if he did. Now he’s in his mid 20s and already ruined his life.

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