Emma Nilsson And Ida Markert, who are your sponsors?

Emma Nilsson And Ida Markert, who are your sponsors?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, long time fan from the other side of the pool. These two broads, Ida & Emma has average office jobs, making around ~$13/hour in Sweden. I follow them on Instagram. Like, a year ago, I noticed on both of their Instagram pages, that they went abroad a lot. Nothing sketchy, except they were going to Ibiza, SF/LA, and (I’m not 100% sure) Dubai to high end private villas. Allright, they’re spending their “hard earned” cash on travelling, nothing more about it.

A week ago they were going to the west coast of the US. Riding first class from Europe, that ticket is not very cheap. Spending a couple of days in SF (or maybe it was LA, I don’t remember). Then riding private jet to the other major west coast city, and getting picked up in a Rolls Royce. Now I was sure, this is nothing they are paying for themselves. Also, on Emma’s instagram photo of her going in the private jet, there were some fishy comments. One, tagging a dude (who’s username I can’t recall) and #tagthesponsor. This fella who was tagged also commented above, saying something cryptic about them both being able to ride an airplane after being drinking heavily the night before. All of a sudden, she removed 10+ comments, only leaving her closest friends comments.

I think it is a sponsor involved. It was her deleting these comments that made me do this submission. I want them put on blast for this. Not that I find it wrong; had I been an attractive girl I’d probably do the same. Also, every single person on this planet is a prostitute, the only thing that differs is the price. But posting pictures/instastories of her luxurious lifestyle and then deleting it in complete denial, that makes me mad. Also, I am interested. The sponsor, who is he?

I don’t know if I could lick old hairy balls for a million bucks… maybe ten.- nik