What Is On Madison Gordon’s Bum


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Madison posted this pic… at first I thought it was hot, but then with closer inspection I was kinda of freaked out. What the hell is on her bum?

Please slide to the second image. Thank you.- nik

Who Is Samantha Stevens Of Sydney, Australia


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, who is QoTarts?  She says she is Australian, living in Sydney. She claims to love rally cars, horses and to have worked for years as a journalist, including for Channel 9 Sydney News. In her free time, she also enjoys stalking and bullying strangers on the internet. It is her daily hobby and newest “job”. She has even claimed numerous times to have (illegally) “hacked” the computers and phones of other internet users, so that she can locate and stalk them. She owns and operates a gang-bullying website. She is the site builder/admin, main content contributor and part owner of the website, which is in direct violation of Australian cyberbullying and cyberstalking laws. Not to mention, in direct violation of general morality. Her website’s sole purpose is to defame, slander and verbally abuse people they don’t like. Someone should probably let her colleagues and friends/family know what type of person she REALLY is; that she is a bully running a bullying website as a stay-at-home pregnant mother of a toddler. Queen of Tarts, unveiled: Samantha Stevens.

Cute kid Sam.- nik

Laura Amy Stepped Up Her Game


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, what do you think of this girl from Australia? She posted openly on instagram about her +2’s and I think they brought her game up significantly. Her body is rockin’ and as a female, I’m jealous.

What do you mean ‘posted openly’ — Is Laura a Larry?- nik

Aldina Fanning Is A Fraud


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this chick Aldina has been doing many horrible things for years. Her latest stunt was defrauding her best friend and is now waiting on her sentencing. She takes advantage of both her female friends and is known as a bikie slut, both Adelaide and Sydney. She will manipulate men for money and also sells herself for very little cash or exchange for drugs. She has no morals or heart claims she earns a killing in real estate but she only works as a receptionist. All her bags are all fake for show. I just want people to be aware of all this. She is all for herself and has been on the pipe for years now.

Thailand bag for sure.- nik

DJ Tigerlily Naked On Snapchat


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, last week on Snapchat Dara Kristen Hayes aka DJ Tigerlily did a strip tease for the world. Now she is going on attack to any website that posts her nude strip show.  Dara you are the dumb idiot who let your friend record you naked. Stop claiming ‘bullying’.

Tigerleftovers should be her stage name. She is only a famous DJ because she banged (slept with) Tiesto.- nik

Rosanna Arkel Is Proof There Is Hot Girls Down Under


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I can’t believe how hot Rosanna Arkel is. She isn’t your typical Goldcoast trash. No tats at all. She is on a reality show but is not a p4p. She is engaged and has been with the same guy for two years. Look at her amazing body all natural except her boobs and her amazing face. A ten for sure.

No tattoos??? I don’t get it. Not a fan of her lower teeth — it’s all you see like Bernie Sanders.- nik

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