Nathalie Paris Is The Next Best Thing

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Nathalie Paris a few weeks ago got surgery and now has a new “chest” and yet continues to sexualize herself by posting her newest video where she has full cleavage out while she speaks of how she’s fed up with everyone and the negative appeal she’s been having lately. This 16 year old is out of her mind!! She obviously knows she has a negative appeal now due to the fact that by age 16 she’s already has had a nose job, (most likely a boob job) she acts as if she’s 25 wearing the skimpiest of clothing she gets from the ads she sponsors on IG AND get this.. she’s moving to LA soon to follow her fandom on IG. This kid has no conscious on what she’s doing to herself, she’s going to be a media-famed slore just like the rest of those IG famous hoes for the continuation of her adolescence.

NP — you obviously care… you made a video.- nik


Where Are Nathalie Paris’ Parents

Nathalie Paris Needs To Start Acting Her Age

Worst of the Brah’s


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start with him! Textin 10+ girls at a time sending the same dirty texts and same photos. Ceo of practice ignition start up company-stay away! Charming and attractive sure, but be warned he’s sleezey and just wants a piece of ass. Oh by the way, he has a girlfriend while he eas texting all of these women. Shame on you, you walking piece of drd. Want an easy lay? Send him an email I’m sure he’ll respond! Look him up ladies he’ll love it!

Abby Dowse Loves Messing Up Her Lips


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Abby Dowse. She has had so much filler pumped into her lips plus other surgery including fat removed from her cheeks and a pair of rock hard looking +2’s but she still scares me. Not to mention the fact she has 2 completely different personalities. But that’s a story for another day!!!

She needs filler for her neck.- nik

Olivia Lousie Is Looking Like Miss Piggie More And More


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Olivia Lousie is  the Gold Coast home wrecker.  She looks more and more like Miss Piggy everyday with her horrendous plastic surgery she keeps getting to look like the famous muppet pig, this girl by far is the most seediest filthiest girl you’ve ever seen dog ugly and hits the crack pipe that hard someone needs to smack her pig head in!!!

Is Christian Avant The Biggest Wanker In Sydney


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Christian Avant. The pictures explain more about him a lot better than I could ever put in words… but basically this idiot runs around Sydney pretending to be loved (and younger) than he actually is, using the golden title of ‘Club Promoter’ as a AAA lanyard of sorts. He spends his time posting bullsh*t like-baiting Facebook statuses that pander to every insecure girl in Sydney and jumps at any cheap opportunity to play up his life to look like some kind of mega-baller. I’d hate to give any distinction to this waste of space but I’m eager to hear The Dirty’s take on him?

Laura Lydall Found Herself A Sugar Daddy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, ex-stripper Laura Laura or Laura Lydall found her current sugar daddy boyfriend in the club, she’s an ice junkie trying to be a model at the age of 29 and her poor boyfriend doesn’t even know she’s hooked on smoking the pipe and doing anything for it she’s a fiend! If only he knew what she does when he’s not around she also is bi-sexual and can’t keep her hands off any girl that comes into her life she actually hunts for girls to bring home and makes her BF (sugar daddy) pay for the girls! But don’t let the photos trick you her skin is feral she literally looks at least 40 years old and edits the sh*t out of herself, complete disgusting druggie stripper is bout all she is! Did I forget to mention that she looks like a tranny and her boyfriend like a pedophile???

If I don’t visit Australia in 2016, I will be disappointed in myself.- nik

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