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EXCLUSIVE: Brian Cuban Talks The Law Profession Being One In Crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Brian Cuban Talks The Law Profession Being One In Crisis

Recently, we had the chance to talk with Brian Cuban, brother of Mark Cuban, who released his book The Addicted Lawyer: Tales Of The Bar, Booze, Blow, and Redemption.

In a five part series we’re going to release over the duration of this week, Cuban has some very interesting things to share.

When initially asked why he feels alcohol and drug use is so prevalent in the community of lawyers, he shared that, “There are many reasons.  We can start with the societal sigma surrounding addiction that extends well beyond the legal profession. Many believe that addiction is a choice and therefore a mental weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth but given that the legal profession tends to attract very competitive, ‘type- A’ personalities, this stigma is exponentially magnified within the profession.”

“Lawyers are ingrained with the belief starting in law school that to show any weakness is something to be taken advantage and something that can lead to the loss of employment, clients and professional status,” he continued. “This in turn leads to a distrust of the system in place that allows lawyers and law students to seek help often leading to worse consequences than if they had started into recovery sooner.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Amber Portwood Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Portwood Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

Rumors are, unfortunately, commonplace for the women on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. Recently, a rumor has been circulating that Amber Portwood (from Teen Mom OG) is pregnant. This was after a photoshopped photo of her with with a pregnancy test was circulating on the internet. So is there any validity to the rumor?

We went right to the source to exclusively find out from Portwood what’s going on.

After confirming exclusively to us that she is absolutely not pregnant, Portwood told us of the photo/rumor,“I thought it was a joke so I just laughed.”

“My fans would be the first to know from me,” she added, clearly indicating she would be upfront with her fans if she was pregnant and share the news.

In a world of #FakeNews, we’re happy we were able to confirm the truth.


EXCLUSIVE: Dean Sheremet Slams Reports He’s Changing Career To Personal Trainer

EXCLUSIVE: Dean Sheremet Slams Reports He’s Changing Career To Personal Trainer

Today, it was reported by Radar Online that Dean Sheremet was “caught teaching a personal training class” in New York City on April 19th. The title of the article made the suggestion Sheremet was now a personal trainer.

We caught up with him exclusively to find out if that’s the case- and he squashed the claims.

“I don’t like that they’re saying I’m a personal trainer, because I’m not,” Sheremet exclusively told us. “I’m a chef and wellness expert.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Armie Hammer Wanted To Be Famous

Shout out to The Dirty Army for still tipping us off to things, even though our format has changed a bit.

Our Army insider had some information on actor Armie Hammer, who is currently gaining a lot of attention.

They dished that, “Armie is from some real money. Old money.”

As to how he got lucky enough to rise up the ranks in Hollywood, they claimed that,“This guy had the right agents and, more importantly, the financial backing to get auditions.”

They also had a story about Hammer, noting that,“Fall 2002, first day of what would be his 11th grade year. I pulled my vehicle into the lot to see a crowd of girls crowding around a sparkling new silver Lexus IS 300 with the doors open, music playing, and this gaggle of young girls fawning over this new tall, good looking, well kept, student.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee Slams ’16 and Pregnant’ Returning

EXCLUSIVE: Mackenzie McKee Slams ’16 and Pregnant’ Returning

Back in February, a casting notice for a new season of MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant’ was circulating. Clearly, MTV is planning to bring the show back – which spawned the TV spin-off hits Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

We talked exclusively with Mackenzie Mckee, who was on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 to get her advice she’d give to the upcoming stars of the new 16 and Pregnant… with some viewers concerned bringing back this show would cause girls to get pregnant on purpose. McKee shared her thoughts:

“The show was created to show viewers the struggle of what it is to become a mother at a YOUNG age, what you miss out on, and sacrifices you must make to raise your child,” McKee shared. “Going from 16, to mommy as soon as you get pregnant is not easy. This show was not designed for girls to purposely get pregnant for a chance of TV fame.”

“The ladies whom are on Teen Mom did not get pregnant for fame,” she continued, “they had no clue at the time how far with tv they would come. But they do boldly shared their stories to show others what a struggle it is.”

“But,” she added, “I do not think MTV should continue to find new teen moms and show the world they are casting so some 16 year old could possibly purposely get pregnant for a shot of fame.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Eden Sassoon On Reunion – I Wanted To Smack Kim Richards In The Face

EXCLUSIVE: Eden Sassoon On Reunion – I Wanted To Smack Kim Richards In The Face

Recently, we talked with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Eden Sassoon about the reunion, and she had some interesting things to share.

One of the things we asked her about was what went through her head when Kim Richards gave Lisa Rinna back a stuffed animal that Rinna had given to Richards for Richards’s grandson.

“I wanted to get up and smack her face,” Sassoon said of the incident. “I was appalled and disgusted by her actions.”

“I said a lot but it of course was not shown,” she further elaborated. “Her behavior is a disgrace and no matter what Lisa Rinna and I went through, I have love for her.”

“I can’t help it,” Sassoon added. “I found a side in her that was pure and we bonded.”

For more of what Sassoon had to share regarding the reunion, stay tuned to The Dirty.