Tampa’s washed up Eva Mckinnon


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this burnt, washed up hoe is Eva Mckinnon. I’m shocked she is JUST now getting on The Dirty! tampa’s biggest rat! She’s a hoe/stripper and has NO shame, she actually posts these pics on her Facebook. She worked on the streets and a wh*re house for a few years. She has loads of tattoo’s her pimp beat her up bad and she has 5 kidz all by diffrent black men her trap has only been used by black men

Scumbag Marine


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, After telling me that he wanted to live the rest of his life with me and have a future with me. He convinced me to marry him and not even a year goes by and he cheats on me at festival with a random girl. The worst part about it is, I would of never known any of this unless i looked on his phone while he was sleeping. When confronted about it, he showed no remorse nor guilt. Everyone needs to know how much of a tool this guy really is.

Erica Alixandra Jardim Is A Dime A Dozen

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, another stripper who moved down here from St. Pete to make it as a big time escort/IG model. Typical crappy childhood with no parent relationships. Besides being a complete addict who will do anything for pills, she will betray you and forget where she came from. She prides herself on having a bitch face and never smiling, in hopes that people will miss the fact she has zero personality. She is just as ugly on the inside as she was before she got her lips, nose, boobs and a** done. She needs to give it a rest already. She has graduated from taking selfies in the locker rooms at work to having IG famous photographers take them of her. Congrats, she made it. Her snapchat is the thirstiest thing I’ve ever seen. Go watch her pretend she hangs out with French Montana when you can clearly see he was trying to avoid being filmed having to pay her for the night. All the money she spends on altering her image you would think she would have her b*tthole bleach. I can’t believe guys are continuing to pay her? Please try and get through to this girl before she becomes another The Office.

The back arm tattoo ruins her life. I decided.- nik

Steven Wisniewski Is A Major Player

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Steven Wisniewski is the worlds biggest asshole. I understand that people cheat and that happens but typically when one is caught cheating they either clam up or admit to it; Steven decided to try and lie his way out. My friend hooked up with Steven and then he went on a work trip, she didn’t hear from him upon her return so she was over it. A few weeks later she made a terrible discovery, she was pregnant. She reached out to him to let him know what was going on and he came across as caring and a nice guy. She went to his Facebook and started to notice the same person liking all of his photos, and there he was in her profile photo. She asked Steven about this girl who was clearly his girlfriend. He said that it was his sister. Someone he was dating and sleeping with, he told my friend it was HIS SISTER….

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What Does She do


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, to every one in Florida Watch out for this Escort??  Nik, this girl tries to be miss innocent, she is not! She the biggest self conceded, lying cheating, typical Trampa bitch who lives in the SoHo area trying to be a fitness model.  She has some local photographers take pictures of her and thinks she is a pro.

My buddy has the same face. He totally looks like her in the face and chest. So weird.- nik

Crystal Let Her 10 Year Old Get A Tattoo

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Crystal. Her hubby is a tat artist and also owns a clothing company that makes horror and band shirts. They are both Pepsi heads and have an open marriage. Crystal tried to be a Suicide Girl but was turned down. She has two kids but is a bad parent. She even let her 10 year old son get a tattoo.

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