Beware of this Noodle


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks she’s the hottest thing ever. NOPE. she has sent the same nude picture of herself to several guys, including someone I was dating. It was literally a board with no boobs and huge purple brown areoles. Ew, all she loves is video games and blood. Girls beware, she does not care if you have a boyfriend.. She will manage her way into your relationship because that’s how much of a whore she is. Go back to your little hut in China you low life trashy bitch. Look her up on Instagram; slaughterme is her name. I’d love to slaughter her! Nasty c*nt. She also has DRD and I have the picture of the bottle with her name on it. Ew

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Transformation Tuesday


THE DIRTY ARMY: Marissa Downing is a 23 year old single mom, who hung out with the wrong crowd. She cheated on the kids father with his brother in law. The picture in the left is exactly a year ago and the right was taken about a month ago.

Angela Hellcat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to begin with this washed up trash. I guess we can start with her self proclaimed “professions”; dancer, hooper, model, DJ, photographer, make up artist, fire eater, tattoo artist, clothing designer and bartender. What the entrepreneur she is, with her Angela Hellcat Entertainment title that isn’t even trademarked. I personally like to count how many times she drops her hula hoop in her hooping videos that she posts daily. I also like to laugh with my friends when she posts pictures of herself with her “makeup on point” which consists of false eyelashes way to big for her eyes, boxed eyebrows, and lipstick on her nasty fucked up teeth. Like girl, when are you going to take the hint that you are not as awesome as you think you are? Just because old, disgusting men give you attention, doesn’t mean the rest of the world cares. She does nothing but crave attention but complains that she can’t go anywhere without someone knowing her from Facebook. Who is she kidding? She loves that shit, just as much as she loves talking shit about the people who have been doing the shit that she claims to be doing, for much much longer. I hate her, literally hate her with a passion. She is a sad excuse for a woman, let alone a woman. Did I mention that she was pregnant for a short time? She seems to want to be all about the baby and then she miscarried and acted as if nothing happened. STOP BROADCASTING YOUR LIFE ATTENTION WHORE.

Bringing Forgy Back to Use


THE DIRTY ARMY: Just the nastiest human being alive. Not only does he live behind his minions of third string bartenders, he also doesn’t know how to pay his rent nor take the fact that 5$ is all he worth when he gets tipped out. And honestly, that’s a lot dealing with him. He chases people around when he thinks tips aren’t sufficient but hey, honey you can’t be ugly and be bitchy. You have no social circle but hepatitis known girls and expect not to get confronted when you’re alone. Congrats you’re in pics at a low end free drink watering trough that consists of high school drop outs and people who can’t not remember who ran for the last presidency. James beard! You are a f*g. And this is coming from a gay boy his self. Far can be fixed honey but let’s not drag everyone down in the process. But dirt loves dirt around them and even dirt at times is refreshing. Clean it up fat ass. Love… A

Does Not Bathe


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hmmmm,where do I start? This girl is a compulsive liar. She is one of the nastiest ratchet white girls you will ever meet in your life. 1st off she doesn’t bathe….she will go weeks without washing her vagina and brushing her hair it’s disgusting. She smells like a dumpster of old rotted tuna salad. Her face is always greasy.., I wonder why…. She wears the same underware for days doesn’t wash her clothes. Just sprays perfume on and keeps on going. This girl will let you know she’s changing her tampon, and not wash her hands. Then offer you something to eat… I’ll pass. Her breath omg….. Smells like a dead skunk that’s been sitting out in the Texas sun. She is a complete train wreck who can’t move on from someone who will never love her. Her place is one of the most dangerously disgusting things I’ve ever seen…she has bed bugs and her bathroom will wipe you out. She leaves shit in the toilet,it smells so terrible in her place,the shower has pubic hair everywhere,and a bunch of weird shit that comes out of her dirty vagina hole. Beware of this girl…she is a cum dumpster,and a terribly disgusting smelly mess. Infested with drd’s. You’ve been warned.

Lyndse Bourgeois McLaughlin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this woman. Lyndses arrest records include petty theft, 3 domestic battery charges, leaving the scene of an accident…..etc. Lyndse exhibits all the signs of a borderline personality disorder so do not make any type of relationship with her as you will regret every day you wasted on her. Violent and unpredictable. Smooth talker but its all fake. Ran off and left her family to live in a seedy motel called orange motel on gulf to bay Clearwater with her two sons ages 3 and 6 along with her boyfriend Keith and his 4 yr old son in a one room fleabag motel. Lyndse works as an auto detailer for ON The Spot auto detailing with her boyfriend Keith Philip Defiore.

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