Chloe Olier Played Me

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I met this girl on Seeking Arrangements and started seeing her for about a month. I found out that she had multiple Arrangements going on and treats as more of an escorting thing other than an actual arrangement. She is hooking up with 60 year old guys from the site, really disgusting.

OP are you an idiot? That is an escort website. Its a money exchange arrangement for sex.- nik

Jade Schweiberger Is A Womanizer

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, oldster douche bag Jake Schweiberger… I see he has made his rounds since high school… Lol he was dating a pretty girl for a while but it seems they broke up and made up a lot. Funny to see him run through girls like he does his boxers. I see him out occasionally and his prideful ass hasn’t changed much since high school. Always thought he was better than everyone else and still does. For someone who is “so good looking” you think he wouldn’t wear his insecurities on his sleeves… You’re a drug dealer electrician womanizer … You’re doing BIG things BIG JADE. Keep it up. Still laugh at you in my yearbook 😭 the chicks are real winners lmao!!!

Tampa’s Largest Con Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know how this obese slob is still walking around the streets of Tampa! He would frequent a bar I work at until he was permanently banned. Where do I even start! Well first, he cons people online into thinking he is successful and has them sign up to his “mastermind program” by posting receipts and flashy pictures on his social media. It’s a total scam and he’s just stealing everyone’s money, I assure you this guy doesn’t have $1 to his name and he steals all the pics from other peoples pages. His rap sheet is pages long and ranges from selling LSD on school grounds to attempted murder, and a simple Google search brings up more of his scams than you can imagine. It’s not surprising then that he’s always luring underage girls to hangout with him and then drugs and rapes them. This isn’t an isolated event, it happens time and time again. Please post this pig and maybe someone will take him off the streets or maybe it will save an innocent victim!

Trashy Diesel Rachel Hallman

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rachel and I have had history for a while. She is a lying dirty piece of sh’t who gave me DRD, which is the only reason i found out she has f’ed a majority of my friends, her regulars at her job, and half of Plant City and she is only 24! If you have a pick up truck, she will suck, and f’k! She is forever drunk and looking for a Daddy to spoil her. Don’t trust the sweet innocent “princess” act cause you will be reeled in, f’ed over and infected!

Brandon Regional Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – This SHIM works at Brandon Regional as a nurse but also works as a part-time home-wrecker. She sleeps with the orderlies and nurses that work there – men and women – little do they know, she has the “gift that keeps on giving”! Unfortunately I found out the hard way! I’ll never f*&% a coworker again!!!! I lost my job and my wife!

Should I Try To Move Out With My Little Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I lived on west coast and he was on east in Florida trying to make money for us. One month. It’s been almost 18 months. I moved over to be with him like he had been begging and got here and found out about girls when we weren’t living together and still talking to a few. I caught him tonight and he tried to blame me for the texts. Impossible for me to text him from her number and him text back and when I asked to see again it was deleted. It was really important to me to have both parents… So I worked harder cleaned more, more sex, I make his lunch and do laundry pay all my own bills and he asked me for money every week. And on top of it I have that gut feeling. It’s never been wrong. Tell me what to do. I have been trying in a new town for a month and I get no time with him barely helps his baby and also is constantly stopping after work for 30 min and he went to grocery almost two hours came home w 2 bags. I’m being played but idk why? Maybe it’s income tax and he could just play me till the return comes.

Guts are never wrong. Why are you kissing this guys ass and not your own… what kind of example are you leaving for your child. Bounce the f*ck out and let him chase you. If he doesn’t appreciate you than you don’t appreciate yourself.- nik

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