Muslim Dirtbag


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk this is a story of what happened yesterday. Unfortunately I met this man through a friend. We talked all day via phone & then decided to meet up in the evening for dinner at a new joint that opened in town. Initially he was interested in my friend but when she sent a selfie of both of us to him his attention geared towards me. He was instantly attracted to me & was already proposing marriage & I was shocked & frightened because of him coming on so strong. But his flattery got the best of me & he took advantage of my kindness & general loneliness. He decided to change plans & skip dinner. He wanted me to go back to his home & we could sit by the pond that was in his backyard that he made with his own hands since he also has his own granite business that he operates from his backyard. He wanted us to sip tea & make great conversation. The problem with the tea is I was sitting outside when he made it & I did not know until afterwards that he drugged my tea. After I started losing my senses he took advantage of my vulnerability & started forcing himself on me & forcing me to do things to him. Then he carried me back into his house & threw me on his bed & raped me. He is a dirty 45 year old Israeli Muslim man who deserves to deal with him being divorced from his wife of 17 years & separated from his 4 children, he is a heartless, emotionless demented monster & he should think twice before claiming himself as a part of any religion, let alone as a human! I admit I was stupid too by going to a man’s home who I just had met in person 10 minutes ago whilst chatting in my apartment but drugging my tea & then taking advantage of me is nothing less than psychotic! All men prove themselves to be dogs at some point in their life but this man proves himself to lead the pack of such men.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

They Think They Are “Kim and Kanye”


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this chick and her man make me sick cause they are so fake. She has everything fake…fake boobs…fake booty. She needs a fake nose too. Anyways, they are Kim and Kanye wanna be’s. They always posting about expensive things they buy and trips and make sure they attend functions that stars are at. She has pictures with Floyd Mayweather, 2 Chainz, Jaime Fox, Carmelo Anthony, etc. Her IG claims she is an owner of a billing company but I don’t believe that for one second. They are doing something, but it’s not legal. Sad thing is her man is a sheriff deputy. We all know they don’t make that much money to accommodate the lifestyle they are portraying. Funny things is she acts like she is so high class and talks down to people yet she has been arrested several times for: BURGLARY, GRAND THEFT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, PETIT THEFT, STALKING, DRIVING WITH SUSPENSDED LICENSE. She has been evicted from her apartment. It’s funny. She’s high class alright…a high class hoe and her man pimps her out. Here are some pics from their IG and her mug shots. Her real name is Sheena Victoria Berry. Her IG name is Sheena Victoria. Her man’s is bigc1906. I wish someone would call them out….like you!

A Sheriff Deputy making love to a prisoner — sounds about right.- nik

Fake Sugar Daddy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy I met on a social dating site for finding sugar daddies..he messaged me, we talked..he fed me all this bullshit that he liked me would take care of me..Me being so nice and trusting..I believed him..I sent him pictures at his request, basically bent over backwards for him..he promised me he would send me money for some financial support..he made promises, told me to trust him and the money NEVER CAME..he played me for weeks..I talked to him..gave him my time..I blew off other guys because I believed I was being taken care of..

Gwen Hugar….She’ll Kick Some Ass Over Smokin Some Grass


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik… This Husband beating Ho bag, she abuses her husband and likes to threaten to call the cops anytime he smokes some herb, even though he works his ass off working construction 46 plus hours a week and is in his late 50’s . I was going to get her a job at the local dispatch station, until we went out a couple of times, I thought me and her might have a good relationship until I watched her suck some guy off who we didn’t even know and then ran home to her husband screaming hitting him and told me to hide out back !! After punching him in the face she told him ” If you call the cops I will hit myself and tell them you did it” She is a Straight up WACKO!!! I guess she thought that being a RAT ASS ABUSIVE WH@RE Was cool with me. She Is The biggest Psycho you could ever meet!!! Inverness Florida Beware!!

Watch Out For This Guy


THE DIRTY ARMY: He takes any girl home from the club and I mean any. I feel sorry for the girl in this picture because he’s probably gone home with someone else and than back to the club that same night to take her home next. Hi name is Mathew Richson. BE CAREFUL

Dance Queen Wannabees


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two girls think they are the “Dance Queens”. They walk around thinking they are the top of the line dance teachers and they cant dance themselves. They tell the girls that they are “fat” and need to “loose weight”. The other teachers just talk sh*t about them behind their backs. They need a serious reality check, and life plans. its scary that they let women like this teach and be around kids!

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