BREAKING: Instagram Is Down, People Losing It

BREAKING: Instagram Is Down, People Losing It

Cue a millenial meltdown, because Instagram is having a service outage, and people are losing it!

A quick look on Twitter shows people talking about missing Instagram, thankful for Twitter when Instagram is down, checking to make sure their account wasn’t deleted, and more.

People- relax. This isn’t that imperative. Remember the good old days before Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter ran our lives? Even before Myspace. What did we do for fun? We’d go outside and do something, watch TV, or actually interact with another human face to face.

If you’re honestly bored and uncertain with how to spend your minutes during the Instagram outage, read a book. Big Little Lies was amazing. Actually, scratch that. Only read a book after you’ve read all the latest posts on The Dirty. Then go for the book.