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Joe Gorga Opens Restaurant With Melissa and Teresa

Last night was a big night for two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, as Melissa Gorga‘s husband, Joe, opened a restaurant that both Melissa and Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice, are involved in.

According to People, the restaurant- Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza- opened last night and is honoring Joe and Teresa’s late mother.

Joe told People that,“My mother loved to cook; it was like her drug. I always told her I was gonna open up a restaurant for her. Then I got busy. While I signed a contract on this place we lost her. So this is for her.”

Teresa added that, “We wanted to share her recipes with the world. I always would say, ‘Mom, everyone has to try your food!’ because that’s how I learned to cook.”

Joe and Melissa have come so far in their relationship with Teresa, who they had formerly feuded with for years.

From pictures that have surfaced online, it also looks like the cameras were rolling, and that a good time was had by all.


EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Attorney Talks ‘Violation of Supervised Release’ Report

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been working hard to fix her legal problems since leaving jail in late 2015, but according to a new report from The Daily Mail, Giudice has been accused of violating one of the conditions of her supervised release.

The report from The Daily Mail cites documents the publication has in their possession that they claim show Giudice “allegedly failed to report being questioned by police to her probation officer on two separate occasions.” Specifically, they note that she didn’t report two traffic violations within 72 hours of her being issued with them and that a “Report on Offender Under Supervision” was filed by her probation officer.

We spoke exclusively with Giudice’s attorney, James Leonard, to see what he could tell us.Continue Reading


Teresa Giudice Boasts Of Jailed Hubby’s Student Of The Month Achievement

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Joe, is currently in jail in FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey, but Teresa recently revealed to Bravo’s The Daily Dish how her hubby is doing.

“He’s lost over 30 pounds. He’s really toned, really fit,” Teresa began with sharing. “He looks amazing.”

Teresa also bragged of another achievement Joe has earned- student of the month!

“He’s taken a lot of classes,” she shared, “doing a lot of studying, and he just got Student of the Month.”

While it’s unfortunate Joe has to be away from his family for a long period of time, it’s good to hear he’s being productive by working out and working on his education. Joe’s current release date is listed as 3/14/19 by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


EXCLUSIVE: Drama Explodes At Posche Fashion Show, With Screaming And Chair Throwing

Last night, the infamous Posche Fashion Show hosted by Kim DePaola took place and this year’s show was a special one due to the fact that it was benefitting the victims of the awful car fire that took place in Paterson, New Jersey that involved Kim D’s car earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the pre-show was not without it’s drama, though, an employee of Posche- who requested to not be named- exclusively dished to us about some MAJOR drama that went down when Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub, and Margaret Josephs showed up.

“Kim was with all the models to get them ready and prepped before the show,” our Posche insider began with sharing.

“All four of them came in like a posse of mean girls. They all came in with a big puss on their face where Kim was. They went up to Kim and started talking crap and starting a problem. Basically, this was for a fundraiser. Even the mother of the victims was there and she went up to them and said something to them about how they had acted, because, you know, they were acting like animals in a place that wasn’t the place or the time for it. Even one of the girlfriends who has a baby with one of the guys that had passed started crying. She couldn’t believe it. She was like, ’this is a fundraiser for someone who passed away. This is not where you come to start drama.’ They were just so nasty. Everyone was telling them to stop and that this was a charity event and to stop..”
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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean Talks New Book Inspired By Teresa’s Daughter

Earlier this morning The Dirty shared an exclusive statement from Teresa Guidice‘s co-writer Heather Maclean. We then reached out to Teresa Giudice’s attorney James J. Leonard Jr. to get Guidice’s side of the story. He stated, “Teresa isn’t interested in responding to this, but thank you for reaching out.”

Well, Maclean had more to share – as the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) fans know Teresa Giudice wrote her hit cookbooks with Heather Maclean. Maclean recently released a new book, Toward A Secret Sky. We spoke to her extensively about the book – which RHONJ fans will be interested in hearing about the inspiration behind.

“I actually started writing it when I was working with Teresa on her books,” she added, “and staying at her house quite a bit. Gia (Teresa’s oldest daughter) was about 12 and asked me to put her in the book. I created a character for her, and promised her that if it was ever made into a movie, she could be in it! I adore Teresa’s children. They are all wonderful young ladies. Very smart and very strong.”

However, as Maclean dished to us, her relationship with Teresa today is non-existent.

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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean – Talks Being There For Teresa And Suddenly Having Their Relationship Severed

Recently, we exclusively talked with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s former co-writer, Heather Maclean, who assisted with writing her cookbooks. While Maclean has a new book out now that has a character inspired by Teresa’s oldest daughter, Gia, Maclean also spoke to us about what went down between her and Teresa, and why the former close friends no longer speak. This is the first time she’s opened up about this candidly in an interview.

“I wrote Teresa’s first 4 books, as well as a bunch of other things for her during the 6 years we were friends,” Maclean told us. “We were really close. I considered her like a sister. Our kids were friends; our families vacationed together; we talked multiple times every single day.”

“I was there for her during her entire legal ordeal, and was one of the first people approved to visit her at ‘camp,'” Maclean continued, referring to Giudice’s time behind bars. “I was determined to help her turn a bad situation into one of hope and inspiration for others. Lots of women find themselves in financial trouble, and I thought she could help them by talking about her situation, how she got into it, and how you can get out of it. I really thought she could re-invent herself afterwards, like Suze Orman or Martha Stewart. When she was away, I sent her tons of books to keep her spirits up: inspirational books, travel books, Bible studies, trashy reads–anything and everything to help her get through.”

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