EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice – Restitution Was Paid Off In January 2016

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s restitution of $414,588 was completely paid off by her; however, a source close to Giudice has spilled exclusively to The Dirty that TMZ is reporting old news.

“Teresa’s restitution was paid back in January of 2016,” our source exclusively told us.

“Those watching the show should recall a scene with her attorney where they drove to New York and talked about the final restitution being paid off,” they continued.

“This was when the restitution was paid off and that scene was filmed in January of 2016,” our source added. “Thus, this is old news, and it’s been paid off for a while, so I’m not sure why this is even a story right now.”

Regardless of when it was paid off, we give Giudice credit for coming out of prison, rebounding, and paying off her full restitution. Even though those Housewives checks are helping, this is still a case of giving credit where it’s due.

And, as far as TMZ’s report goes, their timing is a clear case of trying to serve some tea that’s already been dished long ago.